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Covert Recordings: "For The Times They Are A-Changing"
Almost everyone carries around with them a recording device nowadays, in the form of a smartphone or wearable technology. Where does this leave HR managers and employers
31 Jul 2019
Hiding In Plain Sight: Identifying Hidden Employment Risks In Your Business (Video)
Here are five hidden risks common to many workplaces which employers should prioritise to save your business considerable time and expense in future claims:
United States
24 Jul 2019
Employee Dismissed For Discussing Their Religious Beliefs At Work – Can It Ever Be Fair?
Employers are usually advised to exercise extreme caution where an employee's religion or beliefs are a factor in their own disciplinary process.
5 Jul 2019
Can An Employee's Dismissal Be Discriminatory If The Employer Only Finds Out About The Disability At The Appeal Hearing?
In Baldeh v. Churches Housing Association of Dudley and District Ltd [2019] UKEAT/0290/18, the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) held that, where an employer is unaware of an employee's
7 Jun 2019
Failure To Offer Appeal Hearing Amounts To Unfair Dismissal According To EAT
The appellant in the recent case of Radia v Jeffries International Limited, Mr Radia, was a Managing Director of a regulated financial services company.
22 Apr 2019
The Dangers Of Dismissing An Employee In Close Proximity To A TUPE Transfer
In the recent case of Hare Wines Ltd v. Kaur, the Court of Appeal considered whether the employee's dismissal on the day of a TUPE transfer for allegedly personal reasons was in fact related to TUPE...
9 Apr 2019
Can A Complaint About Defamation Be A Protected Disclosure For The Purpose Of A Whistleblowing Claim?
The Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 came into force on 2 July 1999, inserting sections 43A to 43L and 103A into the Employment Rights Act 1996 and providing protection for workers reporting malpractices by their employers.
8 Mar 2019
Is It Automatically Unfair To Dismiss Someone Because They Allege That They Will Be Dismissed Unfairly?
In Spaceman v. ISS Mediclean Ltd t/a ISS Facility Service Healthcare the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) considered the circumstances ...
1 Mar 2019
Reasonable Notice Damages For Wrongful Dismissal Cannot Be Determined Via Summary Judgment
The decision from of the Court of Queen's Bench of Alberta in Coffey v. Nine Energy Canada Inc., 2018 ABQB 898 [Coffey], provides clarity amidst the conflicting jurisprudential landscape.
3 Jan 2019
Disciplinary Investigations: Common Sense And Even-Handedness Should Prevail
In the recent Employment Tribunal (ET) case of Ball v. First Essex Bus Limited, the claimant, a 60-year-old bus driver who suffers from diabetes, has been successful in his unfair dismissal claim.
27 Nov 2018
Dismissal Of Pilot With Anxiety-Related Sickness Absences Held To Be Procedurally Unfair
In Matthew Guest v. Flybe Limited, the Birmingham Employment Tribunal considered whether the dismissal of a pilot who had various anxiety-related sickness absences was fair and found that it was not.
20 Nov 2018
Amendments To The Singapore Employment Act - Tips For Japanese Companies
The Employment Act (Act) governs a relationship between an employer and an employee, including the terms of employment, rights and obligations on both parties. It was enacted in 1968 and amended several times.
13 Nov 2018
Non-Executive Directors Can Be Liable For A Detriment Suffered By A Whistleblower
In the recent case of Timis and another v. Osipov, the Court of Appeal confirmed that an individual employee, along with the employer
25 Oct 2018
Newsletter Labor Law In The Czech Republic (Czech)
Advokátní kancelář Dentons si Vám dovoluje předložit další vydání pracovně právního newsletteru, který shrnuje novinky v pracovně právní legislativě a judikatuře.
Czech Republic
18 Oct 2018
Extensive Amendments To The Employment Act In The Pipeline
In line with the swing towards greater employee protection in Singapore over the last few years, proposed revisions to the Employment Act (the Act) ...
15 Oct 2018
Rijksbegroting 2019 – Sociale Zaken en Werkgelegenheid
Op 18 september 2018, de derde dinsdag van september, heeft de minister van Financiën traditiegetrouw de Miljoenennota gepresenteerd.
27 Sep 2018
Ninety-Day Administrative Driving Suspension For Impaired Driving Was Not Just Cause To Fire Assistant Fire Chief
An Assistant Fire Chief has won his wrongful dismissal suit after he was fired following a 90-day administrative driving prohibition for impaired driving while off-duty.
21 Sep 2018
Does Giving Notice Amount To An Unambiguous Act Of Resignation From Employment?
An employee giving notice does not necessarily amount to an unambiguous act of resignation from employment, the Employment Appeal Tribunal found in East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation...
17 Sep 2018
"Communications And Conduct" Of Employer's Lawyer Regarding Sexual Harassment Investigation Were Not Privileged, Could Be Referred To In Claim, Court Decides
Over the objections of a company's employment lawyer, an Ontario court has permitted an employee to refer
9 Sep 2018
Safety Manager Wins Wrongful Dismissal Suit: He Had Not Failed To Complete Assigned Tasks, Court Decides
An Alberta safety manager has won $28,000 in damages after he was fired by his employer.
13 Aug 2018
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