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By Cash Or Card? HCA Releases Findings Of Sector Inquiry Into Bank Card Acceptance Market
When buying goods and services, consumers are often asked whether they want to pay by cash or card. Bank cards are now a part of everyday life; according to a recent sector
9 Sep 2019
New Developments In The Czech Competition Authority's Decision-Making Practice: Whistleblowers And Appointed Guardians
The Czech Office for the Protection of Competition recently found two companies guilty of bid rigging in a public tender.
Czech Republic
30 Aug 2019
Funeral Agency Fined For Not Complying With Earlier CPC Decision
On 27 June 2019 the Commission on the Protection of Competition issued a decision in which it penalised funeral agency Elida MG EOOD (formerly Pokoy-1945 EOOD) for failing to comply with an earlier CPC decision.
7 Aug 2019
Constitutional Tribunal Finds Undertakings Have Right To Appeal Against Consent To Conduct Searches
However, the court's ruling in this regard (ie, a ruling authorising the search) could not have been appealed again before the higher court.
9 Jul 2019
New Law On Unfair Trade Practices In The Food Retail Sector
Slovakia has a history of legislation focused on regulating business to business relationships in the food retail sector.
5 Jul 2019
New Purchaser New Rules. CPC Clears The Acquisition Of Nova TV By Domuschievi Brothers In "Fast-Track" Proceeding
In July 2018, following an in-depth investigation and in a rather hasty and controversial decision, the CPC prohibited the acquisition of the largest media conglomerate in Bulgaria, Nova Broadcasting Group AD...
27 May 2019
Legal Alert For Approaching Deadline Of UBO Registration
Bulgarian anti-money laundering law requires that companies and other entities having their seat in Bulgaria register their ultimate beneficial owner(s).
21 May 2019
New Purchaser, New Rules. CPC Clears The Acquisition Of Nova TV By Domuschievi Brothers In "Fast-Track" Proceeding
In July 2018, following an in-depth investigation and in a rather hasty and controversial decision, the Commission on the Protection of Competition ("CPC")
14 May 2019
A New Regulation On FDI Screening In Europe
On 5 March 2019, the Council of the EU approved a new framework to screen foreign direct investments ("FDI") coming into the EU. This concludes a legislative process kicked off in 2017.
European Union
21 Mar 2019
Pharmaceutical Industry Remains In The Focus Of Competition Law Enforcement
The market dynamics of the pharmaceutical industry are peculiar in many ways, including the characteristics of its demand and supply sides.
7 Mar 2019
Don't Jump The Gun! Mergers May Be Caught In The Romanian Competition Council's Crossfire
Gun jumping refers to premature enforcement of a merger before obtaining clearance from the competition authority.
23 Jan 2019
Hungarian Competition Authority Revokes Its Decision Clearing Digi's Acquisition Of Invitel And Imposes A Significant Fine
The HCA also resorted to a dawn raid during the original proceeding, which is a new instrument in merger control cases.
18 Jan 2019
Gun Jumping In Hungary - The Authority Imposes Another Fine Amidst Stricter Enforcement Tendencies
Yet another decision indicates that the Hungarian Competition Authority (HCA) is among the more rigorous competition authorities in Europe.
28 Dec 2018
HCA Publishes Digital Consumer Protection Strategy
The Hungarian Competition Authority (HCA) recently published a strategy paper presenting its views on consumer protection in the digital age.
18 Dec 2018
Competition Authority Penalises A1 Bulgaria EAD For Cancelling Agreement
With Decision No. 1308 of 22 November 2018, the Commission for the Protection of Competition (the "CPC") ...
14 Dec 2018
Snow-Free Roads For Santa In Romania: RCC Proposals On The Market For Snow-Removal Salt
With less than one month to go before Christmas, most of us are getting excited about the holiday season and tidying up our gift lists for Santa.
4 Dec 2018
"Baby-Boom" And Other RPM Cases Before The Competition Authority
This case was initiated ex-officio in April 2018, when the Commission raided Keprom d.o.o. and Yuglob d.o.o, two importers and distributors, and several retailers of baby care products.
23 Nov 2018
Office For The Protection Of Competition Gets Tougher On Fines For Competition Law Infringements
In April 2018 the Office for the Protection of Competition adopted new guidelines on the method of setting fines for competition law infringements, noting that the need for a revision of the previous guidelines ...
Czech Republic
2 Nov 2018
Speedy AD Sanctioned By Competition Authority For Failure To Provide Complete And Accurate Information
The provision issues a general obligation to undertakings to provide full and accurate information to the Competition Authority when being requested to do so.
15 Oct 2018
CEE: EU & Competition Monthly Bulletin - September 2018
Stay informed about the latest developments in competition law in Central and Eastern Europe with Schoenherr's multi-jurisdictional newsletter. Each issue offers insight into developments in merger control, anti-trust, as well as public and private enforcement in the region.
European Union
11 Oct 2018
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