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Ontario Unveils Plan To Boost Auto Sector, Pledges C$40-Million In Funding
The Driving Prosperity plan contemplates two phases.
12 Mar 2019
OSFI Releases Advisory On Technology And Cybersecurity Incident Reporting Obligations
OSFI has identified cybersecurity as a key risk that is increasing as FRFIs continue to rely on technology.
31 Jan 2019
Agents Of Change With Genevieve Richard, Belron Canada (Video Conent)
In the third of four videos from the Canadian Lawyer InHouse View 2016 series, Genevieve Richard, senior corporate counsel with Belron Canada talks about the role the legal department plays...
13 Jan 2016
The Internet Of Things (Video Content)
Brett Slaney, Blakes Patent Agent, and Matt Ratto, Associate Professor at the University of Toronto, provide some insight on the Internet of Things and touch on some of the benefits and potential pitfalls that accompany the use of this technology.
4 Feb 2015
Spammers Beware: Proposed E-Commerce Protection Act Prohibits Unsolicited Commercial Electronic Messages
On April 24, 2009, what might become Canada’s first anti-spam legislation was tabled in the House of Commons for first reading.
13 May 2009
Ex Parte Redux - Justice Hughes Revisits Without Notice Injunctions in Copyright Cases
Netbored Inc. v. Avery Holdings Inc. et al., the Federal Court confirmed that ex parte injunctions and Anton Piller orders are only to be granted in exceptional cases and that a party seeking such an order must make "full and frank" disclosure to the Judge hearing the application for the order
22 May 2006
Open Source Eye-Opener — The Basics Of Open Source
As open source software (OSS) continues to mature and move into the mainstream, businesses are under increasing pressure to understand what OSS is and how it is used and licensed. What makes OSS different from proprietary software is the unique structure under which it is developed, licensed and distributed. Source code for OSS must be made freely available for use or modification as users or other developers see fit; typically, with proprietary software, only the object code is made available a
29 Nov 2004
Do’s And Don’ts Of IT Licensing — Top 10 Tips
What are the risks, issues and contractual terms to be aware of for technology license agreements? To create effective licenses for both licensors and licensees, it is important to have an understanding of the common legal and business issues that arise in negotiating licenses by following these "Top 10" tips. Software, Web sites, e-commerce transactions and information technology generally can involve many different forms of intellectual property (IP).
10 Nov 2004
Copyright Law and the Internet - The Tariff 22 Case
The Supreme Court of Canada recently released its decision in Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada v. Canadian Association of Internet Providerswhich has come to be known as the Tariff 22 case.
27 Jul 2004
Spammers Beware!
On March 9th, Yahoo! Inc. (Yahoo) filed a complaint in United States District Court alleging that three Canadian individuals, and the businesses operated by them, had violated the U.S.Federal antispam legislation.This case, and other cases that were brought that same day by other ISPs, highlight the high costs which spam imposes on the users of e-mail systems and the providers of e-mail services.
15 Jun 2004
VoIP: A New Chapter In Telecommunications
Voice-Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is gaining prominence in the highly competitive Canadian telecommunications market.
15 Jun 2004
Privacy Commissioner Refuses To Subscribe To Publisher’s Consent Practices
Beyond stating general principles, the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act ("PIPEDA") does not provide much guidance on how (or how not) to obtain the "knowledge and consent" of an individual which is necessary for a valid consent.
19 May 2004
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