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Sports Subscriptions On The Rise: How Can Tech Giants Help Football Fans?
For a long time the industry has been bracing itself for the entry into the market of the tech giants, known as the FAANG's – Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google.
4 Sep 2018
The Law Commission Consults On - And Provisionally Confirms - E-Signature Validity
In our daily lives, both business and personal, we often find ourselves contracting electronically: purchasing goods on the internet, or e-signing flat rental agreements ...
3 Sep 2018
A Refresher At London Business School: Diversity Of Thought Is At The Heart Of Innovation
The recent London Business School (LBS) Sloan Reunion Summit, an enlightening day of panels and presentations from leading business thinkers, was a reminder of just how enriching it is to learn from the brightest and the best.
26 Jul 2018
Helen Cox For Spear's - Why You Should Keep Track Of Your Most Critical Digital Assets
Blogs, vlogs, emails, domain names, cryptocurrencies, digital documents, digital photographs… the list goes on.
15 Mar 2018
The Science Of Generosity (Video)
In December, as part of its Voices Off programme, The Old Vic and Mishcon de Reya explored The Science of Generosity at a panel event hosted at The Old Vic.
19 Jan 2018
Jazz Shapers: Jon Wright
Jazz Shapers features interviews with business people who have broken the mould and achieved success in their fields alongside music from the category defining risk takers of jazz
30 Nov 2017
Be Curious - The Secret To Sustainable Success
We are in the middle of a revolution. A revolution that is shaping our expectations as consumers, as clients, as purchasers of products and services.
28 Nov 2017
Recruitment Watch (October 2007)
Welcome to the October edition of Mishcon de Reya's Recruitment Watch, prepared by the Firm's Recruitment Services Group. Its aim is to provide those involved in the recruitment sector with a snapshot of what has been happening in the world of recruitment in the last month.
24 Oct 2007
AIM Changes
Over the last 18 months or so the AIM Rules have seen many changes, and more are about to come. There was the 2005 spring clean of "investment companies" when the Rules were changed so that cash shells that had not effected a reverse transaction by April 2006 were to have their listings suspended and then cancelled - and 30 companies were duly de-listed for this reason in October 2006.
18 Dec 2006
Raising Capital: Alternatives To Flotation
Whether a business is planning to grow through acquisition opportunities or by developing organically, expansion will require capital to support and sustain the growth strategy. For many companies the buoyancy of the UK market means that flotation is being considered as the next step in development - a means of accessing capital investment.
7 Nov 2006
Protecting Corporate Britain from Fraud - Research Report 2005
It is estimated that fraud costs UK companies over £72billion every year.
12 Jan 2006
Redundancy Costs Likely to Rise?
This month we report on a recent case from the European Court of Justice (ECJ), which has potentially far-reaching, and costly, consequences for the way in which large-scale redundancy programmes are carried out. We also take a look at the consultation launched this month by the Government on draft TUPE regulations and review two of the first cases reported under the new legislation prohibiting discrimination on the grounds of religion or belief.
31 Mar 2005
Budget 2005 Business Summary
The following is a summary of the most important aspects of the Budget affecting business taxation. As always, details at this stage are scant and we have to await publication of the draft legislation for the full facts.
23 Mar 2005
High-Tech Fraud Alert
Over the last few months, we have noticed an increasingly sophisticated use of technology both in the perpetration of frauds and also in attempts to conceal evidence of the fraud from any subsequent investigation. Prime examples include insiders (usually employees) at major financial institutions diverting funds through misuse of those institutions' own systems after weaknesses had been identified by the fraudsters. We have also seen attempts to erase data which would provide evidence of fra
9 Feb 2005
Court Judgement Reduces Protection for Databases
A recent decision of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has drastically narrowed the scope of legal protection for databases in the UK and throughout Europe. This could increase the rights that third parties have to access the contents of your databases and may mean that information stored in them is no longer protected at all.
27 Jan 2005
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