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Alberta Caps Power Prices With Bill 16
On June 7, 2017, Bill 16, titled "An Act to Cap Regulated Electricity Rates" (Bill 16), received royal assent and is now law.
16 Jun 2017
New Opportunities For Ontario Businesses To Benefit From Electricity Rate Relief Program
During its throne speech on September 15, 2016, the Ontario government announced the expansion of its Industrial Conservation Initiative (ICI)...
20 Sep 2016
AUC Finds TransAlta Guilty Of Manipulating Electricity Market
Specifically, the MSA alleged that TransAlta engaged in this conduct to drive up electricity prices to benefit its portfolio.
29 Jul 2015
Arbitration Outcomes Not Binding On Subsequent Arbitration Panels, Court Rules
In the late 1990s, the Alberta government made amendments to the Electric Utilities Act in order to fully deregulate the Alberta electricity generation market.
9 Apr 2015
Just In Time For The Holidays: The Potentially Costly Gift Of Standing Before The Alberta Utilities Commission
The appellants—ATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd. and ATCO Electric Ltd. (collectively, the ATCO Utilities)—participated in two generic AUC proceedings.
15 Dec 2014
Key Right Of First Refusal Provision “Ambiguous”: Case Sent Back For More Evidence
On August 5, 2008, the Alberta Court of Appeal issued a decision of significance and concern to the oil and gas industry in Canada.
1 Sep 2008
Ontario Power Authority Publishes Final Program Rules For Standard Offer Program
On November 8, 2006, the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) released the Final Program Rules (the Rules) for the Renewable Energy Standard Offer Program (SOP, or the Program). The Rules were developed pursuant to a directive issued by the Minister of Energy in March 2006.
24 Nov 2006
Administrative Tribunals & Aboriginal Concerns – When Does Consultation With First Nations Begin?
The answer to this question is currently being played out before the National Energy Board (the NEB) as part of the environmental assessment (EA) review process for Enbridge’s Gateway Project. This is a proposed oil export/condensate import pipeline running about 1,100 km from Edmonton, Alberta to BC’s coastal community of Kitimat. In early February 2006, the NEB recommended to the federal Minister of Environment, the Honourable Rona Ambrose, that the Gateway Project be referred to a review pane
28 May 2006
AEUB Approves Rate Design That Departs From Standard Principles
In its February 21, 2006 decision on NOVA Gas Transmission Ltd.’s (NGTL) rate design, the AEUB approved NGTL’s application to maintain the status quo, albeit with some reluctance and in the face of a host of alternatives proposed. The AEUB observed that in so doing it "marks a departure for the Board from its goal of attempting to match cost causation with cost responsibility".
21 May 2006
NEB Approves Rate For Centra Transmission
Centra Transmission Holdings Inc. (CTHI) operates the Canadian portion of a natural gas pipeline that runs from the TransCanada system at Spruce, Manitoba, through Minnesota, back into Canada near Rainy River, Ontario, and then into Minnesota again at International Falls.
12 May 2006
Coalbed Methane - Split Title
Conventional gas reserves are expected to decline in North America over the next decade. The Alberta Government and the oil industry are showing an increasing interest in exploiting the estimated 263 billion cubic feet of coalbed methane (CBM) reserves in Alberta. This interest will only increase as conventional gas reserves decline and demand and prices increase. However, as commercial feasibility of CBM projects is being established, there is a growing concern over the uncertainty surrounding
2 May 2006
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