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Soft Touch Provisional Liquidators In The BVI: Constellation Overseas Ltd, Pointing The Way
In December 2018, the BVI Commercial Court appointed ‘soft touch' provisional liquidators to Constellation Overseas Ltd, a BVI incorporated company, and five of its BVI incorporated subsidiaries.
British Virgin Islands
18 Jul 2019
Down The Rabbit Hole And Through The Looking Glass: The Cayman Islands Scheme Of Arrangement Under The Magnifying Glass
The Cayman Islands has long established itself as a leading offshore financial centre which offers a sophisticated and flexible restructuring toolkit by which to implement cross-border restructurings.
Cayman Islands
18 Jul 2019
Private Equity Ireland – Investment Limited Partnership Reform
The funds industry has long been a major contributor to the Irish economy.
17 Jul 2019
The International Stock Exchange Authority - Listing Debt Securities Including Eurobonds Under Chapter 5 Of The Listing Rules
This is a summary of the main listing requirements and the listing application process for companies seeking admission to the Official List of The International Stock Exchange Authority Limited.
12 Jul 2019
Update For SIBL Registered Excluded Persons
This advisory provides a summary of the key points.
Cayman Islands
3 Jul 2019
Amendments To The Cayman Islands Trusts Law
The Trusts (Amendment) Law, 2019 will come into force in the Cayman Islands on 14 June 2019.
Cayman Islands
17 Jun 2019
Off With His Head! An Offshore Perspective – Is The "Headcount Test" Heading For The Guillotine?
Off with his head! An offshore perspective – Is the "headcount test" heading for the guillotine.
Cayman Islands
6 Jun 2019
Foundation Companies: The Future Of FinTech?
However, we have seen a number of clients in the FinTech space embrace the flexibility and adaptability of the FC and use it in a number of ways.
Cayman Islands
5 Jun 2019
Dealing With A Lack Of Beneficiaries - Benjamin Orders In Jersey
The Royal Court of Jersey has recently made a Benjamin Order, by which a Trustee was permitted to distribute the assets of a Jersey Trust to non-beneficiaries...
24 May 2019
Bermuda Schemes Of Arrangement: Delivering Global Restructurings And Reorganisations
A court-supervised scheme of arrangement is the most straightforward and cost effective way to facilitate a corporate rescue or restructuring of a company which is incorporated in Bermuda but has its operations or listing status in another jurisdiction.
21 May 2019
Ireland Update: Central Register Of Beneficial Ownership Of Corporates – Website Goes Live
On 29 April 2019, the website of the Central Register of Beneficial Ownership of Companies and Industrial and Provident Societies went live (the "Central Register").
13 May 2019
Mistake In Jersey Trust Law - Sometimes Ignorance Is Bliss
In giving its reasons for setting aside transfers into a Jersey trust on grounds of mistake, the Royal Court of Jersey has provided a helpful distinction between the law of mistake as it is applies in Jersey as against its English law counterpart ...
2 May 2019
Venture Capital In Southeast Asia — 2018 Review
Singapore partner Thomas Granger and senior associate Tania Toh have contributed to Asian-Mena Counsel Offshore Update, reviewing venture captial in Southeast Asia in 2018.
23 Apr 2019
Updates In Respect Of Automatic Exchange Of Information ("AEOI") April 2019
The Cayman Islands Department for International Tax Cooperation has issued an Industry Advisory to update the relevant dates for reporting under the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act and the Common Reporting Standard.
Cayman Islands
22 Apr 2019
Collaborative Approach Augurs Well For Future ILS Growth
Bermuda Partner Sarah Demerling recently contributed to hedgeweek's special report 'Bermuda Fund Services 2019' discussing Bermuda's Insurance Linked Securities (ILS).
22 Apr 2019
Cayman Islands
22 Apr 2019
Square Pegs And Round Holes: Partnerships And Trusts In Japanese PE Fund Structures
Singapore partners John Rogers and Thomas Granger have recently been discussing private equity fund structures with Asian-Mena Counsel Offshore Update.
17 Apr 2019
Update On Cayman Islands Supervisory Inspections
This advisory provides a summary of the key points only and we would be happy to advise in further detail if required.
Cayman Islands
17 Apr 2019
Effective, Economic Or Expeditious: The Grand Court Appoints Both FTI Consulting And BDO As Official Liquidators
Effective, Economic or Expeditious: the Grand Court Appoints Both FTI Consulting and BDO as Official Liquidators.
Cayman Islands
17 Apr 2019
Beneficial Ownership Of Corporates - Establishment Of Central Register
The European Union (Anti-Money Laundering: Beneficial Ownership of Corporate Entities) Regulations 2019 (S.I. 110 of 2019) (the "2019 Regulations") have substantially come into force as of 22 March 2019.
15 Apr 2019
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