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Actualité juridique – janvier-février 2019
Le 9 janvier 2019, l'ESMA a publié ses recommandations sur les ICO et les cryptoactifs aux institutions de l'UE. Les recommandations clarifient les règles ...
European Union
29 Mar 2019
Legal News - January-February 2019
On January 9, 2019, ESMA published its recommendations on ICOs and cryptoassets to EU institutions. The recommendations clarify the EU rules applicable ...
European Union
29 Mar 2019
Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy Assets Increasingly Popular Among Funds
An innovative type of securitized asset is increasingly popular among fund managers, specifically bonds backed by commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE) special tax assessments.
United States
7 Feb 2019
Funds Talk: February 2019
Legal commentary on the news and events that matter most to alternative asset managers and funds.
United States
6 Feb 2019
Les nouveaux "Facteurs de Risques" du Prospectus: un inventaire à risque
L'Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) a fort opportunément rappelé, dans un Communiqué du 24 octobre 2018, que les sociétés qui souhaitaient mettre ...
United States
13 Dec 2018
Opportunities In Permanent Capital Vehicles
Fund managers considering opportunities in permanent capital vehicles have a variety of alternatives to choose from.
United States
18 Jul 2018
Open Market CLO Managers Are Not ‘Securitizers' – April 30, 2018
It is finally settled that the Credit Risk Retention Rule, adopted pursuant to Section 941 of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, does not apply to open market CLO managers.
United States
4 Jun 2018
Debt Dialogue: April 2018
We present the April 2018 issue of Debt Dialogue, Kramer Levin's online newsletter devoted to legal developments of interest affecting borrowers and issuers, lenders and security holders ...
United States
2 May 2018
Open Market CLO Managers Are Not ‘Securitizers'
It is finally settled that the Credit Risk Retention Rule, adopted pursuant to Section 941 of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, does not apply to open market CLO managers.
United States
1 May 2018
Comptroller Of The Currency Announces That OCC Will Not Enforce Leveraged Lending Guidance
On Feb. 27, 2018, Joseph Otting, the comptroller of the Currency, the principal regulator of all national banks, speaking at a conference hosted by the Structured Finance Industry Group in Las Vegas, NV ...
United States
2 Mar 2018
Overview Of The Recent EU Adoption Of Common Rules And Framework For Securitization Transactions In Europe
As part of the Capital Markets Union action plan announced in September 2015, the European Parliament and the Council issued on Dec. 12, 2017, the regulation laying down a general framework for securitization...
1 Feb 2018
Funds Talk: February 2018
After years of allowing cryptocurrency transactions to fly under the radar, financial market regulators are beginning to turn their attention to virtual currencies — although the emerging regulatory landscape remains far from uniform.
1 Feb 2018
Funds Talk: November 2017
SEC chairman emphasizes focus on individual accountability and cybersecurity as key themes in regulatory approach to financial markets.
22 Nov 2017
Securitization Rules Offer Differing Definitions Of ‘U.S. Person'
With the long-awaited U.S. rules requiring a level of risk retention in securitizations recently going into effect, an added wrinkle has been created by a slight difference in how "U.S. person" is...
United States
9 May 2017
Debt Dialogue: January 2017
This issue address handover of records to a substitute collateral manager, the EU bail-in rules, the interplay of Section 3(c)(7) of the Investment Company Act and rights of debtholders as well as other matters.
United States
6 Feb 2017
La Modernisation Du Regime Français De Financement Alternatif
A peine deux années après la mise en place d'un cadre spécifique au régime du crowdfunding, l'année 2016 aura connu plusieurs évolutions importantes.
16 Dec 2016
Liberalization Of The French Alternative Financing Regime
During the year 2016, French regulation of alternative finance, including the crowdfunding regime established two years ago, has been liberalized in important ways.
16 Dec 2016
Projet de RTS du 8 Septembre 2016 relatif à l'atténuation des risques des dérivés conclus de gré à gré non compensés par des contreparties centrales
Le projet de RTS du 8 septembre 2016 a précisé le cadre règlementaire des obligations relatives à l'application des marges qui s'imposent aux contreparties ainsi que les éventuelles exemptions auxquelles elles peuvent prétendre.
3 Oct 2016
Risk Retention Issues In Securitization
Section 941 of the Dodd-Frank Act required agencies to implement rules that require a sponsor of a securitization to retain at least 5% of the credit risk of the assets underlying its asset-backed securities.
United States
7 Sep 2016
Is Bank Debt A Security?: Dangerous Implications Of The General Motors Litigation
Borrowers, agent banks, syndicate members and secondary market purchasers incur, syndicate, sell and buy bank debt on the assumption that bank debt is not a "security."
United States
18 Aug 2016
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