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Considerations For Plan Sponsors Who Discover Unauthorized Workers In Their Retirement Plans, Part 2: Tax Reporting, Withholding, And Missing Participants
With immigration enforcement in the news, some employers may be wondering what responsibilities they have related to their retirement plans
United States
10 Sep 2019
Consular Electronic Application Forms Add Social Media History Questions – Heads UP Visa Applicants!
Applicants for immigrant and nonimmigrant visas must use the Department of State's Consular Electronic Application Center (CEAC) to complete on-line forms for nonimmigrant (DS-160) or immigrant (DS-260) visas
United States
4 Jun 2019
USCIS Publishes Final Rule On H-1B Registration And Scheme For A More Effective H-1B Program
On January 31, 2019, the USCIS published its final rule amending H-1B regulations which operate to change two important aspects of filing cap-subject H-1B visa petitions, effective April 1, 2019.
United States
28 Feb 2019
The IRS And The FICA, FUTA And Federal Income Tax Traps For Employers With Non-Resident Alien Employees
With all of the payroll complexities that employers face, it is no surprise that a special set of rules that applies to only a small category of employees is frequently overlooked.
United States
20 Feb 2019
Global Talent Stream: Fast-Track Work Permits To Fuel Canada's Innovation Strategy
The Global Talent Stream is a two-year pilot program of Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) and Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) ...
United States
8 Feb 2019
January 2 Marks The Comment Deadline On The USCIS Proposed Changes To The H-1B Visa Lottery Process – Now What?
January 2 marked the end of the public comment period on the notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) published on December 3, 2018 by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) ...
United States
9 Jan 2019
U.S. Ban For Canadian Cannabis Workers?
On October 17, 2018, Canada became the second country behind Uruguay to legalize adult recreational cannabis use, while the U.S. federal law on the topic remains stuck in a political rut.
25 Oct 2018
U.S. Proposes Change To Public Charge Grounds Of Inadmissibility: Concerns For Immigrants And Nonimmigrants
On October 10, 2018, the Department of Homeland Security ("DHS") posted a NPRM in the Federal Register related to the public charge grounds of inadmissibility under the IMA, as amended section 212(a)(4).
United States
24 Oct 2018
Update: US Issues New Guidance For Canadian Travelers Involved In Legal Cannabis Industry
This is an important update to Dickinson Wright's September 28, 2018 Client Alert styled Canada, Cannabis, and Crossing the Continent: Considerations for Canada-U.S. Companies ...
United States
16 Oct 2018
USMCA –All Quiet On The Immigration Front
The U.S. Mexico Canada Agreement (USMCA) text posted very late on September 30, 2018 heralded hardly any news of note on the immigration front other than that the immigration provisions contained...
United States
9 Oct 2018
The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA)
The time is now to begin these preparations. Dickinson Wright is available to assist.
United States
4 Oct 2018
Employment-Based Immigrant Visa Availability—When To File To Adjust Status To Permanent Resident?
The Immigration and Nationality Act ("INA") sets forth preference classes to which the yearly allotment of 140,000 employment-based immigrant visas (or "green cards") are allocated.
United States
4 Oct 2018
Canada, Cannabis, And Crossing The Continent: Considerations For Canada-U.S. Companies, Business Travelers, And Investors
It is also important to stress that even though a nonimmigrant waiver is available, they are difficult to obtain.
2 Oct 2018
New USCIS ‘Deportation' Policy May Impact Legal Foreign Artists And Entertainers
Earlier this summer, US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) published new guidance for how their officers should handle what we call a "Notice to Appear" (NTA).
United States
27 Sep 2018
Gaming & Hospitality Legal News: Volume 11, Number 8
Earlier this summer, US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) published new guidance for how their officers should handle what we call a "Notice to Appear" (NTA).
United States
27 Sep 2018
New USCIS ‘Deportation' Policy May Impact Legal Foreign Workers
On July 5, 2018, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) published new guidance dated June 28, 2018 regarding when officers should issue a "Notice to Appear" (NTA).
United States
14 Aug 2018
MISSION CREEP – Chinese Trade Skirmishes Lead To Visa Retaliation On June 11
The U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) issued its 2018 Special 301 Report in April, which identifies U.S. trading partners that do not sufficiently protect and enforce intellectual property (IP) ...
United States
12 Jun 2018
At A Crossroad: Consular Options To Immigrate As USCIS Adjustment Backlogs Increase
In order to uphold the "integrity of our nation's immigration system," on October 1, 2017, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) began to phase-in a mandate ...
United States
16 May 2018
Termination Of Temporary Protected Status: The End Of The Road?
Temporary Protected Status ("TPS") has been available for citizens of El Salvador who have been physically present and residing in the United States since February 13, 2001.
United States
27 Apr 2018
Preparing For The H-1B Lottery – What To Expect For FY2019
April 2, 2018 marks the first day of a five-day window to file cap-subject H-1Bs with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) for the upcoming fiscal year (FY 2019), which begins on October 1, 2018.
United States
19 Mar 2018
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