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Recent Amendments To The B-BBEE Codes
On 31 May 2019, South Africa's Department of Trade and Industry gazetted certain amendments to the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Codes of Good Practice.
South Africa
21 Jun 2019
Rwanda Has Been Admitted As A Member Of The OECD Development Centre
On 20 May 2019, Rwanda was admitted as a member of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development ("OECD") Development Centre.
South Africa
18 Jun 2019
New Tax Change Taxes Dividends In A Collective Investment Scheme
Dividends declared by South African resident companies or non-resident companies, the shares of which are listed on a South African exchange, are subject to dividends tax of 20%.
South Africa
6 Mar 2019
Patent Landscaping: The Road To Success
Patent landscaping analysis, or patent mapping, involves the electronic search and analysis of the vast amount of available online published patent data in order to extract meaningful and valuable technical, business and legal information.
South Africa
11 Oct 2018
Further Proposed Changes To The Generic B-BBEE Codes
Please contact our B-BBEE practice group if you require any assistance with your B-BBEE requirements or compliance, or if you wish to submit any comments to the proposed amendments to the Revised B-BBEE Codes.
South Africa
2 Aug 2018
Chinese Electricity Strategy And Its Application In Africa
It is common knowledge that electricity is a main driver of the economy and a country's electricity strategy will largely determine the long-term sustainability of an economy.
4 Sep 2015
Hold High The Banner Of Cooperation: A Development Path Suitable For BRICS
On the 8th and 9th of July 2015, leaders of the BRICS member states will meet in the Russian city of Ufa for the 7th BRICS Summit.
14 Jul 2015
Construction Industry Development Regulations
The Minister of Public Works has announced that he intends to amend the Construction Industry Development Regulations of 2004, which were passed under the Construction Industry Development Board Act of 2000.
South Africa
9 Jul 2015
Wearing Technology Whilst Driving
Google Glass is a wearable computer with an optical head mounted display. The wearer is enabled to communicate with the internet via voice commands.
South Africa
5 May 2015
Zambia Mining Tax Amendments
These changes will not apply to the mining of industrial minerals such as lime, sand and gravel.
10 Feb 2015
The Use Of The Chinese Economic Development Model In Africa
After 30 years of reform, China has achieved rapid economic development. In 2010, China surpassed Japan and became the world’s second largest economy.
South Africa
18 Sep 2014
Analysis Of The Economic Development Prospects Of BRICS Countries
The global financial crisis, which originated in the United States, had a major impact on the world economy and the economic recovery prospects of developed countries.
28 Jul 2014
Using IP As An Economic Driver
A US government survey has highlighted the importance of intellectual property in the US economy.
South Africa
27 Nov 2012
Project Health Checks And Recoveries
The downturn in economic markets has forced organisations to establish projects that focus on generating revenue to survive the slump.
South Africa
6 Nov 2012
Interbrand Best Global Brands 2012 Survey
The results of the Interbrand Best Global Brands 2012 survey were announced at an event in Johannesburg on 3 October 2012.
South Africa
29 Oct 2012
Systemic Assessments - Overcoming Issues That Are Hampering The Performance And Profitability Of Your Organisation
With the current downturn in local and international financial markets, it is imperative that organisations refocus their efforts on becoming more cost-effective and productive to survive the turmoil.
South Africa
19 Sep 2012
Scramble For Talent For Professional Services As African Economy Heats Up
With Africa increasingly being perceived as a key market for companies looking for growth opportunities, local professional services firms are building capacity, recruiting key personnel and expanding their footprints in order to enable them to service existing and potential clients moving into the continent
South Africa
13 Sep 2012
Boutique vs Full Service
John Grisham’s novel "The Litigators" begins with the words "The law firm of Finley & Figg referred to itself as a "boutique firm".
South Africa
7 Aug 2012
New Act's Impact On Property Rights
Property developers wishing to obtain property rights are advised to proceed under the existing provincial ordinances to change land rights.
South Africa
7 Jun 2012
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