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Employment Court examines employee commissions and holiday pay
Court considered how the definition of ordinary weekly pay requires an employer to treat commissions when calculating holiday pay.
New Zealand
20 Aug 2019
First workplace bullying prosecution in South Australia
This bullying conviction in South Australia could have implications for health and safety practices in New Zealand.
New Zealand
1 Aug 2019
Employees rights under triangular employment relationships expanded
New law enables employees to raise a personal grievance against anyone that can direct or control the employee's day-to-day work.
New Zealand
30 Jul 2019
Distinguishing between employees and independent contractors
The Employment Relations Authority looks at the real nature of the employment relationship and applies a number of tests.
New Zealand
26 Jul 2019
Social media trolling: employer responsibilities
Employers should provide guidelines and training to ensure that employees can respond to all consumers, including trolls.
New Zealand
24 Jul 2019
Recreational access to land – how is this affected by health and safety?
WorkSafe has clarified that the HSWA does not cover injuries that happen as a result of doing a recreational activity.
New Zealand
19 Jul 2019
The Hug of Death – expanding the scope of ACC cover for mesothelioma beyond a work-place injury
In New Zealand. mesothelioma is seen as the result of accidental inhalation of asbestos giving rise to personal injury.
New Zealand
17 Jul 2019
Employment Relations (Triangular Employment) Amendment Bill
This Bill aims to protect the position of employees who work under the direction of someone who is not their employer.
New Zealand
10 Jul 2019
Pay equity legislation moves through Parliament
As this legislation moves through Parliament, employers should consider if pay equity may be an issue in their industry.
New Zealand
24 Jun 2019
Strike action by the Post Primary Teachers Association (PPTA) draws attention to partial strikes and recently changed pay deduction laws
Employers should become aware of their changed obligations since recent amendments to the Employment Relations Act.
New Zealand
24 Jun 2019
Misconduct outside the workplace - 5 takeaways from the Israel Folau case, from a NZ perspective
These points examine the Israel Folau case from a NZ perspective- was the behaviour unacceptable if it was outside work?
New Zealand
6 Jun 2019
On, or off the clock?: A work-life balance for employees
If an employer wishes to rely on requiring an employee to work overtime, then it must provide reasonable compensation.
New Zealand
6 Jun 2019
High at work: will rights of employers change if cannabis is legalised?
Article looks at rights of employer if cannabis is legalised and reminds employers to review drug and alcohol policies etc.
New Zealand
28 May 2019
Critical Employment Law Changes
New Zealand employers should be aware that there are several significant legislative changes to the Employment Relations Act 2000 (the Act) taking effect this spring
New Zealand
22 May 2019
The use of probationary periods
Article discusses the legal obligations imposed around probationary periods.
New Zealand
21 May 2019
The use of probationary periods in employment
A probationary period enables an employer to assess the suitability of an employee in skills, diligence and personality.
New Zealand
19 May 2019
Employment alert: Employment Relations Act changes
We recommend employers check their current practices, procedures and policies to ensure compliance with these changes.
New Zealand
18 May 2019
Employment Update - May 2019: Overtime or an availability provision?
The Union successfully argued that the wording of the collective agreement included an unlawful 'availability provision'.
New Zealand
18 May 2019
Do your overtime provisions comply with employment law legislation?
This Employment Court decision issued a reminder about availability provisions and traditional overtime requirements.
New Zealand
16 May 2019
Employment Relations (Triangular Employment) Amendment Bill closer to becoming law
These changes could be significant for companies and organisations that use labour hire companies or temporary workers.
New Zealand
17 Apr 2019
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