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Professional Trustees: Use of Trustee Exoneration Clauses
In a measure that will be welcomed by all professional trustees, and by their professional indemnity insurers, the Government has signalled approval of the continued use of this important layer of protection for trustees.
9 Nov 2010
HSE Warns Oil And Gas Industry To Improve Offshore Safety
The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has released statistics showing an increase in major injuries and unplanned hydrocarbon releases and has warned the offshore industry to "up its game" in identifying and rectifying the causes of such events.
25 Aug 2010
HSE Circular to Offshore Industry - Riser Emergency Shut Down Valve Leakage Assessment
The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has issued a circular to HSE Offshore Safety Division (OSD) inspectors describing how to assess the acceptability of riser emergency shut down valve (ESDV) leakage rates.
29 Jul 2010
Offshore Health And Safety Statistics For 2008/09 Published
At the end of last year the HSE released their ninth report in the series of Hazardous Installations Directorate Statistics, presenting data on injuries, diseases and incidents reported for the period 1 April 2008 to 31 March 2009.
29 Jan 2010
Offshore SPV And Tax Optimization Structures Under Fire
The Chinese State Administration of Taxation recently released the circular Guoshuihan [2009] No. 601 ("Circular").
11 Dec 2009
Proposed Amendments To Offshore Chemicals Regulations And Oil Pollution Regulations
A recent DECC consultation proposes amendments to the Offshore Chemicals Regulations 2002 (OCR) and the Offshore Petroleum Activities (Oil Pollution Prevention and Control) Regulations 2005 (OPA) so that the Secretary of State may take action against operators of offshore installations for the unintentional release of chemicals.
29 Sep 2009
Constructive Trusts: The Lurking Danger
A banker receiving an unexpectedly large deposit into an account has to juggle the risks of a number of threats: avoiding liability in money laundering, tipping-off offences, and not least the threat posed by the civil law concept of constructive trust.
25 Mar 2009
Draft Tender Regulations For Offshore Electricity Transmission Published
On 25 July Ofgem published draft tender regulations as part of its ongoing consultation process for the development of the new regulatory regime for offshore electricity transmission.
1 Aug 2008
HSE Offshore Oil & Gas KP3 Report Issues A Warning To The Industry
The HSE offshore Oil & Gas division have delivered the results of their three-year investigation into the safety and integrity of offshore installations and the equipment on them.
4 Dec 2007
Trustee Knowledge Update
We have now published the second edition of our Trustee Knowledge Update. The Update aims to provide trustees with information on recent legal developments to help them satisfy their duties in relation to the requirements in the Pensions Act 2004.
19 Nov 2007
HMRC Investigating Offshore Accounts - What Banks Should Be Aware Of
HMRC are likely over the next few months to put banks under pressure to release information about customers’ accounts, in an investigation that may include the accounts of deceased customers, dormant and closed accounts.
19 Jul 2007
DTI Consults On Changes To The Decommissioning Regime For Oil And Gas Offshore Renewables
The offshore energy industry is in a period of rapid change. In oil and gas, the arrival of many smaller players on the UKCS, while offering opportunities for extending the life of the basin, also raises financial viability issues, as demonstrated by the Ardmore partners’ collapse.
2 Jul 2007
Marine Bill White Paper: Consequences For The Offshore Energy Industry
Defra (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) has recently published and opened consultation on a Marine Bill White Paper entitled ‘A Sea Change’. The aim of the Bill is to encourage ‘holistic management of the seas’ by drawing together existing strands of legislation relating to the marine environment, including offshore energy production.
2 Apr 2007
Revenue Provide Guidance As To Treatment Of JPUTs In REIT Context
HMRC has now issued guidance on the treatment that will be applied to Real Investment Trusts holding real estate through offshore unit trusts.
2 Apr 2007
The Hedge Fund Industry: An Increasingly Litigious Environment
Inherently secretive in nature and heavily dependant on the maintenance of a strong reputation for their survival, hedge funds have historically been relative strangers to the process of litigation. A number of recent actions brought by and against hedge funds in the United States suggests that the position is changing.
14 Dec 2006
Dependants’ Benefits
The Pensions Ombudsman made some useful comments in a recent determination about the payment of death benefits and, in particular, how trustees should exercise their powers in relation to dependants’ benefits. This article looks at the implications of the Ombudsman’s views.
18 Jul 2005
Introduction of Hotel REITs: one step closer?
The government confirmed its aim in the 2005 Budget to legislate for UK REITs in the Finance Bill 2006. However, this is still dependent on a number of key issues being satisfactorily resolved between the government and the real estate sector.
29 Apr 2005
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