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Lawmakers Take Aim: Will #Metoo Curb Nondisclosure Or Arbitration Agreements?
In 2017, the #MeToo movement highlighted the prevalence of sexual harassment in the workplace, toppling prominent figures in numerous fields.
United States
10 Jan 2018
House Hearing Explores Legislative Remedy To Joint Employer Confusion
On July 12, 2017, the U.S. House Committee on Education and the Workforce held a hearing concerning the need for legislation to redefine the joint employer standard.
United States
24 Jul 2017
Executive Order And Legislation On Apprenticeship Aim To Give Employers More Flexibility
The day after senators introduced bipartisan legislation to promote apprenticeships, President Trump signed an executive order to achieve the same end.
United States
22 Jun 2017
DOL Withdraws Joint Employer And Independent Contractor Guidance
In a three-sentence press release, Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta announced the withdrawal of two Wage and Hour Administrator's Interpretations (AIs) on joint employment and independent contractors.
United States
21 Jun 2017
DOL To Take Steps To Address Persuader, Overtime Rules
The same week the Department of Labor removed two guidance documents governing joint employment and independent contractors...
United States
20 Jun 2017
Federal Bill Seeks To Create Portable Benefits For Gig Economy Workers
Senator Mark Warner (D-VA), a lawmaker known for closely monitoring the changing nature of work, has introduced in the Senate legislation to promote innovative ways to offer portable benefits...
United States
1 Jun 2017
President Signs Resolution To Undo Blacklisting Rule
On March 27, 2017, President Trump signed a joint resolution of disapproval (H.J. Res. 37) to block the rule implementing Executive Order 13,673, Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces, otherwise known as the "blacklisting" rule.
United States
7 Apr 2017
WPI Insider Briefing: Spotlight On Health Care And Regulatory Reform Under The Trump Administration
On February 28, 2017, President Trump delivered his first address to a joint session of Congress, outlining a broad vision of his agenda.
United States
16 Mar 2017
Workplace Policy Institute Insider Report — January 2017
Littler's Workplace Policy Institute Insider Report details notable labor, employment, and benefits news and events at the federal, state, local, and global levels.
United States
10 Jan 2017
Department Of Labor's Exit Memorandum Calls For Changes To Address Gig Economy Employment
The "largest question" for the incoming administration will be how to "embrace innovation" as part of the changing nature of work, while ensuring a level of workforce protections for participants in the on-demand economy.
United States
10 Jan 2017
DOJ And FTC Release Antitrust Guidance For HR Professionals
In addition to knowing the ins and outs of labor and employment law, the federal government and its enforcement entities expect that you have more than a passing familiarity with antitrust law.
United States
14 Nov 2016
DOL Moves Forward With Plan To Determine Size Of The Gig Economy
The CWS has not been utilized since 2005, when it was discontinued for funding reasons.
United States
3 Oct 2016
House Hearing Addresses NLRB's New Joint Employer Standard
Members of the House Subcommittee on Health, Employment, Labor, and Pensions held a hearing on a bill that would undo the new joint employer standard the National Labor Relations Board recently established.
United States
30 Sep 2015
Budget Proposal Seeks Funds For Paid Leave Programs, Whistleblower Protection, Wage & Hour Enforcement
As promised during last month's State of the Union Address, President Obama's budget proposal for Fiscal Year 2016 allocates funding to a number of initiatives designed to promote "middle class economics."
United States
4 Feb 2015
Appropriations Committee Discusses Federal Contractor, OSHA Issues With Labor Secretary Perez
House lawmakers raised pointed questions concerning the OFCCP, OSHA, and the Wage and Hour Division during an appropriations subcommittee hearing.
United States
3 Apr 2014
President’s Proposed Budget Would Provide $11.8 Billion To DOL
On Tuesday, the White House released its $3.9 trillion budget proposal for FY 2015.
United States
5 Mar 2014
DOL Announces Effective Date Of Rule Governing Nondisplacement Of Service Contract Employees
Federal service contracts and solicitations made on or after January 18, 2013 will need to comply with regulations implementing Executive Order 13495, "Nondisplacement of Qualified Workers Under Service Contracts", signed by President Obama on January 30, 2009.
United States
2 Jan 2013
Contract Interpretation Is A Job For The Arbitrator, Not State Court, U.S. Supreme Court Reiterates
The U.S. Supreme Court has once again taken a position favoring the arbitration of employment-related agreements.
United States
4 Dec 2012
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