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Pennsylvania Jury Awards $4.2 Million In Groundwater Contamination Case
On Thursday, a federal jury in Pennsylvania ordered Cabot Oil & Gas to pay more than $4.2 million in damages to two Pennsylvania families who sued in 2009 alleging that the Texas-based company's drilling operations contaminated local groundwater.
United States
16 Mar 2016
Lawsuit Challenges Ohio's Disqualification Of Local Anti-Frac Ballot Initiatives
Residents in three Ohio counties have sued the state after Secretary of State Jon Husted invalidated three ballot proposals to ban hydraulic fracturing projects in Fulton, Medina, and Athens counties.
United States
10 Sep 2015
Increased Earthquake Activity Prompts Oklahoma To Reduce Wastewater Injection Rates In Limited Number Of Wells
Regulators in Oklahoma have issued new restrictions on underground injection control wells in the vicinity of the Arbuckle formation.
United States
14 Aug 2015
Texas Town Repeals Voter-Approved Ban On Hydraulic Fracturing
Just seven months after voters in Denton, Texas, approved a measure banning hydraulic fracturing within city limits, the Denton City Council voted 6 to 1 to repeal the ban.
United States
29 Jun 2015
Oklahoma Follows Texas' Lead In Prohibiting Local Hydraulic Fracturing Bans
In the wake of Texas' recent "ban on banning hydraulic fracturing," Oklahoma lawmakers have passed a similar law—SB 809—prohibiting municipal governments from regulating oil and gas drilling at the local level.
United States
28 May 2015
Bakerhostetler's Shale Oil And Gas Industry 2014 Year In Review And 2015 Look Forward
Once again, shale oil and gas production dominated energy headlines in 2014, with a number of key economic, political, and legal developments making news across the country.
United States
4 Mar 2015
EPA Announces New Greenhouse Gas Reporting Rule For Oil And Gas Sector
On Friday, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced new rules for reporting greenhouse gas emissions that will apply to the oil and gas sector, part of EPA’s plan to institute a comprehensive strategy for dealing with methane in oil and gas production.
United States
20 Nov 2014
Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission Appeals Act 13 Ruling To State Supreme Court
The Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission is asking the state Supreme Court to review a July ruling that strips PPUC of its authority to review and approve local drilling ordinances.
United States
1 Sep 2014
New York High Court Affirms Local Fracking Bans
On Monday, New York's highest court—the New York Court of Appeals—upheld local bans on shale gas drilling designed to eliminate hydraulic fracturing
United States
11 Jul 2014
New York State Assembly Passes Three-Year Fracking Moratorium – Senate Vote Unlikely
On Monday, the New York State Assembly voted 89-34 in favor of a three-year statewide moratorium on hydraulic fracturing.
United States
27 Jun 2014
EPA Seeks Public Comment On Fracking Fluid Disclosure Rules
The Environmental Protection Agency took the first step toward requiring drillers to disclose the chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing operations.
United States
20 May 2014
Ohio Imposes New Fugitive Emissions Rules On Horizontal Drillers
The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency announced new requirements for horizontal drillers aimed at reducing air pollution from "fugitive emissions".
United States
14 Apr 2014
United States
3 Apr 2014
Study: Statewide Ban On Hydraulic Fracturing Would Cost Colorado Billions
A statewide ban on hydraulic fracturing in Colorado would cost the state $12 billion in lost gross domestic product and result in 93,000 fewer jobs.
United States
3 Apr 2014
Illinois Voters Defeat Local Ban On Hydraulic Fracturing After Controversial Campaign
Voters in Johnson County, Illinois rejected a local referendum designed to pressure county commissioners into enacting a ban on hydraulic fracturing.
United States
25 Mar 2014
Oral Argument Recap: Ohio Supreme Court Considers Home Rule In Challenge To Zoning Ordinances Restricting Drilling
On Wednesday, the Ohio Supreme Court held oral argument to determine the scope of Ohio’s constitutional guarantee of municipal "home rule."
United States
10 Mar 2014
Nebraska Court Stalls Keystone XL Pipeline, Declares Governor’s Approval Unconstitutional
On Wednesday, a Nebraska trial court struck down a state law allowing Governor Dave Heineman’s to approve the proposed route for TransCanada Corp.’s Keystone XL Pipeline.
United States
27 Feb 2014
State Department Paves Way For Keystone XL Pipeline Approval
On Friday, State Department officials released the final environmental impact statement for TransCanada’s Keystone XL pipeline, concluding that the project would not substantially increase carbon emissions, and clearing the way for State Department and White House approval.
United States
11 Feb 2014
Pennsylvania Governor Asks Supreme Court To Reconsider Decision Striking Down Act 13
Governor Tom Corbett is asking the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to reconsider its December 19, 2013 decision striking down key provisions of Act 13—a bill aimed at regulation of drilling activity in Pennsylvania’s Marcellus Shale deposit.
United States
8 Jan 2014
Ohio House Leaders Propose Higher Oil And Gas Taxes On Horizontal Drilling
Republican lawmakers in the Ohio House of Representatives have proposed a tax increase on oil and gas production in the state, focusing specifically on wells using "horizontal drilling" in conjunction with hydraulic fracturing to extract oil and natural gas from Ohio’s shale deposits.
United States
9 Dec 2013
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