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Japan Introduces "Commitment Procedure" For Alleged Antitrust Violations
On December 30, 2018, an amendment to the Japan Antimonopoly Act (the Act) to introduce "Commitment Procedure" became effective.
1 Feb 2019
Platform Bans: German Competition Authority Critical Despite Coty Judgment
Since last year's "Coty" judgment of the European Court of Justice (ECJ), it may have seemed settled that authorized dealers in a selective distribution network can be prohibited from selling products via third-party marketplaces
United States
23 Nov 2018
Is Amazon The Next Big Case? – GAFA Under Antitrust Scrutiny
Margrethe Vestager, head of the European Union's Directorate-General for Competition ("DG Comp"), recently announced that the EU was once again investigating actions of a high-profile tech company...
United States
24 Oct 2018
China's NDRC Seeks Comments On Draft Guidelines For Price-Related Behavior Of Industry Associations
On March 24, 2017, the PRC National Development and Reform Commission ("NDRC") issued draft Guidelines for Price-Related Behavior of Industry Associations ("Guidelines").
20 Apr 2017
2017 HSR Filing Thresholds Announced
The Federal Trade Commission has announced new (2017) premerger notification thresholds under the Hart-Scott-Rodino Act as follows:
United States
6 Feb 2017
Seventh Circuit Rules That Offering Different Product Package Sizes Does Not Constitute Unlawful Price Discrimination
The Seventh Circuit ruled that a manufacturer's decision to sell large package products to some retailers but not others does not constitute price discrimination under Section 13 of the Robinson-Patman Act.
United States
24 Aug 2016
Observations On "Brexit" And The EU/UK Competition Law Regime
Rightly considered to be a "once in a generation decision," the UK electorate will on 23 June 2016 have a chance to vote on whether the UK should remain a member of the European Union.
United States
3 May 2016
EU/Swiss-U.S. Safe Harbor: More Scrutiny By The FTC?
The U.S.-EU Safe Harbor Framework is a compliance tool for companies that wish to transfer personal data from the European Union/European Economic Area to the U.S.
United States
25 Jun 2015
FTC Reaches Consent Agreements With Blue Rhino And AmeriGas To Settle Charges Of Restraining Competition
The two leading suppliers of pre-filled propane exchange tanks, commonly used in barbecue grills and outdoor heaters, have reached an agreement with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission to settle charges that the companies illegally agreed not to deviate from their plan to reduce the volume of propane sold to Walmart and other key customers.
United States
30 Dec 2014
Price-Fixing MDL Against Online Travel Booking Companies Dismissed With Prejudice
On Oct. 27, 2014, the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas dismissed with prejudice a complaint accusing a group of online travel booking companies of colluding to set hotel room rates.
United States
30 Dec 2014
Seventh Circuit Decision In Motorola Mobility Holds That The FTAIA Bars A U.S. Parent's Damages Claims Based On Its Overseas Affiliates' Purchases Of Price-Fixed Products, But Does Not Bar Criminal Enforcement Of The Sherman Act
The Foreign Trade Antitrust Improvements Act, 15 U.S.C. § 6a (FTAIA), enacted in 1982, has provided ambiguous direction to courts and practitioners regarding the applicability of U.S. antitrust laws to conduct occurring wholly or partially in other countries.
United States
9 Dec 2014
U.S. Ramps Up Criticism Of China’s Enforcement Of Its Antitrust Laws Against Foreign Companies
For some time, many in the antitrust community have expressed concerns about how China is enforcing its antitrust laws against foreign companies.
United States
22 Oct 2014
Mandatory Use Of Imprint On "XING"
According to German telemedia law, each person and company maintaining an own website to sell goods or services is required to make available certain information.
14 Oct 2014
Antitrust And Competition Newsletter: August 2014
Check out Orrick's Antitrust and Competition Newsletter for all the latest news and analysis of antitrust happenings in Asia, Europe and the United States.
United States
21 Aug 2014
NDRC Fines Eyewear Makers For Resale Price Maintenance
The National Development and Reform Commission's investigation into the eyeglass industry found that some major manufacturers had restricted resale prices.
17 Jun 2014
DOJ And FTC To Hold Joint Workshop On Conditional Pricing Practices
The U.S. Department of Justice and the U.S. Federal Trade Commission will hold a workshop on competition issues related to conditional pricing practices.
United States
16 Jun 2014
On Antitrust
Undoubtedly you’ve seen television commercials where one character turns to another and says: "you can save 15% or more in 15 minutes."
United States
29 May 2014
U.S. Supreme Court To Decide When Professional Licensing Bodies Enjoy Antitrust Immunity
The state action immunity doctrine shields private actors from antitrust liability if their activities are "actively supervised" by a state.
United States
16 Apr 2014
Office Of Fair Trading Accepts Binding Commitments From, Expedia And IHG
The UK Office of Fair Trading has accepted binding commitments from B.V., Expedia, Inc. and InterContinental Hotels Group plc.
15 Apr 2014
FTC Enters Into Proposed Settlements Curbing Anticompetitive Behavior In Two Trade Associations
On Dec. 16, 2013, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission announced that it had reached proposed settlements with two professional associations to eliminate provisions in their codes of ethics that purportedly limited competition among their members.
United States
12 Feb 2014
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