Mondaq Launch New Website -

Mondaq Launch New Website -

Mondaq is delighted to launch the all-new, a leading global source of specialist legal, compliance and tax information. 

The comprehensive redesign covers all areas of the website and as continues to attract new readers, as well as increased volumes and types of content (including Webinars, Country Guides, Podcasts and Videos) the new brings several benefits: 

  • - A modern, easy-to-use interface with a familiar look and feel to readers of leading news and information websites. 
  • - Topical Homepages, grouping together all content across Mondaq’s 31 distinct topics and practice areas, providing readers the content they care most about and providing more exposure to contributors’ content. 
  • - Serving more related and relevant content across the website, allowing readers to quickly see additional relevant articles, events and country guides for the topics they care most about. 
  • - Comparative Guides have been rebuilt to streamline the user experience. In addition, all individual country guides are more closely linked across the website enabling our users to easily find the content they need. 

The website redesign also brings Mondaq‘s design in line with the recently relaunched Mondaq Analytics platform ensuring that all aspects of Mondaq now carry the same user experience, interface and look and feel. 

Richard Anderson, Chief Product Officer at Mondaq said “The relaunch of is a huge step change for our business, bringing all of Mondaq’s product offerings to the leading edge of modern content, data and analytics platforms.  Using AI and data science we provide a highly intuitive user experience, delivering even more relevant content to better serve our readers. As with Mondaq Analytics, the all-new also serves as a foundation from which we can build innovative new features and functionality to serve our readers and professional services’ clients worldwide” 

Tim Harty, CEO at Mondaq said "We’re thrilled to launch the new, which will better serve the needs of our global readers, clients and partners and which provides an unparalleled free-to-read source of global legal, tax and compliance thought leadership” 

About Mondaq 
Mondaq is a leading global provider of AI-enabled content marketing, data and analytics solutions for professional services firms.  Mondaq powers firms’ marketing & business development success through client, prospect and market insights based on a global audience of senior-level decision makers. 

Mondaq delivers answers to legal, tax and compliance questions to an audience of over 20 million readers worldwide. 

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