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State Decree No. 46,453/2018: Ruling On Amnesty Program Of The State Of Rio De Janeiro
On October 11, 2018, Decree No. 46,453/2018, regulating the Amnesty Program to waive or reduce penalties and interest related to tax and non-tax debts both enrolled and not enrolled, was published in the Official Gazette.
19 Oct 2018
ICMS Convention No. 106/2017 - Taxation Of Digital Goods And Merchandise
ICMS Convention No. 106/2017 ("Convention"), published on October 5 in the Official Gazette, establishes ICMS collection procedures for transactions involving digital goods and merchandise...
16 Oct 2017
Convênio ICMS nº 106/2017 – Tributação de Bens e Mercadorias Digitais
Foi publicado, no DOU de 05 de outubro de 2017, o Convênio ICMS nº 106/2017, estabelecendo os procedimentos de cobrança do ICMS incidente nas operações com bens e mercadorias digitais...
16 Oct 2017
Law No. 7,428/2016: ICMS Convention No. 42/2016 Implemented By The State Of Rio De Janeiro
On August 26, 2016 Law No. 7,428/2016 was published in Official State Gazette of Rio de Janeiro, thereby implementing ICMS Convention No. 42/2016 and establishing the State Fund of Fiscal Balance – FEEF during two years, with the purpose of to maintaining the balance of public and social security finances in Rio de Janeiro State.
6 Sep 2016
Lei nº 7.428/2016: Regulamentação do Convênio ICMS nº 42/2016 pelo Estado do Rio de Janeiro
Foi publicada no Diário Oficial do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, em 26 de agosto de 2016, a Lei nº 7.428/2016, regulamentando o Convênio ICMS nº 42/2016 e instituindo o Fundo Estadual de Equilíbrio Fiscal - FEEF...
6 Sep 2016
Secretary Of Finance Resolution 1,003/2016: Implementation Of The Ancillary Obligations Applicable To The Levy Of The ICMS Tax (State VAT) On Oil And Gas Extraction In Rio De Janeiro State (Law No. 7,183/2015)
On May 6, 2016, Resolution 1,003/2016 was published in the Rio de Janeiro State Official Gazette, thereby implementing the ancillary obligations applicable to the levy of the ICMS tax on oil and gas extraction, as stated in Law No. 7,183/2015.
16 May 2016
ICMS Tax (State VAT) On Imports Without Transfer Of Ownership: Resolution SEFAZ RJ No. 1,000/2016
On April 28, 2016 Resolution SEFAZ No. 1,000/2016 was published in Rio de Janeiro State´s Official Gazette, where it was stated that there would be a suspension of infraction notices...
9 May 2016
Superior Court Of Justice Judges ICMS Calculation Basis Related To The Sale Of Medicines To Hospitals
During a session on February 23, 2016, three out of five ministers from the 1st Panel of STJ voted in favor of the use of a different ICMS calculation basis on the sale of medicines to hospitals.
7 Mar 2016
Superior Tribunal De Justiça Julga Base De Cálculo Do ICMS Na Venda De Medicamentos A Hospitais
Na sessão de julgamentos do STJ do dia 23 de fevereiro de 2016 três dos cinco ministros da 1ª Turma do STJ votaram a favor da utilização de uma base de cálculo de ICMS diferenciada nas vendas de medicamentos a hospitais.
7 Mar 2016
Injunction Suspends ICMS Convention No. 93/2015 To SIMPLES Companies
The minister of the Brazilian Supreme Court, Dias Toffoli, has provided an injunction suspending the effects of clause 9 of ICMS Convention No. 93/2015 under the Direct Action of Unconstitutionality No. 5464...
1 Mar 2016
ICMS Convention No. 181/2015: Calculation Basis Reduction For Software And Related Operations
The reduction of the calculation basis is optional but the use of other tax credits or benefits is forbidden.
6 Jan 2016
State Law No. 10,439/2015: Tax Amnesty Program Of The State Of Espírito Santo
On November 19, 2015, State Law No. 10,439/2015, approved by the Governor of the State of Espírito Santo, was published in the Official Gazette, establishing a tax amnesty program...
30 Nov 2015
Special Value-added Tax (ICMS) Amnesty Program ("PEP do ICMS") – State Of São Paulo – Decree No. 61,625/2015
As authorized by ICMS Convention No. 117/2015, the State of São Paulo passed Decree No. 61,625/2015, published in the Official Gazette on November 14, 2015, enacting the Special ICMS Installment Payment Program.
25 Nov 2015
CONFAZ Value-Added Tax (ICMS) Convention No. 127/2015: Tax Amnesty Program Of The State Of Espírito Santo
On November 06, 2015, ICMS Convention No. 127/2015, passed by the National Finance Policy Council – CONFAZ was published on the Official Gazette.
20 Nov 2015
New CONFAZ Value-Added Tax (ICMS) Conventions: Tax Amnesty Programs For The States of Paraíba, Goiás And Rio Grande Do Norte
On October 19, 2015, the Official Gazette published the CONFAZ ICMS Conventions No. 122/2015, No. 123/2015, and No. 125/2015 passed by the National Finance Policy Council – CONFAZ.
3 Nov 2015
New CONFAZ Value-Added Tax (ICMS) Conventions: Tax Amnesty Programs For The States Of Bahia, Amazonas, São Paulo, Goiás And Santa Catarina
Convention No. 109/2015 authorizes the State of Bahia to implement the Tax Amnesty Program to waive or reduce penalties and interest relating to ICMS debts...
26 Oct 2015
Brazil: Circular No. 862/2015 Of The Rio De Janeiro State Attorneys Office – Exemption From Filing Appeals, Defenses Or Objections
In its decision of extraordinary appeal No. 540.829/SP (general repercussion), the Brazilian Supreme Court ("STF") , ruled that ICMS (value-added tax)...
17 Aug 2015
Provisional Measure No. 668/2015
As announced by the Ministry of Treasury, Provisional Measure No.668/2015 was published in the Official Gazette, on 01/30/2015.
16 Feb 2015
Decree No. 8,395/2015: Increase Of PIS/Cofins And CIDE Tax Rates Levied On Gasoline And Diesel
On January 29, 2015, the Federal Official Gazette published Decree No. 8,395/2015, which establishes significant increases on the import and sales operations related to gasoline and diesel.
11 Feb 2015
State Of Espírito Santo Decree No. 3.648-R
The State of Espírito Santo Decree No. 3.648-R amended item LV of Article 70 of the ICMS Regulations in order to extend until March 30, 2015.
10 Sep 2014
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