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Patenting Strategy: When To Patent?
Patenting of inventions can be notoriously expensive; however, the monopoly attracted because of it has the potential to exceed, by far, any initial patenting costs.
South Africa
16 Apr 2019
The Collaboration Between Franchising And Social Media
Over the past decade or so, social media has transformed from an entertaining pastime and means for social networking into a modern-day marketing tool
South Africa
1 Mar 2019
Can Your Email Disclaimer Get You Out Of An Unintended Contract?
If an agreement is not intended to be entered into in the course of such negotiations, this should be explicitly stated.
South Africa
13 Dec 2018
The Winning Combination Of Business And Social Media Done Right
Many of us can no longer imagine a world without social media.
South Africa
28 Feb 2018
Stay App-Dated
The Apple Store launched in July 2008 and made available to iOS users some 800 applications ("Apps") to download. As of March 2017, this number had increased to 2.2 million.
South Africa
8 Dec 2017
Keep A Lid On It: The Importance Of Non-Disclosure Agreements
A successful business is one which is able to exploit any opportunity available to it and, in doing so, maintain a competitive edge in its market.
South Africa
8 Dec 2017
You're Starting A Business, Now What?
Starting a business can be a daunting task if you do not know where to begin. Your brilliant idea is merely the beginning of your journey to becoming an entrepreneur.
South Africa
12 May 2017
The Menu Is Not The Meal
Of recent, KISCH IP has tasted tremendous success in the Supreme Court of Appeal.
South Africa
7 Apr 2017
Does Innovation Pay?
When a person or business creates a new technical concept (or innovation) that is implemented, the world generally benefits from such innovation.
South Africa
3 Apr 2017
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