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PPP Law Initial Focus Of New Uzbek Agency
With Uzbekistan announcing that it is establishing a coordinating agency to facilitate planning and implementation of PPPs, the new agency's focus in its first year will likely be on helping to draft
14 Aug 2019
Public–Private Partnerships In Kazakhstan: Call For A Reset?
Since 1991, Kazakhstan has had to rely on the deteriorating infrastructure it inherited from the Soviet Union.
8 Aug 2019
Investment In FEZ Of Moldova Through Project Finance
The materials on this booklet have been prepared by Popa & Associates Law Firm, associate office of GRATA International in Moldova
12 Jul 2019
Is Kazakhstan Finally Ready To Attract Investments Into Its Electricity Sector?
The capacity market was finally launched on the 1st January 2019 in Kazakhstan to encourage investment for the renovation of old, as well as construction of new, power infrastructure facilities.
15 Apr 2019
August Newsletter Of Associated Office Of GRATA International In Belarus (Minsk) Arzinger&Partners
We present to your attention the last summer release of Newsletter of Associated office of GRATA International in Belarus (Minsk) Arzinger&Partners.
9 Sep 2016
Project Finance 2015 (The International Comparative Legal Guide To: Project Finance 2015)
Project finance in the strict sense of the term (i.e. where the financing structure is based on the performance of the project itself) has not yet been developed or tested so far in Kazakhstan.
9 Apr 2015
Taking Security In Kazakhstan
Kazakh law provides for several methods of securing obligation. Obligations could be secured by penalty, pledge, surety, guarantee, deposit, withholding the debtor’s property, guarantee deposit, and other methods stipulated by legislation or agreement.
16 Feb 2015
Legal Alert On Kazakhstan Banks M&A
Under Kazakhstan law, generally, both resident and non-resident legal entities may own shares in a Kazakhstan bank.
14 Jan 2015
Review Of Some Amendments To The Russian Laws Made In July 2014
The Federal Law No. 173-FZ obliged organizations of the financial markets to identify their clients who are subject to the laws of foreign state on taxation of foreign accounts.
Russian Federation
9 Sep 2014
Overview Of Certain Developments To The Russian Laws May - June 2014
The Federal Law dated 5 May 2014 No. 129-FZ made some changes in the procedure for payment of charter capital of a limited liability company.
Russian Federation
15 Jul 2014
Overview Of Certain Amendments To The Russian Laws In April 2014
The Federal Law No. 37-FZ provides for specific features of financial system in the Republic of Crimea and the city of federal status - Sevastopol.
Russian Federation
12 May 2014
Overview Of Certain Changes To Russian Laws And Prosed Laws In February 2014
Under the Federal Law,representative offices of foreign banks and other credit organizations in Russia shall be accredited by the Bank of Russia.
Russian Federation
16 Apr 2014
Overview Of Certain Changes To Russian Legislation In March 2014
The Federal Law dated 12 March 2014 № 35-FZ introduces amendments to the provisions of the Parts 1, 2 and 4 of the Civil Code.
Russian Federation
31 Mar 2014
Unconditional Bank Guarantees Issued Under Kazakhstan Law: Practical Difficulties Which Foreign Creditors Should Be Aware Of.
A guarantee, as a means of securing the performance of a commercial obligation, is widely applied among businesses operating in Kazakhstan and abroad.
14 Mar 2014
How To Attract Private Investments To Develop Infrastructure In Kazakhstan: A Lawyer's Perspective
Incredible but true fact: the people of the Republic of Kazakhstan are a small community which is literally sitting on huge riches an yet is still forced to ride on rough roads, drink water from the rust-eaten pipes and consume electricity from dilapidated electrical networks built up, as they say, ‘when queen Ann was alive’.
23 Jan 2014
Financing Under A Pledge Of Rolling Stock
In Kazakhstan, funding secured by rolling stock is gaining popularity.
10 Sep 2013
Financing By Pledges Of Grain
The introduction of grain receipts and the creation of such a system is, objectively speaking, of fundamental importance to the grain market of Kazakhstan, in view of both public and commercial interests.
10 Sep 2013
Project Finance And PPP in Kazakhstan
Project finance in the strict sense of the term has not yet developed and is not tested so far in Kazakhstan.
24 Jul 2013
Law To Recover Competitive Enterprises
The Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 564-IV ЗРК of 17 February 2012 "On amendments to some legislative acts of Kazakhstan regarding the recovery of competitive enterprises"
27 Jun 2012
Law On State Support For Industrial And Innovative Activities
The Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 534-IV ЗРК of 9 January 2012 "On State Support for Industrial and Innovative Activities" (the "Law"), came into effect on 6 February 2012.
26 Jun 2012
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