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Chambers Private Wealth 2019: Bermuda (2019)
In Bermuda there is no income or profits tax, withholding tax, capital gains tax, capital transfer tax or inheritance tax.
4 Oct 2019
Changes To The Investment Funds Act 2006
The recent Economic Substance Act, 2018, passed in December 2018, included within it a series of amendments to the Investment Funds Act, 2006 .
25 Jan 2019
Bermuda's Economic Substance Legislation
The Bermuda Government has passed legislation, with effect from 31 December 2018, requiring relevant entities based in Bermuda to comply with certain obligations in regard to economic substance in the jurisdiction.
22 Jan 2019
BVI Approved Manager Regime – Streamlined For Success
This has been attractive amid the general global trend for increased compliance costs and more onerous regulation.
British Virgin Islands
7 Nov 2018
Application Granted For Sanction To Enter Into A Litigation Funding Agreement
In the recent decision of in In the Matter of the Companies Law (2018 Revision) and In the Matter of Platinum Partners Value Arbitrage Fund L.P. (In Official Liquidation) the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands granted an application ...
Cayman Islands
6 Nov 2018
Chambers Private Wealth 2019: Bermuda
There is no inheritance or capital transfer tax in Bermuda.
26 Oct 2018
Bermuda: A Strong Choice For Private Equity Funds
Bermuda's flexibility and ease of use for the creation and administration of investment funds is well recognised. As one of the world's leading offshore jurisdictions, it is a premier domicile for private equity groups.
4 Oct 2018
British Virgin Islands
17 Jul 2018
Setting Sail For Bermuda
Three options are available to those who would like to reside in Bermuda.
29 Dec 2017
STEP Cayman: Providing A Global Perspective
A key component of the effective operation and continued growth of the local financial services industry is the promotion of the Cayman Islands for what it is: a modern and sophisticated...
Cayman Islands
13 Nov 2017
The Paralysed Trustee: A Cayman Approach
While it is a relatively rare occurrence, circumstances can arise in the life of a trust that lead a trustee to the view that its hands are effectively tied and which potentially put the proper...
Cayman Islands
1 Jun 2017
Families And Firewalls—New Trusts Case Law In The Cayman Islands (In The Matter Of The A Trust)
Conyers' Robert Lindley and Bernadette Carey discuss new case law confirming the operation of the "firewall" provisions of the 2011 Trust Law in relation to foreign matrimonial proceedings.
Cayman Islands
25 Apr 2017
Shares In BVI Business Companies - Avoiding A Succession Problem
A great deal of global wealth, particularly wealth in the Asian and MENA regions, is held through British Virgin Islands ("BVI") business companies.
British Virgin Islands
28 Feb 2017
Banking & Wealth Management Update
Bermuda remains a popular destination for the world's high net worth and ultra high net worth individuals, families and institutions to domicile their wealth.
19 Jan 2017
Improvements To The Cayman Islands Trusts Law
On 24 October 2016, the Trusts (Amendment) Law, 2016 and the Property (Miscellaneous Provisions) (Amendment) Law, 2016 came into force in the Cayman Islands.
Cayman Islands
2 Dec 2016
An Innovative Tool In Private Wealth Management
The benefits and uses of Bermuda segregated accounts companies (SACs) to ring-fence assets and liabilities in insurance and investment fund structures are long-established.
21 Jul 2016
Bermuda Private Client & Trust Bulletin
Bermuda presents a number of benefits for high net worth and ultra high net worth individuals looking to domicile their wealth, as a result the jurisdiction's Private Client & Trust sector has increased steadily over the years.
14 Jun 2016
Impact Of The Organisation For Economic Co-Operation And Development's Common Reporting Standards On Cayman Islands Entities
On 16 June 2015, the Department of International Tax Cooperation of the Cayman Islands (the "DITC") announced that it would be implementing the CRS into domestic law.
1 Oct 2015
Misconceived Clawback Claims By Liquidators
There has been a notion floating around the offices of Cayman Islands liquidators that a redeeming investor from a fund is liable to have its redemptions clawed back in favour of the estate in circumstances where it is subsequently shown that the fund was insolvent at the time the payments were made.
Cayman Islands
18 Nov 2014
The Financing Of Corporate And Private Aircraft – Some Cayman Islands Considerations
The Cayman Islands has long been a leading jurisdiction for aviation finance transactions in both the commercial and business jet sectors.
Cayman Islands
5 Nov 2014
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