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Foreign Investment in Internet and Vending Machine Sales
The Chinese Ministry of Commerce recently promulgated the Notice on Relevant Issues concerning the Examination, Approval and Administration of Projects of Foreign Investment in Internet and Vending Machine Sales ("Notice").
11 Jan 2011
More Restrictions on Standard Contracts
The Measures for the Supervision and Administration of Contract Violations ("Measures") promulgated by the State Administration of Industry and Commerce ("SAIC") were implemented on 13 November 2010.
11 Jan 2011
New Foreign Investment Vehicle: Foreign-Invested Partnerships in China
On 1 March 2010, a new structure for foreign investment--the foreign-invested partnership ("FIP")--was officially launched in China, and local media reported the registration of China’s first FIP in Kunshan, Jiangsu.
17 May 2010
Legal Requirements for Listing a Foreign-Invested Enterprise in China
In response to the small number of foreign-invested enterprises ("FIEs") listed on Chinese stock exchanges and the decline of inbound direct foreign investment, the PRC Ministry of Commerce in the summer of 2009 announced that it would formulate policies to encourage FIEs to "go public" in China. Along similar lines, work is progressing on the establishment of an international board at the Shanghai Stock Exchange to facilitate the future issuance of A shares by foreign companies.
11 May 2010
Representative Offices of Foreign Enterprises in China - The Unwanted Establishment?
On 4 January 2010, the State Administration of Industry and Commerce ("SAIC") and the Ministry of Public Security jointly promulgated a notice that places additional restrictions and re¬quirements on new and existing foreign representative offices ("RO"). The local AIC in Beijing implemented the notice on 15 January 2010; other cities and provinces swiftly followed or are expected to do so soon. The more stringent criteria on RO registration are summarised below.
Hong Kong
29 Apr 2010
Setting Up Partnerships in China
On 25 November 2009, the State Council of the PRC promulgated the Measures on Administration of Establishment of Partner¬ships by Foreign Enterprises or Individuals in China ("Partnership Measures"), which became effective on 1 March 2010. A foreign-invested partnership ("FIP") as described in the Administration Measures refers to a partnership set up by at least two foreign enterprises or individuals, or one set up by foreign enterprises or individuals together with Chinese individuals, legal p
26 Apr 2010
Beijing Launches New Policies To Encourage Multinational Companies To Establish Regional Headquarters In Beijing
The government of Beijing has published the “Several Provisions on Encouraging Multinational Companies to Establish Regional Headquarters in Beijing” on 21 May 2009 which update the previous version from 1999.
13 Oct 2009
Second Judicial Explanation On PRC Contract Law
On 24 April 2009, the PRC Supreme Court issued the Second Judicial Explanation on the PRC Contract Law (“Second Judicial Explanation”).
15 Sep 2009
News In Chinese Contract Law
Interpretation of the Supreme People's Court addresses limitation of liability in standard terms, liability for unauthorised agent actions, frustration of contract, limits on liquidated damages and settling debts
17 Jun 2009
New Measures On Registration Of Equity Pledges
On 1 September 2008, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce ("SAIC") and the administrative authorities for industry and commerce issued the Measures on Registration of Equity Pledges, effective as of 1 October 2008.
15 Jan 2009
Framework Conditions For Chinese Investments In Europe
The flow of foreign investments into the PRC remains strong. However, investments going into the opposite direction, i.e. from the PRC to Europe, did not show a clear trend.
European Union
3 Oct 2008
Liquidation Of Foreign Invested Enterprises In China
On 15 January 2008, the State Council has issued Decree 516 abolishing the Liquidation Regulations and stating as the reason for issuance of Decree 516 the promulgation of the PRC Company Law on 27 October 2005, which became effective on 1 January 2006.
7 May 2008
Indian Companies Investing In Germany – Protected By A Well-Founded Legal Framework
Germany offers strong infrastructure and moreover, its geographical position in the heart of Europe is unique.
19 Dec 2007
An Area In Which There Is No Legal Regulation Of Intellectual Property?
Can intellectual property rights be effectively protected at all in the PR of China? Reports about "copying" the Transrapid maglev train recently triggered a vehement debate in Germany.
30 Nov 2006
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