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The 2020 Global Sulphur Cap: Whitepaper
On 1 January 2020 amendments to the International Maritime Organization's (IMO's) International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL) enters into force.
28 Nov 2018
EU Threatens To Bring Shipping Within Its Emissions Trading Scheme Unless The IMO Sets A Target For Reduction Of Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Last week the top EU climate official, Jos Delbeke, issued a challenge to the International Maritime Organization to adopt an ambitious target for reduction of emissions as part of the IMO's planned 2018 strategy on reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from ships.
European Union
27 Mar 2017
Maritime Greenhouse Gas Emissions – Legal Update
This update outlines the outcome of MEPC 70 (which took place on 24-28 October 2016), the global monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) system to be introduced by the IMO across the shipping sector and next steps towards an international deal on maritime greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
21 Dec 2016
Sulphur Emissions To Be Further Capped By 2020
The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) has confirmed that new a global cap on the sulphur content in shipping fuel will be introduced on 1 January 2020.
3 Nov 2016
Maritime Greenhouse Gas Emissions – Update On The Outcome Of MEPC 69
In our March alert on this subject, we looked ahead to the 69th meeting in London of the Marine Environmental Protection Committee (MEPC) of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) (MEPC 69).
3 May 2016
Maritime GHG Emissions: The Paris Agreement, An IMO MRV And ‘Market-Based Measures' – Looking Forward To MEPC 69
On 18 April 2016, the Marine Environmental Protection Committee (MEPC) of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) will convene in London for its 69th working session (MEPC 69).
European Union
22 Mar 2016
Environmental Exposure: A Step Towards Compensation Of Neighbours Of Former Asbestos-Using Plants?
On 22 October 2015, the Paris Civil Court handed down a judgment concerning environmental exposure to asbestos which could pave the way towards compensation of neighbours of industrial sites.
7 Feb 2016
UK Government Introduces Enhanced Enforcement Powers For Environmental Permitting Breaches
Earlier this month the government published its response to a consultation on proposals to enhance regulators' enforcement powers to deal with environmental permitting breaches.
20 Oct 2015
UK Courts Get Tough On Environmental Crime: Sentencing Of Environmental Offences Committed By Large Companies
"To bring the message home to the directors and shareholders of organisations which have offended negligently once or more than once before, a substantial increase in the level of fines, sufficient to have a material impact on the finances of the company as a whole ..
14 Oct 2015
A Breath Of Fresh Air For Our Cities?
Reed Smith is a leading player in the field of energy and environmental law, and is committed to developing a more sustainable model for our cities.
23 Jul 2015
China Outlines Plans For Its Carbon Trading Markets
Last November, China announced its aim for the country’s overall carbon emissions to peak and then start to decline by 2030.
23 Feb 2015
Up In The Air – The Suspension Of The Aviation EU ETS For Non-EU Airlines
The European Commission has published a draft Decision and ‘Questions and Answers’ ("Q&As"), elaborating on its proposal to ‘stop the clock’ on the international aviation elements of the EU Emissions Trading System ("EU ETS") while the ICAO attempts to broker a global settlement.
11 Dec 2012
Rescued Down Under: The Linking Of The EU ETS With The Australian CPM
On the 28th August 2012 arrived the exciting announcement of the intention of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (the "EU ETS") to link with the Australian Carbon Price Mechanism.
12 Sep 2012
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