HNWI Global Mobility in Italy: Opportunity of Wealth Planning

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26 Jun 2024 | 5:00 PM UTC
1 hour
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Join experts from SLCLEX for an insightful webinar on how Italy's Res Non Dom regime is revolutionizing tax residency for individuals seeking economic, scientific, and cultural opportunities in Italy. Discover how this regime offers a unique flat tax advantage of €100,000 annually on non-Italian income, with the option to extend benefits to family members. Learn about the intricacies of qualification criteria, including residency transfer and fiscal history requirements.

Gain valuable insights into the regime's flexibility, allowing cherry-picking of income sources and exemptions from reporting obligations on foreign assets. Understand how this regime covers various income types, including capital gains, and facilitates remittance of foreign income with no restrictions.

Explore the regime's extended benefits, such as exemptions from IVIE, IVAFE, and GIFT taxes, and its maximum duration of 15 years. Delve into how this regime extends to offshore structures and assets, with Italy's recognition of trusts under The Hague Convention. Learn about the process of obtaining a certificate of Italian tax residency and its significance in dual tax residency disputes.

Discover how individuals under this regime benefit from coverage by Italy's extensive network of double taxation treaties, ensuring compliance with international tax standards. Join SLCLEX to unlock the full potential of Italy's Res Non Dom regime and explore the vast opportunities it offers for international residents.

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HNWI Global Mobility in Italy: Opportunity of Wealth Planning


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