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The Advantages Of Self-Reporting In Scotland (It's Clearer North Of The Border)
Over a year after the implementation of the Bribery Act 2010, we are beginning to see how corporate bribery may be disposed of in future.
20 Dec 2012
The Bribery Act's First Year
The Bribery Act came into force just over a year ago, amid much fanfare and media speculation. Some said it went too far and would stifle business, others said it did not go far enough.
15 Aug 2012
A Defining Moment: Supreme Court Rules On The Territorial Scope Of Powers Under POCA
On 25 July 2012, the Supreme Court handed down its judgment in Perry and others v Serious Organised Crime Agency.
6 Aug 2012
Third Company Convicted Of Corporate Manslaughter Is Sentenced
Last week we reported that a third company, Lion Steel Limited, had been convicted of corporate manslaughter under the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007.
25 Jul 2012
Third Company Convicted Of Corporate Manslaughter
A third company has been convicted of corporate manslaughter under the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007.
17 Jul 2012
Ukraine: New Law On The Ethical Conduct Of Public Office Holders
On 17 May 2012 the Ukrainian Parliament adopted the law of Ukraine on Rules of Ethical Conduct (the "Ethical Conduct Law") which introduces the body of rules of conduct applicable to individuals performing public functions on behalf of the state or a local authority, including the President of Ukraine and the Prime Minister of Ukraine, ministers, members of the Ukrainian Parliament and local councils, civil servants, judges and other state officials (the "Officials").
16 Jul 2012
Deferred Prosecution Agreements: A Pragmatic Solution?
On 17 May 2012 the Ministry of Justice ("MoJ") launched a consultation on plans to introduce a new means of resolving criminal cases in England and Wales: the Deferred Prosecution Agreement.
28 May 2012
FSA Publish Review Into Anti-Bribery And Corruption Systems In Investment Banks
On 29 March 2012 the FSA published the results of its thematic review into anti-bribery and corruption (so-called "ABC") systems and controls in investment banks. The FSA visited 15 firms, including eight major global investment banks and a number of smaller operations, to examine how firms mitigate bribery and corruption risk.
12 Apr 2012
Four Sentenced For Taking Corrupt Payments For Confidential Information
On 31 January 2012, four individuals were sentenced for conspiring to commit corruption offences in securing payments in exchange for disclosing confidential procurement information between 2001 and 2009 in relation to lucrative energy engineering projects in Abu Dhabi, Egypt, Iran, Russia and Singapore.
10 Feb 2012
Dividends At Stake As SFO Expects Investors To Monitor Conduct Of Portfolio Companies
On 13 January 2012, Director of the Serious Fraud Office ("SFO"), Richard Alderman gave a stark warning to shareholders and investors in companies found guilty of corruption.
25 Jan 2012
Criminal Liability For Companies
Companies can be criminally liable for certain acts and omissions, under the Criminal Code.
25 Jan 2012
How Corrupt Do You Think Your Public Officials Are?
On 1 December 2011, Transparency International, the global anti-corruption civil society organisation ("TI"), released its 2011 Corruption Perception Index ("CPI").
7 Dec 2011
Transparency International Publishes Bribe Payers Index For 2011
On 2 November 2011, Transparency International, the anti-corruption non-governmental organisation ("TI"), launched its fifth Bribe Payers Index (the "Index"), which ranks 28 of the world’s largest economies according to the expected likelihood of their companies to bribe when doing business abroad.
14 Nov 2011
Share Sale Unwound For Fraudulent Misrepresentation
When Hampson Industries PLC sold one of its subsidiaries in the early hours of 23 June 2010, there was an email on the chief executive officer’s blackberry – apparently unread, although it was received on the previous afternoon - giving him formal notice that one of the subsidiary’s main customers would be switching to another supplier by the end of August.
17 Oct 2011
Nine Months’ Imprisonment For Signing False Statements Of Truth
A defendant has been given an immediate sentence of nine months’ imprisonment for contempt of court in signing statements of truth on documents that he knew to contain untruths.
17 Oct 2011
Court Clerk Faces First Prosecution Under The Bribery Act
A court clerk from East London is the first person to be charged under the new anti-bribery legislation. Munir Yakub Patel, 21, is charged with contravening section 2 of the Bribery Act 2010 for "requesting and receiving a bribe intending to improperly perform his functions" while working at Redbridge Magistrates' Court in Ilford.
13 Sep 2011
Anti-Bribery And Corruption Laws - An International Guide
We have pleasure in announcing the publication of our International Guide to Anti-corruption Laws, which provides an "at a glance" summary and comparison of the key criminal and administrative corruption offences in the 22 countries featured.
23 Aug 2011
Riots And Recoveries From The Police
In the wake of the violence witnessed in English cities in the last few days, the Prime Minister has confirmed in a Commons statement this afternoon that any individual, homeowner or business that has suffered property damage in a riot can seek compensation under the Riot (Damages) Act 1886, whether they are insured or not.
17 Aug 2011
Crown Prosecution Service Charge Company In Second Corporate Manslaughter Case
The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has announced that Lion Steel Equipment Ltd will be charged with corporate manslaughter under the Corporate Manslaughter and Homicide Act (CMHA) 2007. This will be the second such case brought under the CMHA.
20 Jul 2011
The Bribery Act - What Does It Mean For Trustees?
After numerous delays, the Bribery Act 2010 comes into force on 1 July.
30 Jun 2011
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