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Politics Trumps Economics? Trump's Revocation Of California's Waiver Under The Clean Air Act
Today President Trump announced on Twitter that the U.S. was revoking California's waiver under the Clean Air Act (CAA) which allowed it to impose stricter tailpipe emission standards
United States
24 Sep 2019
GHG Allowance Auctions Are Not A Tax; Key Element Of State's Cap-And-Trade Program Upheld
On April 6, the California Court of Appeal for the Third District issued its long-awaited decision in the consolidated lawsuits challenging the greenhouse gas ("GHG") emission allowance auctions, which are a key component of the California Air Resources Board's ("CARB") Cap-and-Trade Program.
United States
18 Apr 2017
New LA Ordinances "Clean Up, Green Up" Industry In Residential "Toxic Hotspot" Neighborhoods
On June 4, 2016, two new Los Angeles ordinances will go into effect under the Clean Up, Green Up (CUGU) initiative.
United States
31 May 2016
Climate Change Gets Fashionable: The Fashion Industry Embraces The President's Climate Change Initiative
The fashion industry has recently been using its clout and cachet to combat climate change. Who else has a heavy hand in the fight against climate change? The answer, while a bit less surprising, is the White House.
United States
31 Dec 2015
BREAKING: EPA Water Rule Blocked Nationwide By Sixth Circ.
The Sixth Circuit today stayed the effect of the Environmental Protection Agency's new "Clean Water Rule" nationwide...
United States
16 Oct 2015
District Court Enjoins Federal Regulations Revising Scope Of Clean Water Act Jurisdiction
In contrast to Judge Erickson, courts in both West Virginia and Georgia found that jurisdiction lies with the Circuit Court of Appeals and has denied the preliminary injunctions.
United States
4 Sep 2015
Fourth District’s Split Decision Further Complicates CEQA Requirements Surrounding GHG Impact Analysis And Mitigation Measures – Dissent Warns Majority Opinion Will Weaken And Confuse The Law
The majority went on to hold the EIR further violated CEQA by failing to discuss mitigation alternatives that could both substantially lessen GHG impacts and feasibly be implemented.
United States
23 Dec 2014
EIR Air Quality Analysis Insufficient: Lack Of Specificity Regarding Human Health Impacts, Mitigation Measure Enforceability, And Evidence Supporting Measures’ Effectiveness In Substantially Reducing Air Quality Impacts Blamed
The Fifth District Court of Appeal reversed the approval of a controversial Environmental Impact Report and found that it violated the California Environmental Quality Act.
United States
18 Jun 2014
Adopting Thresholds Of Significance Under CEQA Not Subject To CEQA Review
In a recent case, the First District Court of Appeal overturned the trial court and held that the thresholds of significance adopted by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District were not subject to CEQA review for two reasons.
United States
2 Sep 2013
EU Carbon Trading System Wins Parliament's Support
Today the European Parliament approved a proposal to delay the issue of 900 million emissions allowances (each representing the right to emit one metric ton of carbon dioxide or greenhouse gas equivalent, or CO2e).
European Union
14 Jul 2013
Can California Cap And Trade If Brussels Stumbles?
Last week, the European Parliament rejected a proposal to reduce the quantity of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions allowances in order to fix a supply-demand imbalance in the European Union Emissions Trading System (EU ETS).
United States
8 May 2013
ARB Initiates Potentially Controversial Agricultural Equipment Regulation
The California Air Resources Board recently commenced development of a new regulation targeting emissions from "off-road" agricultural equipment.
United States
1 Oct 2012
California Adopts Revolutionary New Clean Car Standards
On January 27, 2012, the California Air Resources Board ("ARB") notched a potential victory in the battle against greenhouse gas ("GhG") emissions.
United States
20 Feb 2012
Statutory Exemption Not Waived By Conducting EIR; Can Be Invoked Even After Litigation Commences
In this case, the Court of Appeal for the Fourth District held that a city may defend itself against a California Environmental Quality Act challenge by invoking a statutory exemption even if the city has prepared an EIR for the project.
United States
15 Aug 2011
Environmental Justice Groups Intensify Judicial And Legislative Campaign Against California's Proposed Cap-And-Trade Program
Environmental Justice groups have redoubled their efforts to terminate the California Air Resources Board's (CARB) proposed cap-and-trade program to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to 1990 levels by 2020 under the Global Warming Solutions Act (AB 32).
United States
5 Aug 2011
City's "Business‑As‑Usual" Threshold OK For Evaluating Greenhouse Gas Emissions Under CEQA
In this clean-tech era, Citizens for Responsible Equitable Environmental Development ("CREED") v. City of Chula Vista marks only the third time that a court has published a case addressing greenhouse gases in California.
United States
20 Jul 2011
Superior Court's Injunction Preventing California's Cap And Trade Program Has Been Stayed...Right?
Until recently, Association of Irritated Residents v. California Air Resources Board proceeded along the litigation path as smoothly as any environmental challenge.
United States
14 Jun 2011
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