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By Cameron Adderley, Wendy Benjamin, Timothy Faries, Jeffrey Kirk, Malcolm Moller, Simon Raftopoulos, Kyle Sutherland, Jeremy Berchem
Offshore-i is an Appleby report that analyses offshore deal data and provides expert insight into the world of offshore transactions
By Steven Rees Davies, Matthew Ebbs-Brewer, Gary Harris, Jennifer Eve, Ashley Fife, Megan Denos
On 13 April 2018, the House of Assembly is returning to Bermuda Parliament for the purpose of tabling Initial Coin Offering (ICO) legislation.
By Steven Rees Davies, Peter Colegate
Investors in offshore financial centres increasingly require and demand data privacy. Obligations to collect personal data resulting from new international data sharing regimes ...
By Anthony Williams, Alison Mackrill, Paula Fry
In the case of Mezhprom v Pugachev [2017], the English High Court set aside five discretionary trusts established by a Russian oligarch.
By Josephine Noddings
In order to preserve its reputation as a well-regarded and desired domicile for quality business, Bermuda has committed to implementing international standards ...
By James Gaudin, Kyle Sutherland, Kevin McQuillan
Appleby's MIPIM team comprising James Gaudin and Kevin McQuillan from Appleby Jersey and Kyle Sutherland from Appleby Isle of Man returned unscathed from Cannes ...
By Sharmilla Bhima
On 2 August 2017, the Industrial Court of Mauritius (Industrial Court) awarded a historic amount of MUR 100,000 [± USD 3,000] as security of costs. This decision is significant in three respects.
By Claire Milne
We recently contributed the Isle of Man chapter to the Eversheds Sutherland Horizon Scanning - Betting and Gaming quarterly review, an interactive guide to keep readers informed about the key...
By Jessica Almeida
When and how can an employer terminate an employee due to a long-term absence? To avoid being on the receiving end of an unfair dismissal claim, employers must ensure that a proper assessment ...
By Melissa Virahsawmy
2017 was a very eventful year for the crypto industry. From the price of Bitcoin shooting from a starting price in the region of USD 985 at the beginning of January 2017 to a surprising USD 19,186 ...
By Melissa Virahsawmy, Vishwanee Boodhonee-Aikat
Personal data protection plays a central role in Mauritius' digital development. The need for data protection law is derived from thel principle that everyone has the right to the protection ...
By Appleby  
Following amendments brought under the Business Facilitation Act 2017, the MRA has been entrusted with the collection of contributions and payments to the National Pension Fund...
By Jared Dann, Gemma Whale
This year has already seen a number of major high street casualties in the sectors of retail and casual dining, with reports that the number of UK based restaurants "going under" increased by...
By Carlos de Serpa Pimentel, David Dorgan, Vanessa Schrum, Alison Mackrill, David Pytches
In April 2018, the European Parliament is expected to adopt the EU's 5th Anti-Money Laundering Directive (5AMLD), as agreed by EU Member States on 13th December 2017.
By David Dorgan
Various minor amendments will clarify and enhance Article 9A.
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