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IRS Releases Proposed Regulations Consolidating Guidance On Reissuance of Tax-Exempt Bond
On December 31, 2018, the Department of Treasury and Internal Revenue Service released long-awaited proposed regulations.
United States
14 Feb 2019
The Opportunity Zone Program Presents Opportunity For Renewable Energy Development
The federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 created a tax incentive program (the "Opportunity Zone Program") that has the potential to provide a significant amount of funding for the development of renewable energy projects.
United States
23 Jan 2019
IRS Releases Proposed Regulations Consolidating Guidance On Reissuance Of Tax-Exempt Bonds
On December 31, 2018, the Department of Treasury and Internal Revenue Service released long-awaited proposed regulations (the "Proposed Regulations") ...
United States
17 Jan 2019
Recent State Action Relating To Medicaid Expansion
As of December 2018, 37 states (including DC) have adopted Medicaid expansion. Of the remaining 14 states, some are considering expanding Medicaid
United States
17 Dec 2018
ML Strategies Health Care Lame Duck Preview
With the midterms in sight, our lame duck preview takes a look ahead at what the balance of the year will look like in health care.
United States
7 Nov 2018
Massachusetts Legislature Strikes "Grand Bargain"
On June 20, Massachusetts lawmakers approved legislation aimed at preventing several high profile ballot questions from appearing before voters in November.
United States
16 Jul 2018
FY2019 Massachusetts Budget Update: Final Senate Budget
On Friday, May 25, 2018, the Senate unanimously approved a $41.49 billion budget for FY2019. The Senate's passage of its annual spending plan follows Governor Charlie Baker's budget proposal...
United States
3 Jul 2018
The Funding Loan Act Of 1982 And The Origins Of "Tregor Stamps"
In the early 1980s, in an effort to generate much-needed revenue for the City of Boston to offset federal and state budget cuts, the Massachusetts Legislature passed legislation entitled ...
United States
3 Jul 2018
Favorable Changes To Estate, Gift And GST Tax Laws Under The Tax Cuts And Jobs Act
The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (the "Act"), signed into law on December 22, 2017, significantly increased the exemption amounts for the federal estate, gift ...
United States
1 Feb 2018
Energy & Sustainability 2017 Year In Review
The biggest changes to the U.S. tax system in decades went into effect on January 1st after the President signed the tax reform bill just before Christmas.
United States
31 Jan 2018
Alcohol Task Force Releases Final Report
The Task Force that Massachusetts Treasurer Deborah Goldberg commissioned to review the alcohol industry in the Commonwealth issued its final report on December 27, 2017.
United States
26 Jan 2018
Energy & Sustainability 2017 Year In Review: Tax Bill (Part 1 Of 4)
In this four-part series, we revisit 2017's biggest developments in Energy & Sustainability-related news, milestones, policy changes, and financial transactions. This is the first installment of the series.
United States
24 Jan 2018
Overview Of Recent U.S. Tax Reform Part I – Certain Significant Changes Impacting C-Corporations
On December 22, 2017, H.R. 1, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (the "Tax Act") was signed into law. As the first comprehensive U.S. federal income tax reform in over thirty years, the Tax Act ...
United States
12 Jan 2018
How State Legislatures May Rock The World Of Employee Compensation In Response To The Recent Federal Tax Law
Prior to the effective date of the tax bill recently signed by the President, Section 164 of the Internal Revenue Code permitted individuals who itemized deductions to deduct state ...
United States
5 Jan 2018
Tax Bill: New Opportunity To Defer Tax On Certain Equity Awards And Repeal Of Performance-Based Exception To 162(M)
The Tax Cuts and Job Act of 2017 was recently signed into law creating two important changes in executive compensation, which we outline below.
United States
4 Jan 2018
New Tax Law Brings Penalties For Top Paid Non-Profit Executives
The "intermediate sanctions" rules under Section 4958 of the Internal Revenue Code have long governed the payment of compensation to executives of public charities.
United States
4 Jan 2018
How Eliminating The Medical Expense Deduction Could Increase Medicaid Spending
The release of the House and Senate GOP tax plan this month has left Washington on edge as it comes to grips with the realities of tax reform.
United States
15 Nov 2017
Proposed U.S. Tax Reform May Impact Investments In U.S. Real Estate
Last week, the long-awaited proposed bill for a comprehensive reform of the U.S. tax code (the "Proposed Tax Reform") was finally released.
United States
9 Nov 2017
The Budget Reconciliation Process And The "Byrd Rule": Implications For The Ongoing Tax Reform Effort
In order to understand the context in which the current tax reform bill, H.R. 1, is being considered, it is important to know the meaning of two bits of Washington jargon: "budget reconciliation"...
United States
7 Nov 2017
IRS Releases New Public Approval Proposed Regulations
On September 28, 2017, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) withdrew previous proposed regulations and released new proposed regulations (the "Proposed Regulations") relating to public approval requirements ...
United States
17 Oct 2017
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