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GDPR Adaptation Legislation Becomes Effective
On Wednesday, April 24, 2019, the new data protection legislation was published in the Czech Collection of Laws and became effective.
Czech Republic
16 May 2019
GDPR: The Czech Republic Has Finally Adopted National Legislation
On 12 March 2019, the Czech Republic approved a legislation incorporating the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation 'GDPR' (Regulation (EU) 2016/679).
Czech Republic
29 Mar 2019
EUR 50 Million Fine For GDPR In France. What About CEE?
The CNIL launched its investigation of Google on 1 June 2018 based on two complaints filed by data subjects.
Czech Republic
28 Jan 2019
GDPR, CPU, Intel, Spectre, Meltdown … And What Else?
Spectre takes a different approach, tricking applications into disclosing sensitive information that would otherwise be inaccessible.
23 Apr 2018
Breyer Ruling, And Dynamic IP Addresses As Personal Data
In October this year, another interesting decision relating to data protection was issued in response to the constant evolution of modern communication technologies, dealing specifically with the definition ...
European Union
28 Feb 2018
Smart Cars And Personal Data
Currently a growing trend can be observed in the automotive industry – the emergence of automated driving.
Czech Republic
18 Jan 2018
When, Whom And How To Appoint A Data Protection Officer Under The GDPR
The Regulation defines professional qualities as expert knowledge of data protection law and practices.
Czech Republic
18 Jan 2018
The Most Important Changes In Czech Law For Entrepreneurs In 2018
From 2018, the statutory pre-emptive right of co-owners to immovable property will be valid once again.
Czech Republic
18 Jan 2018
The Schoenher Journal - April 2017: Legal Developments in the Czech Republic (Czech language)
The Schoenherr Journal, published in April 2017 by Schoenherr's Prague office examines the most recent and most important legal developments in the Czech Republic
Czech Republic
28 Apr 2017
Wolf Theiss TMT Insider - November 2016
We are pleased to present you with the new issue of our TMT Insider, the quarterly Newsletter on technology, media and telecommunications, which keeps you up to date on legal changes and news from Czech Republic.
Czech Republic
11 Nov 2016
T-Mobile Fined For Not Protecting Clients' Data
When imposing a fine, the Office took into account that T-Mobile subsequently undertook rules protecting the clients' personal data.
Czech Republic
27 Sep 2016
Visitor ID Requests At Building Entrances
The data processor is obliged to properly inform data subjects of the scope and reasons for their personal data processing.
Czech Republic
27 Sep 2016
Recorded Telephone Conversations - Legal Evidence In Administrative Proceedings
A recently published decision of the Supreme Administrative Court considered a telephone conversation between two individuals as legitimate evidence in administrative proceedings.
Czech Republic
24 Jun 2014
Big Data, Big Deal?
A discussion on the protection of privacy and database copyright related to the processing of Big Data.
Czech Republic
30 Sep 2013
Data Protection Laws of the World Handbook: Second Edition - Czech Republic
Personal data protection in the Czech Republic is regulated by Directive 95/46/EC, for processing and for free movement.
Czech Republic
10 Apr 2013
Registration Data Protection: Transition To The New System
The registration data protection enables competitors in the field of medical preparations to ensure for a certain limited period of time exclusive rights to data gathered for testing the safety and effectiveness of a medical preparation, namely with respect to results of pharmacological and toxicological tests and clinical tests.
Czech Republic
4 May 2005
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