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PLSA Launches ESG And Stewardship Guidance
On 18 June 2019, the PLSA published a new guide to help pension funds comply with the new ESG requirements coming into force from 1 October 2019, and support them in achieving good practice into the future.
29 Jul 2019
Investment Association Publishes Principles Of Remuneration For 2019
On 22 November 2018, the IA published its principles of remuneration for 2019 against the backdrop of the 2018 Code.
United States
4 Feb 2019
California District Court Dismisses Exchange Act Claims Based On The PSLRA Safe Harbor For Forward Looking Statements
On December 13, 2018, Judge Manuel L. Real of the United States District Court for the Central District of California granted defendants' motion to dismiss plaintiffs' first amended complaint asserting claims for violations of ...
United States
25 Jan 2019
US Federal Reserve Board Division Of Research And Statistics Director, David Wilcox, To Retire
On August 20, 2018, the U.S. Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System Announced that David Wilcox, the director of the Federal Reserve Board's Division of Research and Statistics ...
United States
6 Sep 2018
EU And UK Authorities Clarify Clearing Obligation Expectations For Pension Schemes
On July 3, 2018, the European Securities and Markets Authority published a statement on the transitional exemption from the clearing obligation for pension scheme arrangements ...
European Union
19 Jul 2018
Rule 701 Enhanced Disclosure Threshold To Increase
On May 24, 2018, President Trump signed into law the Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act (Reform Act).
United States
30 May 2018
Raising The Bar? SEC Proposes Broker-Dealer Standard Of Care And Guidance On Investment Advisers' Fiduciary Standard
On April 18, 2018, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") took the long-awaited step of proposing rules, interpretations and guidance (the "Proposed Rules") ...
United States
26 Apr 2018
Southern District Of New York Dismisses Exchange Act Claims Alleging Failure To Properly Disclose Potential FCPA Violations
On March 30, 2018, the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York dismissed with prejudice a class action complaint against Embraer S.A. and several of its officers, alleging securities fraud ...
United States
11 Apr 2018
The Republican Tax Plan And The Revenue-Raising Assault On Employee Compensation
On November 2, 2017, the Republican caucus of the House of Representatives unveiled its plan to overhaul the nation's tax code.
United States
13 Nov 2017
DOL Announces No Further Delay To Implementation Of The ‘Fiduciary Rule'
On May 22, 2017, Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta announced that the DOL has found no "principled legal basis" to further delay the June 9, 2017 applicability date of its "fiduciary rule."
United States
13 Jun 2017
DOL Finalizes 60-Day Delay Of ‘Fiduciary Rule'
On April 4, 2017, the Department of Labor issued a final rule delaying the applicability date of its "fiduciary rule" and related exemptions to June 9, 2017.
United States
21 Apr 2017
DOL Proposes 60-Day Delay Of ‘Fiduciary Rule' Applicability Date To June 9, 2017
On March 1, 2017, the Department of Labor issued a proposed rule that, when finalized, will delay the applicability date of its "fiduciary rule" and related exemptions to June 9, 2017...
United States
14 Mar 2017
European Securities And Markets Authority Opines On Exemption For Spanish-Based Pension Schemes From The Clearing Obligation
European Securities And Markets Authority Opines On Exemption For Spanish-Based Pension Schemes From The Clearing Obligation
European Union
28 Feb 2017
President Trump Issues Presidential Memorandum Mandating Reconsideration Of The Fiduciary Rule
On February 3, 2017, President Trump issued a Presidential Memorandum requiring the US Department of Labor to reconsider its proposed "fiduciary rule,"...
United States
23 Feb 2017
President Trump Mandates Reconsideration Of DOL's ‘Fiduciary' Rule
Late Friday, the White House issued a Presidential Memorandum requiring the Department of Labor to take a second look at its "fiduciary rule."
United States
15 Feb 2017
UK Regulator Cancels Proposed Secondary Annuities Market
On October 18, 2016, the UK Government announced that it would not be taking forward its plans to create a secondary market for consumers to sell their annuity income.
9 Dec 2016
The DOL's New Fiduciary Rule: Capturing The Apparent Conflict At The "Moment Of Rollover"
The US Department of Labor's final fiduciary rule captures rollover, transfer and distribution recommendations to retirement investors.
United States
14 Jun 2016
The DOL's New Fiduciary Rule: The Thin Line Between Education And Advice
Following the release in 2015 of the US Department of Labor's proposed fiduciary rule, many commentators feared that communications that had previously been characterized as "investment education"...
United States
18 May 2016
The DOL's New Fiduciary Rule: The Details On Disclosure
As discussed in our publication dated April 14, 2016, the final Department of Labor fiduciary rule provides for two new prohibited transaction exemptions, the Best Interest Contract Exemption...
United States
11 May 2016
US Department Of Labor Finalizes Rules To Impose Fiduciary Duty On Financial Advisors Who Provide Retirement Advice To Retail Customers
On April 6, 2016, the US Department of Labor announced final rules that will, for the first time, subject investment advice to IRA and other non-ERISA plan clients to ERISA's fiduciary standards and remedies.
United States
26 Apr 2016
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