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Mandatory PTO Trend Continues With Bernalillo County, New Mexico Ordinance
On August 20, 2019, the Bernalillo County, New Mexico Commissioners enacted the "Employee Wellness Act," which, though originally styled as a paid sick leave law
United States
28 Aug 2019
New Jersey Medical Marijuana Amendments Expand Employment Protections
New Jersey has expanded its medical marijuana program and—for the first time since the state enacted the law—adopted formal protections for employees and job applicants who use what is now called "medical cannabis."
United States
2 Aug 2019
Westchester County, NY Enacts Standalone Paid "Safe" Time Ordinance
Westchester County, New York has enacted a new ordinance, the "Safe Time Leave Law," that, beginning October 30, 2019, will require all private employers to provide up to 40 hours of paid leave for victims of...
United States
22 May 2019
Westchester County, NY Publishes Paid Sick Leave Notice And FAQs, As New Law Takes Effect
The Westchester County Human Rights Commission, the agency responsible for conducting public outreach for the Westchester County Earned Sick Leave Law, published a copy of the Law, a Notice of Employee Rights, and FAQs...
United States
30 Apr 2019
New Year's Resolution: Developing A Universal Paid Sick & Safe Time Policy
Developing a paid sick and safe time (PSST) policy that complies universally – or at the very least with two laws – has become increasingly challenging.
United States
7 Jan 2019
New Jersey Publishes Mandatory Paid Sick Leave Notice In 12 New Languages
New Jersey's Department of Labor and Workforce Development (NJ DOL) created a webpage concerning the state's paid sick and safe time law, which took effect on October 29, 2018.
United States
8 Nov 2018
Paid Sick Leave Changes In New York City And Westchester County Impact Empire State Employers
Recent developments in New York City and Westchester County, New York, may require employers to review their existing leave policies and procedures.
United States
2 Nov 2018
New Jersey Releases FAQ On Paid Sick And Safe Time Law
While these FAQs help clarify some aspects of the law, employers may want to consult with knowledgeable counsel about PSST implementation and compliance issues.
United States
31 Oct 2018
Managing Seasonal Employee Paid Sick And Safe Time
Many businesses will temporarily increase staffing levels for the upcoming holiday season, during which an uptick in colds and other illnesses is common.
United States
29 Oct 2018
From Ballots To Bills: Michigan Adopts Paid Sick And Safe Time Law And Raises The Minimum Wage
On September 5, 2018, the Michigan Legislature adopted as law a proposed ballot measure that will require employers to provide their employees paid leave that can be used for "sick" and "safe" time...
United States
13 Sep 2018
Texas Two-Step: San Antonio Joins Austin In Mandating Paid Sick And Safe Leave; Then Court Enjoins Austin Law From Taking Effect During Appeal
On August 16, 2018, the San Antonio City Council adopted a paid sick and safe leave ordinance which, aside from minor linguistic differences, is identical to the ordinance passed earlier this year in Austin.
United States
29 Aug 2018
New York City Expands Types Of Leave Covered By Paid Sick Leave Law
Slightly one year after the New York City Council introduced a bill that would expand the city's paid sick leave requirements to cover "safe time" leave, Mayor Bill de Blasio signed it into law...
United States
10 Nov 2017
California Countdown: Which Labor & Employment Bills Will The Governor Sign?
September 15 was the last day in 2017 for bills to pass both houses of the California Legislature and be forwarded to the governor.
United States
22 Sep 2017
Golden State Worriers: California Labor & Employment Bills To Watch
When it comes to legislation, for California employers it's the final countdown. June 2 was the last day for bills to pass out of their house of origin.
United States
21 Jun 2017
WPI Wage Watch: Minimum Wage & Overtime Updates (January Edition)
Since we published our annual article discussing minimum wage rates in 2017, many state and local jurisdictions have adjusted their minimum wage rates, state legislative sessions have begun, signatures have been collected for ballot measures...
United States
10 Feb 2017
Federal Overtime Rule Injunction Calls For State-Level Attention
Many businesses let out a sigh of relief after a federal judge issued a preliminary injunction halting the U.S. Department of Labor's final rule increasing the minimum pay requirements....
United States
29 Dec 2016
2017 Labor & Employment Laws: New Year, New Government, New Challenges
On January 1, 2017, employers across the nation will face a host of new or amended federal, state, and/or local labor and employment requirements.
United States
12 Dec 2016
Minneapolis Amends Recently Enacted Paid Sick Leave Law
Minneapolis, Minnesota has amended the Minneapolis Sick and Safe Time Ordinance less than four months after it was enacted.
United States
5 Oct 2016
Berkeley Enacts California's Newest Local Paid Sick Leave Law
On August 31, 2016, the City of Berkeley, California joined the long list of local jurisdictions to create a local sick leave law when it enacted the "Paid Sick Leave Ordinance."
United States
7 Sep 2016
San Diego Sick Leave Amendments: Cure For Or Cause Of Employer Ills?
San Diego's Earned Sick Leave and Minimum Wage Ordinance has been amended less than two months after its July 11, 2016 effective date.1 The amendments, instituted via the oddly-titled "Implementing...
United States
19 Aug 2016
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