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Digital Identities In The UAE - Quicker, Easier, More Secure?
It has been suggested that cross-platform online identity solutions may replace current forms of identification, make access to services easier for consumers and mitigate certain data protection risks
United Arab Emirates
2 May 2019
A Guide To Information Security And Data Protection Laws In GCC Countries
New challenges have arisen with the technological development along with the social and economic globalization.
United Arab Emirates
29 Apr 2019
Missed Opportunity? The UAE's New Electronic Insurance Regulations
InsurTech is upending and disrupting traditional models of distribution for insurance products across the world
United Arab Emirates
4 Apr 2019
Bahrain Introduces New Cryptocurrency Regulation
Bahrain is a crucial GCC nation which has risen to prominence in recent decades as a global powerhouse. One of the areas that are unique to Bahrain is that it was the first post-oil economy
United Arab Emirates
6 Mar 2019
Looking For A Lawyer: Suing For Breach Of Trust
In addition, the term fraud is often confused with breach of trust and used interchangeably.
United Arab Emirates
5 Mar 2019
The Development Of Regulations Related To ICO In The UAE
The most famous statements among the classic investors are the shares bought in a Public company and its developments.
United Arab Emirates
17 Jan 2019
Overview Of Prospective Amendments To Singapore's Penal Code
In July 2016, Singapore established a Penal Code review committee intended to perform a comprehensive assessment of the legal provisions currently protecting marginalized communities and members...
United Arab Emirates
16 Jan 2019
Aadhaar Card No Longer Required For Sim Cards And Bank Accounts India
The Aadhaar Act was introduced in India in 2009 and acted as a means of identification. Each individual has a number which is 12 digits and unique to them.
United Arab Emirates
10 Jan 2019
Singapore Initial Coin Offering Updated Guide Released
Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) is a way to raise capital for a new cryptocurrency without obtaining a bank loan or similar conventional means of financing.
United Arab Emirates
10 Jan 2019
Artificial Intelligence In Healthcare Sector In UAE
Scientists throughout history have delivered many inventions that have continuously made human life much easier.
United Arab Emirates
9 Jan 2019
DFSA Regulations On Cross-Border Crowdfunding
In the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, when access to capital became difficult, the concept of Crowdfunding emerged.
United Arab Emirates
8 Jan 2019
Law Governing VPNs
In recent years, an enormous change has undergone in the field of technology which raises a necessary question about human's ability to continue in protecting and promoting the right over the internet.
United Arab Emirates
20 Dec 2018
Abu Dhabi Global Market Opens First Digital Courtroom
On 9th, December 2018 the ADGM, internationally recognized independent judicial body opened it's the fully digital Courtroom.
United Arab Emirates
18 Dec 2018
Decentralized Autonomous Organisation
A decentralized autonomous organization (the DAO) is a computer program which is a form of an investor directed venture capital fund.
United Arab Emirates
17 Dec 2018
New Rules Regulating The Employment Of The UAE Nationals In The Private Sector
On 04 April 2018, the Minister of Human Resources and Emiratization issued a groundbreaking Ministerial Decision No. 212 of 2018 on the regulations relating to the employment of UAE nationals...
United Arab Emirates
13 Dec 2018
UAE Legislation On New Technologies
The UAE is known for its highly technologically driven environment.
United Arab Emirates
7 Dec 2018
Fintech In The UAE
The sources of payments law in the UAE depend on whether the payment service is governed by the laws of the United Arab Emirates (the "UAE") ...
United Arab Emirates
23 Nov 2018
Cyber Liability Insurance
The world is in a continually developing state, with new and exciting inventions and technologies arising on a regular basis. It would take some form of expert, or perhaps your average teenager, to entirely keep up to date with all that is new.
United Arab Emirates
20 Nov 2018
Cyber Crime Law In United Arab Emirates
Cybercrimes have become a global issue with many jurisdictions frantically trying to incorporate new legislation to cover such crimes and create new punishments to ensure that perpetrators are adequately persecuted.
United Arab Emirates
6 Nov 2018
Cyber Law Amendments
The President of the UAE and the ruler of Abu Dhabi, His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan has issued a new decree for the amendment of Federal Decree Law Number 5 of 2012 concerning UAE cyber crimes.
United Arab Emirates
9 Oct 2018
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