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California Supreme Court Determines How Flat Sum Bonuses Factor Into Overtime Calculation
The California Supreme Court recently decided the question of how an employee's overtime pay rate should be calculated when the employee has earned a flat sum bonus during a single pay period.
United States
14 Mar 2018
Are The Kids Alright? Summer Employment & Child Labor Laws
As the school year draws to an end, businesses will be inundated with applicants searching for temporary summer employment.
United States
29 May 2014
Ninth Circuit Affirms Three Key Principles In CAFA Removal Cases
In "Rea v. Michaels Stores", the court held that the employer had timely and properly removed a class action under the Class Action Fairness Act.
United States
13 Mar 2014
Increased Minimum Wage Is On Its Way: The City Of San Jose's New Minimum Wage Ordinance Takes Effect On March 11
This past November, voters in the City of San Jose, California approved their own minimum wage ordinance, the largest city in the United States to take this action.
United States
8 Mar 2013
Do You Know The Way To Pay In San Jose? San Jose Becomes The Fifth – And Largest – U.S. City To Enact Its Own Minimum Wage Ordinance
At this month's general election, 59 percent of the voters in the City of San Jose, California approved an initiative measure to institute a $10 per hour minimum wage for covered employers and employees.
United States
23 Nov 2012
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