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Defining Cryptocurrency In Russia: Does It Form Part Of The Bankruptcy Estate?
We recently published a blog identifying issues which cryptocurrency pose in insolvencies; not least identifying and classifying it, how to take control
Russian Federation
6 Aug 2019
West Tankers Principle Unaffected By Recast Brussels Regulation; Mandatory Foreign Jurisdictional Rules Do Not Encroach On Scope Of Widely Worded Arbitration Clause
In Nori Holdings Limited et al v PJSC Bank Okritie Financial Corporation [2018] EWHC 1343 (Comm) the English court has applied the Recast Brussels Regulation
Russian Federation
5 Jul 2018
Comparative Analysis Of The Provisions Of Federal Law No. 214-FZ In Light Of Recent Amendments
The adoption of Federal Law No. 218-FZ on the Public Law Company for the Protection of Rights of Individuals Who are Shared Construction Participants in the Event of Insolvency (Bankruptcy) of Developers and on Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation of July 29, 2017 ("218-FZ") is the latest step in the major reform of legislation on shared construction.
Russian Federation
5 Apr 2018
The Impact Of Bankruptcy On Trade Mark Disputes
A non-use court action is routine for the IP court. Every year several hundred cases are considered and granted. Sometimes, however, a cancellation action stumbles at unexpected obstacles.
Russian Federation
14 Mar 2018
Litigation. Major Russian Legislation Changes For 2017
Amendments to Article 4(5) of the RF Commercial Procedure Code entered into force on August 10, 2017 for disputes that must follow the mandatory pre-trial (pre-arbitration) dispute resolution procedure.
Russian Federation
19 Jan 2018
Greater Liability In Bankruptcy Cases For Debtor Controlling Parties
Goltsblat BLP advises of radical changes to the way liability borne by the CEO and other persons controlling a debtor in insolvency (bankruptcy) cases is regulated.
Russian Federation
6 Nov 2017
Bankruptcy In Russia: Basic Framework, Recent Trends And Tips For Foreign Creditors
As the Russian economy continues to struggle, issues relating to insolvency (bankruptcy) remain the priority for both local and foreign creditors.
Russian Federation
31 Oct 2017
Making A Claim Against A Bankrupt Debtor
If your Russian contractor fails to settle its debt for quite a long period of time or does not make efforts to pay off its debt...
Russian Federation
30 Oct 2017
Intercreditor Agreement On The Procedure Of Fulfillment Of Claims To The Debtor
According to the Ruling the parties may establish in their agreement the procedure for confirming the powers of the creditor's representative.
Russian Federation
26 Oct 2017
Liquidation As A Means Of Resolving Corporate Conflict
Since 2014, in cases where corporate conflict blocks a company's activities, Russian law has allowed company members to demand the company's judicial liquidation.
Russian Federation
20 Oct 2017
Russian Insolvency Law Recently Amended To Expand Vicarious Liability. A New Rescue Procedure May Also Soon Appear
New Federal Law No. 266-FZ dated 29 July 2017 (the Amendment Law) introduces notable changes to Russia's insolvency rules.
Russian Federation
7 Sep 2017
Banking And Finance. Major Russian Legislation Changes For 2016
The year 2016 saw a host of legislative changes with clear and immediate implications for the finance market.
Russian Federation
14 Mar 2017
Simplified Procedure For Initiating Bankruptcy By The Legal Successors Of Banks
In October 2016, the Chamber for Commercial Disputes at the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation considered the cassation appeal of Eurasian Trading Company LLC...
Russian Federation
20 Jan 2017
The Role Of A Russian Bondholders' Representative In Practice
The main function of a bondholders' representative in Russia is to protect bondholders' interests and execute decisions taken during the General Bondholders Meeting, but what does this mean in practice?
Russian Federation
8 Sep 2016
Foreign Credit Institutions Entitled To Bankrupt Russian Companies Under A Simplified Procedure
In early 2015, credit institutions gained the right to initiate the bankruptcy of their debtors according to a simplified procedure – i.e., without a court decision ordering the recovery of debt.
Russian Federation
15 Apr 2016
Amendments To Russian Bankruptcy And Financial Laws
On July 28, 2012, Russian president Vladimir Putin gave his imprimatur to Federal Law No. 144-FZ, which amends Russian bankruptcy, financial, and banking legislation with the goal of improving regulations governing asset returns and interim management of insolvent banks.
European Union
18 Oct 2012
Do Russian Courts Have Jurisdiction To Issue Interim Relief In Support Of Cyprus Legal Proceedings?
In a revolutionary judgment issued by the Federal Arbitradz Court of Northwest District of Russian Federation in the case NA 56-9512/2009, FINESTERRE RECOVERY FUND I LTD & OTHERS confirmed that Russian Courts have jurisdiction to issue interim relief.
Russian Federation
5 Oct 2011
Russia Newsletter - Recent Developments Of Russian Law – April 2011
The Newsletter for this month contains a variety of articles that will, undoubtedly, be of interest to many categories of readers.
Russian Federation
12 May 2011
Recent Developments of Russian Law
On 1 January 2009 the Russian Federation cancelled the construction licensing system whereby construction firms had to obtain licenses to perform construction work. Licenses that had been issued to construction companies prior to that date remained valid until 1 January 2010.
Russian Federation
23 Jul 2010
Taking Security In Russia: New Opportunities For International And Domestic Creditors
Recent court practice shows that it is possible for a pledgor to assume a valid and enforceable obligation to give security over a building that is to be constructed in the future.
Russian Federation
22 Sep 2009
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