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Renewable Energy Plants Hit By Retroactive Fee Change For Grid Access
All renewable energy projects in Bulgaria have been hit by a retroactive change in the fee they must pay for accessing the electricity transmission and distribution grids.
18 Sep 2012
Between A ROC And A Hard Place
Renewable Obligation Certificates have been used by both the Scottish and UK Governments as a way to incentivise traditional energy suppliers to generate a percentage of their supply from renewable sources.
18 Sep 2012
Proposed Changes To Support For Solar PV And Biomass
The Department for Environment and Climate Change (DECC) has launched two consultations on proposed changes affecting the support given to solar photovoltaic (PV) and biomass generating stations through Renewables Obligation Certificates (ROCs).
13 Sep 2012
Consultation On Renewable Energy Action Plan
On 4 September 2012, the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism published a draft National Action Plan for developing renewable energy sources by 2020.
12 Sep 2012
New Information System For The Renewable Energy Sector
A new public information system is to be created about the potential production and consumption of energy from renewable sources in Bulgaria.
18 Jun 2012
Green Energy And The 2012 Budget
In his annual budget address yesterday, George Osborne announced that he wants to see "investment in our world-leading energy sector, including renewables" (albeit that those projects are to be "fiscally sustainable" and not to place too heavy a burden on the consumer) and work towards meeting the UK’s carbon reduction targets.
23 Mar 2012
New Law On The Support Of Renewables
Last week the Czech Parliament approved the Bill on supported energy sources, which will introduce a new regime supporting renewable sources of energy in the Czech Republic and which also sets out the legal framework for the support of so called "secondary sources" of energy (e.g. waste).
Czech Republic
15 Feb 2012
Changes To The Local Content Requirement For Renewable Energy Projects
On 8 December 2011, the President signed an amendment to Art. 17-1 of the Law on Power Industry (the "Law"), aimed to give a better understanding of the impact of a so called ‘local content requirement’ on renewable energy projects.
16 Dec 2011
Renewable Electricity Prices 2012
The Czech Energy Regulatory Office sets, in its Price Decree 7/2011, the feed in tariff and green bonuses for electricity generated from renewable resources in 2012.
Czech Republic
14 Dec 2011
OFGEM Issue Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) Scheme Guidance
On 10 November 2011 OFGEM issued two volumes of guidance on the Department for Energy and Climate Change ("DECC") Renewable Heat Incentive ("RHI"): Volume one "Eligibility and how to apply"; and Volume 2 "Ongoing obligations and payment".
22 Nov 2011
Wind Turbines: Who Is My Neighbour?
The House of Lords is currently considering the Wind Turbines (Minimum Distances from Residential Premises) Bill, which relates to England & Wales. The Bill was debated by the Lords on 10 June 2011, during which a wide-ranging discussion took place on issues including the effect of wind turbines on rural areas and meeting the UK's renewable energy targets. The Bill is set to go to committee for closer examination of its provisions, but a date for this has not yet been scheduled.
14 Jul 2011
Change To Local Content Requirement For Renewable Energy Sector
On 17 June 2011, the Ukrainian Parliament passed a law amending Article 17-1 of the Law of Ukraine "On the Electric Power Industry" in respect of a so-called ‘local content requirement’ ("LCR").
27 Jun 2011
Stabilisation Clause Introduced For Renewable Energy Feed-In Tariffs
The Parliament of Ukraine has recently amended the Law "On Electric Power Industry" No. 575-97-BP, dated 16 October 1997 (the "Law") , by introducing into Article 17(1) of the Law, an additional state guarantee of renewable energy off-take.
9 Jun 2011
Tender For 3000MW Of Offshore Wind Projects Announced For France
The French government announced last week that it will launch in May 2011 a tender for 10 billion Euros of offshore wind farms with a total capacity of 3000 megawatts (MW), stretching along the French coast.
3 Feb 2011
Changes To Renewable Energy Taxes And Subsidies
From 1 January 2011, various changes to renewable energy laws have come into force,
Czech Republic
12 Jan 2011
Trends In The Support Of Renewable Energy In Slovakia: Biomass Currently Favoured
Following the introduction of a new Renewable Energy Act in September 2009, the Slovak renewable energy sources ("RES") sector has seen some abrupt changes, including in government policy.
4 Jan 2011
Consultation on ROO 2011 and Changes to REGOs
On Tuesday, the Government issued a consultation on certain changes it intends to make to the Renewables Obligation ("RO") and Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin ("REGOs"), as well as a response to the consultation on grandfathering for Dedicated Biomass, Anaerobic Digestion and Energy from Waste.
2 Aug 2010
Councils to Have Power to Sell Green Electricity
On 7th July 2010 the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) announced plans to repeal the provisions of the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976 which prevents local authorities in England and Wales from selling electricity produced from renewable sources.
13 Jul 2010
Green Investment Bank Looking To Unlock Funding For Offshore Wind
The Green Investment Bank (GIB) Commission, in a report published last week, considers that the UK is not on track to deliver the target level of investment in major renewables projects (such as offshore wind) and that the GIB can play a key role in unlocking both private capital and debt finance for such projects to be delivered.
9 Jul 2010
Further light shed on new Coalition Government's Energy Policy
On 12 May the newly formed Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government released the first details of its likely energy policy.
24 May 2010
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