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A Beginner's Guide To Smart Contracts
‘'Smart' contracts will have a disruptive effect on traditional contractual performance, both practically and conceptually. However, are smart contracts actually "contracts" and are they really "smart"?
Saudi Arabia
26 Jun 2018
Ecommerce: An Overview
Global B2C eCommerce sales of products and services are forecasted to reach $3.6 trillion in 2019 ($2.3 trillion in 2017), representing 13% of the share of total retail sales. In the U.S. alone ...
United Arab Emirates
26 Jun 2018
The Riyal Deal: Regulation Of E-Commerce In Saudi Arabia
With a population in excess of 30 million people, many of whom are young, rich and tech-savvy consumers, it is no surprise that experts hold high hopes f ...
Saudi Arabia
26 Jun 2018
Termination And Damages: What Happens When A Contract Contains An Option Of Conditionality?
On 14 February 2018, the Dubai Court of Cassation issued a judgment (Dubai Property Appeal 402 of 2017) in relation to a claim brought by an investor ...
Saudi Arabia
26 Jun 2018
The Regulation Of Electronic Transactions In Oman
With the fast development and implementation of technology and the internet in processing operations in private and public sectors, and concluding transactions locally ...
26 Jun 2018
New Requirements For Conducting Commercial Agency, Distribution, And Franchise Activities In Iraq
In line with other efforts to ease and facilitate trade, the Iraqi government recently issued Law No. 79 of 2017 on regulating commercial agencies.
Saudi Arabia
21 May 2018
Taking Security Over Commercial In Qatar
Security is of paramount importance in relation to commercial lending.
13 Dec 2017
Minor To Major: The Transfer Of Youth Soccer Players
With more than USD 4.79 billion spent in sports player transfer fees in 2016 alone, the global transfer market for footballers continues its upward trajectory and the recent Euro 222m transfer...
Saudi Arabia
9 Nov 2017
Dubai Court Of First Instance Judgment: Do The UAE Courts Apply Foreign Law?
There is a common misconception that the UAE Courts will only apply UAE law when determining disputes between parties, notwithstanding an agreement to apply foreign law.
United Arab Emirates
20 Oct 2017
Abu Dhabi Court Of Cassation's Interpretation Of Conflicting Contractual Clauses: A Specific Arbitration Clause Overrides A General Clause That Provides For Court Jurisdiction
It is an established principle that a court of substance has the discretionary power to interpret the clauses of an agreement, provided that such interpretation considers the agreement as a whole in understanding the parties intent.
Saudi Arabia
25 Jul 2017
What Happens When It All Goes Wrong? Terminating A Construction Contract From A UAE Law Perspective
Termination is a drastic step and it is an option which should never be taken lightly.
United Arab Emirates
23 Jun 2015
Sports Sponsorship In The Middle East: Some Key Considerations
Often major sponsors are multinational entities and they may have regional or global marketing strategies or CSR initiatives that inform their expectations in terms of preferred activation scope as well as return on investment.
United Arab Emirates
18 Jun 2015
Murabaha Contracts
A commercial action was filed by an individual resident ("the Claimant") against a PSC company in Dubai ("the Defendant").
United Arab Emirates
6 Apr 2011
Watching Out for Contracts Of Adhesion
This case, in which Al Tamimi successfully represented the Defendant at all stages of the proceedings, is significant because the Court of Cassation established a new legal precedent with respect to Contracts of Adhesion.
United Arab Emirates
18 Feb 2011
Assignments in the United Arab Emirates
An assignment under UAE law is the transfer of certain obligations or rights from one party to another.
United Arab Emirates
15 Dec 2010
Employer’s Claim Dismissed Before Court Of Cassation
A commercial action was filed before Dubai Court of First Instance by a construction company ("Party A") against an Employer ("Party B"). Party A requested the court to order Party B to pay the amount of AED 306,881 plus 12% interest from the due date until the receipt of full payment.
United Arab Emirates
13 Dec 2010
Renegotiation - Should You Or Shouldn’t You?
We have all heard the story before: a contractor on a development made a huge windfall when the price of steel and concrete plummeted as a result of the global economic slowdown.
United Arab Emirates
9 Dec 2010
Arguing the Termination of a Contract
Two Dubai trading companies (the "Claimants") filed a commercial action against another local company (the "Defendant").
United Arab Emirates
25 Oct 2010
The Heat is On
Summer is here at last and as temperatures are expected to soar for the next few months, the UAE Government has just extended the summer midday working break.
United Arab Emirates
8 Aug 2010
Termination of Hotel Management Agreements - When Things Go Wrong…
Very few in the hotel industry will be unaware of the recent problems affecting the Banyan Tree Al Areen resort in Bahrain (which we understand may be rebranded as "Al Areen Palace and Spa" subject to receipt of necessary approvals).
United Arab Emirates
28 Jul 2010
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