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A Word To The Publicity Shy – Employment Tribunal Judgements Must Be Published
Judgments issued by Employment Tribunals are maintained in a public register and, since 9 February 2017, published on an online database.
23 Aug 2019
Covert Recordings: "For The Times They Are A-Changing"
Almost everyone carries around with them a recording device nowadays, in the form of a smartphone or wearable technology. Where does this leave HR managers and employers
31 Jul 2019
Employee Dismissed For Discussing Their Religious Beliefs At Work – Can It Ever Be Fair?
Employers are usually advised to exercise extreme caution where an employee's religion or beliefs are a factor in their own disciplinary process.
5 Jul 2019
Mental Health Awareness In The Workplace – What Can Employers Do?
Recent research carried out by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development has revealed that mental ill-health is now the leading cause of long-term sickness absence for more than one in five organisations in the UK.
18 Jun 2019
UK Employment Law Round-Up - April 2019
In this issue we look at some key employment law developments that have taken place over the past month.
European Union
27 May 2019
Is It Still Viable To Run An Internal Disciplinary Process Alongside Criminal Proceedings?
The Court of Appeal's decision in the case of North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust v. Gregg [2019] EWCA Civ 387 brings some welcome reassurance to employers ...
22 Apr 2019
Personal Injury Compensation Awarded In The Employment Tribunal
In Grange v. Abellio London Ltd EAT/0304/17 the EAT has held that personal injury compensation is available for a failure to provide rest breaks under the Working Time Regulations 1998 (WTR).
10 Apr 2019
The Dangers Of Dismissing An Employee In Close Proximity To A TUPE Transfer
In the recent case of Hare Wines Ltd v. Kaur, the Court of Appeal considered whether the employee's dismissal on the day of a TUPE transfer for allegedly personal reasons was in fact related to TUPE...
9 Apr 2019
EAT Helps Clarify When A Disability Becomes "Long Term"
In the recent case of Nissa v. Waverly Education Foundation, the EAT helped clarify the definition of disability under the EA 2010 and, in particular, helped shed light on how "long term"...
9 Apr 2019
UK Employment Law Round-up - February 2019
In this issue we look at some of the key employment law developments that have taken place over the past month.
19 Mar 2019
Latest Court Of Appeal Decision Allows Retail Staff To Continue Their Long-Running Battle For Equal Pay
The case first began with equal pay claims issued in 2008 and, over time, we understand that approximately 7,000 Asda employees have been added as claimants.
8 Mar 2019
The Good Work Plan Delivers Some Good News For Work-Seekers
Regular readers of our blog will be aware that the 2017 Taylor Review of Modern Employment Practices was an independent review into the issues surrounding the labour market in the UK ...
20 Feb 2019
Pension Reform And Age Discrimination
The Court of Appeal found that the transitional provisions in two public sector pensions schemes, designed to protect older workers, unlawfully discriminated against younger workers on the grounds of age.
6 Feb 2019
Employers To Be Named And Shamed For Non-Payment Of Employment Tribunal Awards
The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has launched a naming scheme for employers who fail to pay employment tribunal awards.
17 Jan 2019
Good Work Plan: Draft Statutory Instruments Laid Before Parliament
You will no doubt have seen some of the press coverage of the announcement by the government before Christmas that it intends to implement the vast majority of the Taylor Review recommendations on working practices.
15 Jan 2019
Food For Thought: Employment Tribunal To Consider Whether Ethical Veganism Is Protected Under Discrimination Legislation
It is unlawful for an employer to discriminate directly, by treating an employee less favourably than others because of their religion or belief.
11 Dec 2018
Employment Tribunal Not Bound By List Of Issues That Miscategorises Claim
In the recent case of Saha v Capita plc the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) held that an Employment Tribunal (ET) is not compelled to rely on a list of issues that wrongly categorises
11 Dec 2018
Labour Of Love: Foster Parents Are Not Workers Under The Working Time Directive
In a case referred by the Romanian courts, the ECJ has held that foster parents are not workers for the purposes of the Working Time Directive.
30 Nov 2018
Court Of Appeal Rules On Part-Time Cabin Crew's Alleged Less Favourable Treatment
In the recent case of British Airways plc v. Pinaud, the Court of Appeal had to decide whether a part-time worker who was required to be available for proportionally more days than her full-time comparator...
30 Nov 2018
"Fat, Ginger Pikey" Comment Was Not Harassment
In Evans v. Xactly Corporation Ltd UKEATPA/0128/18/LA, the Employment Appeal Tribunal considered whether some rather offensive comments constituted harassment and/or discrimination...
30 Nov 2018
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