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ARRC Releases Recommended LIBOR Fallback Language
As many corporate borrowers and their treasury professionals are aware, the US Dollar LIBOR will cease to exist at the end of 2021
United States
30 May 2019
Florida To Enhance Scrutiny Of Business Purpose Mortgage Loans
Florida has enacted a law to crack down on mortgage lenders circumventing residential mortgage licensing and disclosure requirements under the guise of making business-purpose loans.
United States
9 May 2019
US Adds Banco Central De Venezuela To OFAC's SDN List And Expands Sanctions As To Operations In The Financial Sector
What Happened: On April 17, 2019, the Department of Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control designated Banco Central de Venezuela to OFAC's Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons List.
United States
7 May 2019
Blockchain Legal Resource: DFS Denies Bittrex Applications For New York Virtual Currency And Money Transmitter Licenses
In a letter released to the public on April 10, 2019, New York's Department of Financial Services (DFS) denied Bittrex's two separate applications to engage in a virtual currency business
United States
2 May 2019
Third Circuit Again Refuses To Read Supreme Court's Henson Decision To Exclude Debt Buyer From Qualifying As "Debt Collector" Under FDCPA
In 2017, the Supreme Court held that a company that collects charged-off debts that it purchases for its own account does not qualify as a "debt collector" under one definition
United States
27 Mar 2019
Privacy & Information Security Law Blog: FTC Proposes Changes To GLB Privacy And Safeguards Rules
On March 5, 2019, the Federal Trade Commission announced that it is seeking comment on proposed changes to the FTC's Safeguards Rule and Privacy Rule ...
United States
19 Mar 2019
New Event Notices For Municipal Bond Disclosure
February 27, 2019 is the compliance date for newly adopted Securities and Exchange Commission (the "SEC") amendments to Rule 15c2-12, adding two new event notices.
United States
12 Mar 2019
Pennsylvania Issues Money Transmitter Act Guidance For Virtual Currency Businesses
The Pennsylvania Department of Banking and Securities recently issued guidance under the Money Transmitter Act ("MTA") for entities engaged in various forms of virtual currency business in the commonwealth.
United States
18 Feb 2019
Hunton Insurance Recovery Blog: Federal Court Rejects Insurer's Narrow Interpretation Of Securities Insuring Agreement And Applies Notice-Prejudice Rule To Financial Institution Bond
A federal court last month turned away an insurer's legal arguments seeking to avoid financial institution bond coverage for a bank's losses resulting from a borrower's use of forged documents
United States
12 Feb 2019
New Beneficial Ownership Rules In Full Effect: What To Expect And How To Manage The New Procedures
The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) issued a final rule on May 11, 2016, (effective for covered financial institutions on May 11, 2018)
United States
8 Feb 2019
First Circuit Upholds Coverage For Massachusetts Investment Fund, Rejects Insurer's Misreading Of Policy Exclusions
The First Circuit Court of Appeals recently affirmed a district court's ruling that three exclusions do not bar coverage under a management liability policy for a lawsuit filed by pension funds
United States
28 Jan 2019
Hunton Retail Law Resource Blog: Your Cash Is Not Welcome Here
Retail stores and businesses are generally free to develop their own policies regarding acceptance or non-acceptance of certain forms of payment.
United States
28 Jan 2019
Blockchain Legal Resource: CFTC Seeks Comment On Ethereum Mechanics And Markets
In a recently published Request for Information ("RFI"), the Commodity Futures Trading Commission ("CFTC") seeks public comment on the underlying technology ...
United States
21 Dec 2018
Blockchain Legal Resource Blog:Congress Considers Bipartisan Bills To Prevent Virtual Currency Manipulation
Virtual currencies and the underlying blockchain technology has a profound potential to be a driver of economic growth.
United States
17 Dec 2018
NLRB Announces Strategic Plan To Speed Up Case Handling
Last week, the National Labor Relations Board (the "NLRB") approved and released its Strategic Plan for Fiscal Years 2019-2022.
United States
14 Dec 2018
Blockchain Legal Resource: CFTC Publishes Primer On Smart Contracts
The Commodity Futures Trading Commission ("CFTC") recently published a detailed primer on smart contracts.
United States
12 Dec 2018
Simplifying Capital For Community Banks
Community bankers around the country had something extra to be thankful for this Thanksgiving: a joint notice of proposed rulemaking simplifying capital compliance.
United States
5 Dec 2018
Blockchain Legal Source: Mining Cryptocurrency Under Federal Election Law
The acting general counsel of the Federal Election Commission ("FEC") recently published for public comment a draft advisory opinion under the Federal Election Campaign Act
United States
5 Dec 2018
Blockchain Legal Resource: SEC Plans "Plain English" ICO Guidance
At a recent securities regulation conference, Bill Hinman, Director of the SEC's Division of Corporation Finance, indicated that the agency intends to release "plain English" ...
United States
20 Nov 2018
C-Suite Compensation Center: Tip Of The Week: Could A Stock-Price Forfeiture Provision Eliminate The Existence Of Substantially Underwater Stock Options
It is difficult for publicly-traded issuers to solve the problems associated with outstanding stock options that are "underwater" (i.e., underwater because the exercise price of the stock option...
United States
30 Oct 2018
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