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Welcome to the (Regulatory) Jungle: Tax and Securities Law Considerations in Private Inbound Structures
Butler Snow attorneys Kristin E. Konschnik and Barton T. Lee recently authored a Tax Notes International article about tax and securities law issues in inbound private client structures.
United States
25 Jun 2019
A Brief Guide To The 2018 Amendments To Continuing Disclosure Requirements
Over the past several years, local government issuers have increasingly been privately placing bonds and other municipal debt obligations directly with banks or other purchasers rather than utilizing an underwriter to sell the bonds publicly.
United States
5 Mar 2019
Summary Of SEC Release No. 34-83885 (2018 Amendment To SEC Rule 15c2-12)
The 2018 amendments to Rule 15c2-12 (the "Rule") make the following additions to the continuing disclosure requirements applying to most publicly-held municipal securities:
United States
19 Nov 2018
Skeptical Of Elephants In Mouseholes And Monster Arguments, The Supreme Court Holds Plaintiffs Can Still File 1933 Act Securities Class Actions In State Court And Not Fear Removal
On March 20, 2018, the United States Supreme Court released its unanimous decision in Cyan, Inc. v. Beaver County Employees Retirement Fund, 138 S.Ct. 1061 (2018).
United States
11 May 2018
Fed's Final Treatment Of Municipal Securities As High-Quality Liquid Assets Disappoints The Industry
On April 1, 2016, the Federal Reserve Board released its final regulations respecting treatment of municipal securities as high-quality liquid assets ("HQLA") for purposes of its liquidity coverage...
United States
20 Jul 2016
Is Love All You Need? Supreme Court To Decide Standard For Tipper Liability
In recent weeks amicus curiae briefs have been flooding into the U.S. Supreme Court in the case of Salman v. U.S., an appeal from the Ninth Circuit's decision in U.S. v. Salman, 792 F.3d 1087 (9th Cir. 2015).
United States
14 Jun 2016
SEC Money Market Mutual Fund Rules – The Impact On Retirement Plans
In October of this year, SEC rules will require that certain types of money market funds utilize a floating net asset value, require the imposition of redemption fees on withdrawals, and permit temporary delays before withdrawals are processed.
United States
7 Jun 2016
Crowdfunding Until You "Make It"
A major problem for most entertainment artists ("artists") is funding their work and covering their living expenses while they build a following.
United States
28 Jan 2016
SEC Adopts Pay Ratio Disclosure Rule
The SEC adopted a final rule in August of 2015 requiring companies to disclose the ratio of their CEOs' compensation to that of the median compensation of their employees...
United States
24 Dec 2015
MSRB's Execution Guidance Under Rule G-18: Forward With Flexibility
The Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board ("MSRB") recently released its best execution guidance under MSRB Rule G-18 (the "Rule" or "Rule G-18").
United States
7 Dec 2015
Second Wave Of MCDC Hits Underwriters ….No Smooth Sailing Ahead!
On September 30 the Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") announced another round of enforcement actions against 22 municipal underwriting firms for disclosure violations in connection with municipal bond offerings.
United States
5 Nov 2015
Fitch Ratings Updates Criteria For Water And Sewer Bonds
On September 3, 2015, Fitch Ratings updated its sector-specific rating criteria for water and sewer bonds.
United States
5 Nov 2015
Proposed Bonds To Encourage Public Private Partnerships And Improve Infrastructure
The nation's infrastructure is in need of dire repair. On February 2, 2015, to encourage private investments in infrastructure through public-private partnerships ("P3s") and as part of his 2016 proposed budget.
United States
23 Jun 2015
New MSRB Rule Will Increase Available Information Regarding Trades Of Municipal Securities
The new reporting requirements take effect on May 23, 2016, giving dealers time to establish the appropriate reporting systems.
United States
23 Jun 2015
Deal Or No Deal: 7 Lessons From A Lawyer Who's Been There
Historically, economic development and chasing smokestacks were thought to go hand in hand.
United States
2 Jun 2015
BEWARE: Advice Isn't Just "Advice" Any More
The MA Rule, as written, provides both opportunities and challenges for Issuers to consider.
United States
26 May 2015
The MCDC Initiative: December Was Just The Beginning
As many of our issuer clients know, as a result of perceived wide-spread violations of post issuance reporting compliance, in 2014 the SEC conducted its "Municipal Continuing Disclosure Compliance Initiative".
United States
21 May 2015
From The Wild West To Sec Regulation: Overstock.Com’s Proposed Digital Securities And The Lessons Of Bitcoin
On April 24, filed a Form S-3 with SEC for securities offerings up to $500,000,000.
United States
9 May 2015
The Supreme Court Approves A New Tool To Defeat Class Certification In Federal Securities Fraud Cases Brought In The Fifth Circuit – Price Impact Evidence
The Supreme Court decision in Halliburton v. Erica P. John Fund, Inc., 134 S.Ct. 2398 (2014) concerns a federal securities fraud class action.
United States
6 Nov 2014
Municipalities Continuing Disclosure Cooperation Initiative (MCDC)
We want to make you aware of a new Securities and Exchange Commission enforcement initiative that impacts issuers of municipal bonds or other governmental securities or other persons obligated to provide secondary market disclosures under SEC Rule 15c2-12 (collectively, "Issuers") and underwriters of such bonds or securities.
United States
10 Jul 2014
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