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Isle Of Man Legislation Updates
The Act addresses several recommendations made within the MONEYVAL Mutual Evaluation Report of the Isle of Man, as well as addressing other matters identified by various authorities in relation to anti-money laundering and the effective prosecution of financial crime.
Isle of Man
7 Sep 2018
A Brave New World?
In quiet corners, there are signs of muted celebration regarding the OECD's recent publication: the Isle of Man is ‘COMPLIANT'. Yes: capital letters are appropriate!
Isle of Man
6 Mar 2018
Failure To Prevent The Facilitation Of Tax Evasion – The View From Offshore
DQ's Head of Regulatory & Compliance Services, Sinead O'Connor, spoke last week (26 April 2017) at a conference in London on the new corporate criminal offence of failure to prevent...
Isle of Man
11 May 2017
Failure To Prevent Or The Death Of The Three Wise Monkeys
Following the successful introduction of ‘failure to prevent' offences in the areas of bribery and tax evasion, the UK government is priming another possible corporate offence with a call for evidence launched on 13 January 2017, to end on 24 March 2017, on ‘corporate liability for economic crime'.
Isle of Man
6 Feb 2017
Restatement Of The Doctrine Of Illegality: The Supreme Court's Decision In Patel v Mirza
Following a series of inconsistent judgments, the Supreme Court has set down a new flexible but structured approach to illegality based upon the purpose behind the public policy.
Isle of Man
15 Aug 2016
Is Cyber Crime Risk On Your Board Agenda?
The Office of National Statistics estimates that in 2015, there were 2.46 million cyber incidents and 2.11 million victims of cyber crime in the UK.
Isle of Man
26 Jul 2016
English Court Expands Reach Of Freezing Injunction To Trust Assets
In December 2013, the liquidator of a Russian bank commenced proceedings in Moscow against one of the founders of the bank, Mr Pugachev, alleging that he had defrauded the bank out of c USD 2.2 billion.
14 Sep 2015
Global Tax Investigations Conference - Isle of Man, September 2015
Following successful conferences in the Isle of Man in 2014 and in Gibraltar in March 2015, leading offshore law firm DQ Advocates and global law firm Latham & Watkins will be hosting their latest Global Tax Investigations Conference in the Isle of Man on 11 September 2015.
Isle of Man
11 Aug 2015
DQ’s Tom Maher to Speak At OffshoreAlert Miami 2015
The three day event in Miami is one of the leading offshore financial crime and investigation conferences in the world.
Isle of Man
25 Mar 2015
Civil Penalty Shoot-Outs: Only Ever One Winner
Recent decisions of the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) have provided for significant civil penalties against high profile financial institutions.
Isle of Man
22 May 2014
Anti-Bribery Update: So A Policy And A Gifts Register Isn't Enough?
Since the Isle of Man Bribery Act came into force, an increasing number of clients have asked about what is required to demonstrate ‘adequate procedures'.
Isle of Man
8 May 2014
The Isle Of Man Bolsters Its Regulatory Standards With The New Bribery Act 2013
The Isle of Man is an unusual place. Constitutionally it is a dependency of the British Crown and depends on Britain in matters of defence and foreign affairs.
Isle of Man
19 Feb 2014
Isle Of Man Bribery Act Now In Force
The Isle of Man Bribery Act ("IOMBA") came into force on 16 December 2013 and significantly changed the landscape from the standards required under the Corruption Act 2008.
Isle of Man
6 Jan 2014
Isle Of Man Bribery Act 2013 - Now In Force
The Bribery Act 2013 (BA 2013) came into force on Monday 16 December 2013 and it is largely based on the Bribery Act 2010 (of Parliament) (the BA 2010) which came into force on 1 July 2011.
Isle of Man
27 Dec 2013
The Companies (Beneficial Owner) Act 2012
Following on from our recent article on the Companies Act 2011, the Companies Act 2012 further demonstrates the Isle of Man’s commitment to seeking transparency in the ownership of companies.
Isle of Man
12 Jun 2013
Isle of Man Court Clarifies Protector's Right To An Indemnity
In the recent case of IFG International Trust Company Limited and others v French (2012) CHP 2012/0048, the Isle of Man High Court gave useful guidance on the entitlement of a former protector to an indemnity from a trust.
Isle of Man
25 Apr 2013
Isle Of Man Bribery Act 2013
A summary of the Isle of Man’s new Bribery Bill which is expected to come into force this year.
Isle of Man
4 Feb 2013
Shah v. HSBC – Part 2 Relief For Financial Institutions And Businesses
The decision clarifies how duties to customers and AML obligations should interrelate.
Isle of Man
10 Aug 2012
Fraud Related Definitions
The action of arrest is a unique Manx remedy available to creditors whose debtors are resident and/or retain property on the Island.
Isle of Man
8 Aug 2012
The UK Bribery Act – Implications For Offshore Businesses
The UK Bribery Act 2011 (the "Act") which came into force on 1 July 2011, does not just apply to UK corporations and UK residents, it consolidates existing legislation and also creates new offences covering bribery in the United Kingdom and overseas.
Isle of Man
6 Dec 2011
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