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IRS Gets Upper Hand In S Corporation Compensation Audits
Any compensation the owner receives is subject to FICA tax, which imposes an equivalent burden. And the IRS frequently attacks owners who receive cash distributions from an S corporation...
United States
6 Jul 2017
What To Do If You Inherit An IRA
If you inherit an IRA, you have several options for handling the funds — depending on your relationship with the original accountholder.
United States
4 Jul 2017
Venue Selection In Global Asset Recovery Cases (Video)
Dan Pascucci of Mintz Levin's Litigation Practice discusses the importance of selecting the appropriate venue when pursuing assets that have been fraudulently moved across international borders.
United States
29 Jun 2017
Cash Balance Plans Can Be An Attractive Choice For Partnerships And Small Businesses
Do your partners (or co-owners) want to defer into retirement plans more than $60,000 annually – the current limit for contributions to plans such as 401(k) and profit sharing plans?
United States
26 Jun 2017
Investment Services Regulatory Update – June 2017
On May 17, 2017, the SEC's OCIE issued a Risk Alert to highlight the importance of conducting penetration tests and vulnerability scans on critical systems and implementing system upgrades...
United States
22 Jun 2017
Another Illinois Case Decides When An Asset Purchaser Is Responsible For Liabilities As A Mere Continuation Of The Seller
In our Risk Management Update of December 23, 2015, we discussed an Illinois case that had to decide when a successor entity purchasing the assets of its predecessor became liable...
United States
14 Jun 2017
Taxation Of Intellectual Property – The Basics
Change driven by development of intellectual property ("I.P.") is now a constant. Whether the I.P. user is a tax adviser accessing a digital library, an auto mechanic interfacing with an engine...
United States
12 Jun 2017
Wealth Management Update - June 2017
Wealth Management Update - June 2017 - Newsletter
United States
8 Jun 2017
Asset Protection Planning Steps You Should Consider Now
Is the federal estate tax law going to change or be abolished under the Trump administration? Time will tell. One thing is certain: tax laws may change but the litigious nature of our society...
United States
7 Jun 2017
In Defense Of Offshore Trusts
With the election of President Trump, the academic and main stream press has recirculated articles about the wealth of President Trump and his advisors.
United States
1 Jun 2017
Wealth Management & The Trump Administration: An Updated Guide
In our Inaugural Wealth Management newsletter, we made predictions on issues we thought the Trump administration would tackle in the first 100 days.
United States
31 May 2017
Transfer Tax Rules For The Non-Citizen Spouse
Transferring wealth to a spouse who isn't a U.S. citizen can create complex gift, estate and generation-skipping transfer tax challenges.
United States
31 May 2017
Families Can Use A Tax-Advantaged ABLE Account To Save For Disability Expenses
Governor Charlie Baker recently announced the launch of a state sponsored Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) account program that has been long awaited by disabled individuals and heir families.
United States
25 May 2017
Succession Planning—Bet The Farm On It
Despite recent trends toward consolidation in the agricultural industry, farming generally remains a family affair.
United States
24 May 2017
Portfolio Diversification: Too Much Of A Good Thing?
Diversification is a critical concept when assembling a risk-conscious investment portfolio.
United States
19 May 2017
How The Super Reforms Impact US Expats
Complying with Australian superannuation reforms by 1 July will trigger not just double, but triple, taxation by the US on their superannuation contributions, earnings and distributions.
United States
18 May 2017
The Income Approach To Business Valuations
When a business owner begins the succession planning process or finds another need to conduct a valuation they are often surprised to learn there is more than one to determine a company's value.
United States
15 May 2017
Calculation Of Value Report (CVR) Benefits
During litigation cases, there are often situations where an attorney needs to work with a forensic accountant or other financial expert to determine the value of several types of assets.
United States
15 May 2017
A "Thriller" in Tax Court: The Estate of Michael Jackson and IRS Dispute Valuation of Pop Star's Image
How much were the late King of Pop's name and image worth when he died? His estate put the figure at $2,105 but the IRS believes the value is at least $434 million.
United States
26 Apr 2017
SEC Enforces Campaign Contributions Rule
On January 17, 2017, the SEC announced a number of political contribution-related settlements with investment advisers, both registered and exempt.
United States
20 Apr 2017
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