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The Natural Environment White Paper: Necessary Protection Or A Threat To Development Deliverability?
The Natural Environment White Paper, "The Natural Choice: securing the value of Nature", states ambitious aims: to halt overall biodiversity loss by 2020, to support the recovery of ‘healthy, well functioning’ ecosystems, and to establish coherent ecological networks increasing areas for priority habitats by at least 2,000 km2.
28 Sep 2011
Electric Vehicles Opportunity In China (Green Paper: Renewable Energy Bulletin)
Ever since Warren Buffett invested last Autumn in a 10 per cent stake in BYD, China's leading electric vehicle and battery manufacturer, the potential of China's electric vehicles sector has caught the attention of both domestic Chinese and foreign investors.
24 Mar 2010
As the dust settles over the UN climate conference in Copenhagen, many commentators have been left picking over the bones of the meeting in an attempt to understand the ramifications of what was actually agreed.
4 Mar 2010
Eversheds Advises On Orbeo’s Purchase Of OneCarbon
Following the recent bankruptcy of Econcern, Eversheds was asked by the administrators of the Company to advise it on the sale of OneCarbon.
2 Oct 2009
Budget 2009 And The Environment
In the Budget the Government stated that it is committed to ensuring the long term environmental ambitions, as defined by carbon budgets, are not jeopardised by short term economic conditions.
24 Apr 2009
Fuelling Responsibility - Corporate Social Responsibility Concerns In Biofuel Financing
The list of biofuel’s detractors is now as long as the list of its former advocates. Before countries have had time to implement current government proposals to increase biofuels usage, pressure is growing to abandon the idea because of fears over their impact on global food supply.
4 Sep 2008
Supply Links May Slow Wind Plans
Energy sector warns of hurdle to UK realising renewables bid
4 Sep 2008
Bankrolling Biomass
The past 12 months has seen a huge surge in interest in biomass in the UK, largely driven by the doubling of Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs) allocated to qualifying biomass projects. Growth has also been spurred by the appetite of utilities and independent developers for a more diversified portfolio of renewable generating assets and by the need for waste generators to deal with their waste more effectively.
21 May 2008
Industry Wages War On Waste
As an array of emerging technologies line up for the renewable energy bandwagon, how viable is waste-to-energy? Michelle Knott reports
21 May 2008
Biomass and CHP Financing
Biomass in the UK has seen a huge surge in the past 12 months. This has been largely due to the doubling of ROC's (Renewable Obligation Certificates) for qualifying biomass projects. It is also driven by the appetite of the utilities and independent developers for a more diversified portfolio of renewable generating assets and the need for waste generators e.g. local authorities in respect of waste wood, and retailers in respect of food waste, to deal with their waste more effectively.
20 Apr 2008
The Green Paper - China Renewable Energy Bulletin
China’s Office of the National Energy Leading Group ("ONELG") recently released its fifth draft Energy Law for public comment. The new law reveals key insights into the issues that the Chinese government will, in the coming years, place at the top of its policy agenda concerning cleaner energy production.
5 Feb 2008
Recent Case In The European Court Of First Instance: Enercon GmbH v Harmonisierungsamt fϋr den Binnenmarkt
German wind turbine manufacturer Enercon applied to register a shape consisting of an American football-shaped wind turbine as a Community Trade Mark. The class of goods covered included wind turbines.
13 Dec 2007
The Green Fiscal Commission
The Green Fiscal Commission (GFC), launched on 14th November 2007, is an impartial and independent body. The Commission will spend the next year and a half looking at a whole range of issues surrounding green taxes and environmental tax reform (ETR).
11 Dec 2007
The Winds Of Change Are Blowing In Ireland
The Irish Government‘s Green Paper on Energy entitled ‘Towards a Sustainable Energy Future for Ireland’ was published in October 2006. Many interested parties made submissions, including a proposal from the Commission for Energy Regulation (‘CER’) to establish an independent state-owned network company for electricity. The key element of this proposal, however, is that the proposed company be run on a ‘not for profit’ basis.
11 Dec 2007
The New Energy Performance Regime In England And Wales
New requirements for ascertaining and displaying the energy requirements of the UK’s buildings start to take effect in April 2008. The UK is required to do this to comply with Articles 7 to 10 of the EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive.
11 Dec 2007
The Largest Source Of Certified Emission Reduction Credits
China is now the world's largest source of certified emission reduction credits (CERs), with registered clean development mechanism (CDM) projects capable of generating more than 55m tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) per year, or 42 per cent of the global total.
26 Nov 2007
Putting Efficiency First – 10 Billion Yuan Earmarked For Energy Efficiency, Discharge Reduction
In the first year of the 11th Five-Year Plan China failed to meet the target of cutting its unit gross domestic product (GDP) energy consumption by 4 per cent. China plans to cut its unit GDP energy consumption by 20 per cent by the end of 2010 to improve energy efficiency. Clearly, this target is a challenge for the Chinese government.
20 Nov 2007
Policy Support – China Embraces The Development Of Renewable Energy
The National Development and Reform Commission, the planner of China's macro-economy, released China's Renewable Energy Medium and Long-Term Development Plan (the development plan) on 31 August 2007.
19 Oct 2007
New Rules To Boost Electricity From Renewable Energy
China recently introduced new rules to boost electricity generated from renewable energy. The latest 'Measures for the Administration of Power Grid Enterprises' Full Acquisition of Renewable Energy Power' (administration measures) were adopted on 17 July by the State Electricity Regulatory Commission and came into effect on 1 September 2007.
18 Oct 2007
The Energy From Waste Explosion
The energy from waste market across Europe is set to explode. The limit on the amount of waste to landfill, as directed by the Landfill Directive, alone was sufficient to drive up waste to energy projects and lead to interest in this sector from outside Europe, particularly the US.
21 Jun 2007
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