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To Be Or Not To Be ... A Risk Transfer Arrangement
IFRS 4 provides guidance on whether medical schemes should assess capitation agreements as risk transfer arrangements or not.
South Africa
10 Mar 2014
Protection Of Personal Information Bill: What Should You Be Asking?
In this Legal Brief we look at some of the questions that you should be asking yourself in light of the provisions of the Protection of Personal Information Bill ("POPI").
South Africa
25 Apr 2012
Food Law Know-How - Part 6: Spam And The CPA
South African laws in the past have always been less strict on direct emailing than those of the US and Europe.
South Africa
15 Mar 2012
Do Not Contact Me!
South African laws in the past have always been less strict on direct emailing than those of the US and Europe.
South Africa
2 Feb 2012
Direct Marketing: Unsolicited Electronic Communications
The protection of privacy has become a worldwide concern. Companies can compile multiple types of information about their customers, and thereby build up sophisticated databases of information which may, for example, contain a compilation of customer lists that allow customer profiling. Such a list not only has strategic value, but is a valuable asset that may be sold to third parties.
South Africa
26 Jan 2012
Middle East & Africa Technology, IP and Sourcing Focus, Vol. 1 - December 2011
Welcome to the first edition of our monthly Middle East & Africa Technology, IP and Sourcing Focus — your source for know-how, recent news and developments in technology, intellectual property and sourcing across the Middle East and Africa.
South Africa
20 Dec 2011
The Final Word By The Constitutional Court On The Application Of Section 197 Of The LRA To Second Generation Outsourcing
The Constitutional Court judgment in the matter of The Aviation Union of South Africa and the South African Transport and Allied Workers’ Union v South African Airways (Pty) Limited and LGM South Africa Facility Managers and Engineers (Pty) Limited and Allan and 204 others became available on 24 November 2011.
South Africa
7 Dec 2011
X-Rated Domain Names
The adult entertainment industry has, and always will, account for a large amount of content on the Internet.
South Africa
5 Sep 2011
Contracting In The Cloud
The use of cloud services is inevitable, especially as more and more organisations look for ways to cut costs and improve efficiencies.
South Africa
29 Jul 2011
CIPC To Revamp IT System
Amidst the ongoing feud between Valor IT and the Department of Trade and Industry, the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission revealed that it is taking steps to revamp its legacy IT systems.
South Africa
27 Jul 2011
SA Business Warned To Mitigate Cloud Computing Risks
As more organisations seek to cut costs and improve efficiencies, the use of cloud services is growing amongst South African businesses.
South Africa
10 Jul 2011
Software Patents In South Africa - To Be Or Not To Be?
The patenting of South African software is the subject of much heated debate.
South Africa
27 Jun 2011
Pension Fund Boards and the Principal Officer
Added duties have been placed on the board of a pension fund regarding the appointment and termination of the principal officer. The board is required to review the fitness and propriety of its principal officer annually.
South Africa
27 Feb 2011
Section 197, Second Generation Outsourcing And Service Transfers:The Future Of Section 197 In South Africa
Since its introduction into the amended Labour Relations Act, 66 of 1995 ("the LRA") in 2002 and the pronouncement on its application by the Constitutional Court in the case of National Education Health & Allied Workers Union (NEHAWU)v University of Cape Town & Others (2003) (CC), labour and commercial practitioners are familiar with Section 197 as having application to transfers of businesses.
South Africa
18 Nov 2010
Electronic Data and Litigation: are you ready?
"Electronically Stored Information (ESI) has become invaluable in litigation today and in many countries its disclosure is a requirement."
South Africa
23 Aug 2010
Cryptography Regulations Muddy the Waters
The Cryptography Regulations issued in terms of the Electronic Communications and Transaction Act of 2002 (ECT Act), which came into effect on 10 March 2006, have not clarified the uncertainty over whether or not users of cryptography software would also be considered cryptography providers and should be registered as such.
South Africa
21 Jul 2006
Refusing Information In Terms Of The Promotion Of Access To Information Act No. 2 Of 2000: Earthlife Africa (Cape Town Branch) v Eskom Holdings Limited (unreported WLD Case No. 04/27514)
The Promotion of Access to Information Act No. 2 of 2000 ("the Information Act") has already received much attention from our courts. In a recent unreported judgment in the Witwatersrand Local Division, further principles concerning the manner in which information may be requested and refused were elucidated by the court.
South Africa
22 Feb 2006
New Rules Aim to Tighten up Regulation of Cryptography Providers
The Minister of Communications recently published the proposed Cryptography and Accreditation Regulations, which, among other things, will oblige providers of encryption services and products (cryptography providers) to supply highly detailed information about themselves and their services.
South Africa
25 Aug 2005
Telecoms Regulations: Big Steps Forward – One Step Back
Since the Minister of Communications removed certain statutory restrictions imposed on value added network service licensees (Vans) in September 2004, the industry eagerly anticipated 1 February 2005. This was the effective date for the removal of the restrictions and the opening of the sector to greater competition, with attendant benefits of lower telecommunications service costs and wider consumer choice.
South Africa
25 Aug 2005
The end of Outsourcing as we Know it?
Section 197 of the Labour Relations Act (the Act) regulates the employment law consequences of a transfer of the whole or part of a business as a going concern.
South Africa
18 Jul 2005
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