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Clyde & Co
By Ben Knowles, Paul Baker
A recent decision of the Commercial Court has highlighted the (potential) added complexity of the involvement of a third party funder in applications for security for costs.
By David Hansom, Olivia Blessington
A failure to spell out the consequence of failing a pass/ fail criterion in an Invitation to Tender ("ITT") may mean that an authority cannot reject a tender which fails the criteria.
By Tenda Msinjili, Michaela Marandu, Amreen Ayub
In this industry update, we provide clarification on the Bank of Tanzania's (the BOT) adoption of the interest rate based monetary policy framework 2017/2018 (the Policy Framework).
By Nigel Brook
A summary of recent developments in insurance, reinsurance and litigation law
By Clyde & Co LLP
The Supreme Court has allowed the appeal of a Claimant who was injured by police officers during the arrest of a drug dealer.
By Clyde & Co LLP
The Government has stated its intention to introduce the whiplash reform programme in April 2019.
By Nick Elwell-Sutton
All this demonstrates is a slew of one gender rather than the other in specific roles of varying seniority.
By Ben Brown, Rebecca Ford, Sara Khoja
Teleworking is the concept of using information and communication technology to work remotely from an employee's normal place of work, whether on a daily, weekly or monthly part-time or full-time basis.
By Maxine Tills, Ewa Cholińska
In The Thistle Company of Australia Pty Ltd v Bretz & Anor, a Queensland court again accepted the operation of an exclusion clause in a professional consultancy agreement.
By David Wilkinson
Technology and innovation underpins large parts of Saudi Arabia's National Transformation Program. As it seeks to improve economic competitiveness and enhance efficiency, Vision 2030 ...
By Neil Beresford
Environmental litigation against holding corporations for environmental damage caused by their subsidiaries abroad, globally, is increasing.
By Mark Hemsted
Rodrigues, a Portuguese case, now limits that scope at least in respect of dual function vehicles.
By Tahsin Najam
In settling three actions by paying out an entire policy limit pro rata, an insurer was taking the risk it would later be found liable for further claims up to that same limit.
By Gordon Keyden
Businesses and organisations that engage with either the Scottish Government or Members of the Scottish Parliament will be required to comply with the new requirements of the Lobbying (Scotland) Act from 12 March 2018.
By Jai Sharma
We have received reports that the "SEA BAY", a 2009 built product tanker flying the Hong Kong flag, grounded and refloated on the 9th February.
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