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By James Beck
We previously addressed the in pari delicto doctrine, whereby a plaintiff injured in the course of his or her criminal conduct cannot recover for those injuries.
By Eric Alexander
Normally, when we think of decisions relating to medical monitoring, the issue is whether a state will recognize medical monitoring for uninjured people as a separate claim or relief that can be sought..
By Robert Weyman, Jonathan Maddison, Sebastian C. Watt
Just two weeks after holding oral argument, the South Dakota Supreme Court issued its decision in South Dakota v. Wayfair, et al., striking down South Dakota's "kill-Quill" law.
By Kevin Madagan, Vicki Morris, Catherine E. David
The FDA recently published a draft guidance to assist industry and State and local governments in understanding how to categorize entities in the drug supply chain in accordance with the DSCSA.
By Rachel B. Weil
A couple of weeks ago, our co-blogger, Mr. McConnell, published a post on the benefits of brevity.
By Stephen J. McConnell
Last week we were going through the regulatory record of a drug that is now the subject of mass tort litigation.
By Gregory Jacobs, Robert Weyman, Brent Beissel, Sebastian C. Watt
A case recently resolved at the Appellate Tax Board serves as a reminder that Massachusetts' auditors continue to aggressively challenge the following intercompany transactions:
By Jeffrey Wilhelm, Dusty Elias Kirk
In early July 2017, in a case titled Valley Forge Towers Apartments N, LP, et al. v. Upper Merion Area School District & Keystone Realty Advisors, LLC, No. 49 MAP 2016, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court delivered a landmark decision constitutionally curbing the rights of taxing jurisdictions to file selective appeals under Pennsylvania's Consolidated County Assessment Law.
By Simon T. Adams
The construction industry is witness to some fascinating developments, particularly around trophy properties in prime US coastal cities.
By James Beck
We've never liked the "cy pres" concept in the context of class actions.
By James Davis, Emily Garrison
Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have brought widespread destruction and extraordinary damage to property that will require a long recovery.
By Kimberly Chow
The Better Business Bureau's Online Interest-Based Advertising Accountability Program has cracked down on two digital advertising companies for allegedly violating the industry's self-regulatory principles concerning interest-based advertising.
By Steven Boranian
"I am from Missouri. You have got to show me." That quote attributed to Congressman Willard Duncan Vandiver in 1899 is reputedly the source of Missouri's unofficial nickname, the "Show Me" state.
By Herbert Kozlov, Aron Izower, Kari S. Larsen, Michael Selig
Digital tokens, which used to be considered an unregulated "wild west", are now facing Federal and State regulations.
By Betty Graumlich, Eric Walder
Recently, a Texas federal judge struck down an Obama administration Department of Labor rule that doubled the salary employees must make to be considered exempt from overtime pay.
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