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Landmark Cases On Workplace Religious Discrimination Go Before The ECtHR
On 4 September 2012 the landmark test cases of Eweida and Chaplin v the United Kingdom and Ladele and McFarlane v the United Kingdom went before the European Court of Human Rights ("ECtHR").
24 Sep 2012
Age Discrimination – Seldon And Homer Supreme Court Judgments
The Supreme Court has now handed down its judgments in the cases of Seldon v Clarkson Wright and Jakes [2012] UKSC 16, and Homer v Chief Constable of West Yorkshire Police [2012] UKSC 15, which deal with age discrimination; Seldon covers justification of direct discrimination and Homer indirect discrimination.
1 May 2012
Potential For Cost Alone To Be A Legitimate Aim In Justifying Discriminatory Treatment
In the recent case of Woodcock -v- Cumbria Primary Care Trust [2012] the EAT has revisited the issue of whether cost alone can be a legitimate aim so as to justify discriminatory treatment.
2 Apr 2012
Proposed Changes To Labour Code
A bill to change the Labour Code has been approved by the Lower Chamber and will now be passed to the Senate and to the President for approval.
Czech Republic
20 Sep 2011
Impact Of The Abolition Of The Default Retirement Age On Employee Share Plans
The Government’s announcement of the abolition of the default retirement age ("DRA") of 65 from 1 October 2011 may have some impact on employee share plans.
2 Feb 2011
Employment Law changes on 1st October 2010
Friday 1st October 2010 will see the coming into force of various changes to employment legislation, including major provisions of the Equality Act 2010, consolidating of disability regulations and the annual increase in the national minimum wage.
30 Sep 2010
Narrow Boundaries for Exceptions to 'Without Prejudice' Rule
The recent case of Woodward v Santander UK plc clarifies the ‘without prejudice’ rule and confirms the narrow boundaries of exceptions.
17 Jun 2010
Proposed Reduction Of The Gender Pay Gap At European Level
The European Commissioner for Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship, Viviane Reding, has decided to take action to reduce the gender pay gap as part of a five-year strategy for gender equality.
11 Mar 2010
Court Of Appeal Decision In Eweida v British Airways
On Friday, the Court of Appeal handed down judgment in Eweida v British Airways, or the ‘British Airways cross case’ as it has become known.
17 Feb 2010
Employment Measures In Queen's Speech
The Queen's Speech yesterday outlined four key proposals that will have a direct impact on employers.
20 Nov 2009
Proposals For New ´Fit Note´ Unveiled
The Government yesterday unveiled proposals for a new medical 'fit note' to replace the existing current sick note.
29 May 2009
Trade Union Blacklists To Be Prohibited
Following action by the Information Commissioner to shut down a blacklist of construction workers in March this year on the basis of data protection law, there has been much speculation as to whether the practice of blacklisting will be outlawed generally.
15 May 2009
Equality Bill Published Today
Harriet Harman today published the Equality Bill which is planned to take effect from Autumn 2010.
29 Apr 2009
Age Discrimination Regulations Not Breached By Service Related Redundancy Selection
The High Court has ruled in Rolls Royce v Unite that using length of service as a redundancy selection criterion can be lawful.
7 Nov 2008
Justifying Discrimination
In three high profile cases recently, the courts have stressed the need for tribunals to pay particular attention to the proportionality of any accepted legitimate aims put forward by the employers when objectively justifying discriminatory measures.
14 Aug 2008
Coleman v. Attridge Law - Impact Of ECJ´s Ruling On Associative Disability Discrimination´
The European Court of Justice has decided that the prohibition of discrimination against employees on ground of disability under the European Directive for Equal Treatment is not limited to employees who are themselves disabled.
28 Jul 2008
Telematics: Potentially A Useful Green Tool But Also Consider The Employment Issues?
Telematics, the science of sending, receiving or storing information via telecommunication devices, has become an integral part of fleet management.
21 Jul 2008
Disability Discrimination: The Need For Knowledge And The
Although not an employment case the recent House of Lords judgment in Mayor and Burgesses of the London Borough of Lewisham v Malcolm [2008] UKHL 43 will act as an important precedent in future discrimination cases.
7 Jul 2008
Retrospective Changes To Highly Skilled Migrants Ruled Illegal
In a landmark judgement, the High Court ruled on 8 April 2008 that the changes to the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme implemented in November 2006 were unfair and discriminatory due to their retrospective effect, and that the terms of the original scheme should be honoured for those already in the UK at the time of change.
16 Apr 2008
Dismissal Of Worker During IVF Treatment Can Be Sexual Discrimination
The ECJ last week handed down its much-anticipated judgment in Mayr v Bäckerei und Konditorei Gerhard Flöckner OHG on the dismissal of a female employee undergoing advanced in vitro fertilisation ("IVF") treatment.
5 Mar 2008
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