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Food Choice Logos Under Full Development
The blue and green tick marks on food packaging.
5 Mar 2019
Collective Redress In Europe: Developments In Key Jurisdictions—The Netherlands
The Netherlands has a comprehensive system for collective actions and the collective settlement of claims but currently, there is no possibility to seek monetary damages in collective actions.
4 Feb 2019
The Netherlands Commercial Court: An Attractive Forum For Litigation
In December 2018, the Dutch Senate unanimously passed legislation to introduce the international trade chamber of the Court of Amsterdam (Netherlands Commercial Court ("NCC")) and the Amsterdam Court of Appeal ("NCCA").
14 Jan 2019
Cosmetics Ad For Biodermal 60+ Cream
It's OK to use 'ad-speak' in advertising, certainly with cosmetics. Consumers are fully aware that they'll often see advertising hyperbole at work. But factual descriptions of effects have to be true.
3 Aug 2018
Niet Weigeren Maar Veilen!
Aansprakelijkheidsrecht. Op een notaris rust een ministerieplicht. De ministerieplicht houdt in dat een notaris verplicht is opgedragen werkzaamheden te verrichten ...
20 Jul 2018
Icy Cold Bubbles For The New Year
We know that champagne growers are (rightly) proud of their sparkling wine. Nothing gets their hackles up more than when some "fizz" is produced from a region other than Champagne, or in a different way.
7 Feb 2018
The Sugar Monster Must Be Curbed, Even To The Detriment Of Dextro Enercy
The sportsmen and women among us often carry Dextro Energy: the glucose tablets are known to make a contribution to the muscles.
18 Aug 2017
Bij Productaansprakelijkheid Procederen In Meer Dan Een Lidstaat Soms Mogelijk
De Hoge Raad heeft onlangs een arrest gewezen waarin het ging om de vraag welke rechter onder de EEX-Verordening een grensoverschrijdend geschil over een onrechtmatige daad kan behandelen.
15 Mar 2016
Why Collective Settlements Are Not Always Achieved In Mass Damages Suits
In his view, the bill lacks an analysis of why it is not always possible to bring about a collective settlement in mass damages suits.
2 Dec 2015
Seller Presumed Liable If Lack Of Conformity Becomes Apparent Within Six Months
This case dealt with the sale of a car that caught fire four weeks after purchase. The owner of the car took the seller to court, and the case was eventually brought before the Arnhem-Leeuwarden Court of Appeal.
European Union
10 Jul 2015
Stricter Rules For Web Shops As Of 13 June 2014
The Dutch act implementing the European directive on consumer rights will enter into effect on 13 June 2014.
11 Jul 2014
Strengere Regels Voor Webwinkels Per 13 Juni 2014
Voor webwinkels nadert 13 juni met rasse schreden. Op die datum wordt de Nederlandse implementatiewet van de Europese richtlijn consumentenrechten van kracht.
13 Jun 2014
Incorporation Of The Market Practices Act Into The New Commercial Code: What's New?
On 30 December 2013, an act to insert Volume VI into the Commercial Code was published in the Belgian State Gazette.
17 Mar 2014
Transparency International’s Principles On Whistleblowing
Transparency International published a report "International principles for whistleblower legislation".
16 Dec 2013
ECJ: Causal Link Between Professional Website And Consumer Contract Not Required
ECJ rules that consumers may sue the other party to a contract before their home courts under the Brussels I Regulation, even if no causal link exists between the means used to direct the commercial or professional activity to the consumers’ member state, and the conclusion of the contract.
European Union
16 Dec 2013
The International Comparative Legal Guide To: Product Liability 2013
The product liability provisions are without prejudice to all other rights or actions of the injured party.
7 Jun 2013
EU Court Rules On No-Fault Liability For Medical Services With Medical Devices
The judgment in the Centre hospitalier universitaire de Besançon v Thomas Dutrueux, Caisse primaire d'assurance maladie du Jura case that I wrote about earlier has been handed down by the EU Court on 21 December and as expected, the EU Court followed its Advocate General.
European Union
4 Jan 2012
Developments In EU Product Liability For Medical Devices - Or Not
Now here is an important case for the medical devices industry. Although product liability litigation has not (yet) evolved into the type of bet the company litigation it can be in the United States and cases about interpretation of the Product Liability Directive have been few, they do shape the scope of no fault liability in the EU of manufacturers of medical devices for their products.
European Union
10 Nov 2011
EU Court To Clarify Medical Device / Drug Borderline And The Status Of MEDDEV Documents
Important developments for the medical devices and medicinal products industry: clarification of EU law about the borderline between these groups of products is currently in the making at the European Court of Justice.
European Union
10 Oct 2011
Consequences Of The EU Ker-Optika Case For eHealth Services
In a previous post I have analysed the consequences of the European Court of Justice’s Ker-Optika judgment for e-commerce in physical medical devices.
27 Jul 2011
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