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Review Florida Leases With Hurricane Dorian In Mind
With Hurricane Dorian forecasted to make landfall along Florida's east coast sometime next week, Sunshine State landlords and tenants should take a few moments this weekend
United States
3 Sep 2019
Florida Commercial Lease Sales Tax Rate Further Reduced - August 12, 2019
Effective January 1, 2020, the State of Florida's sales tax rate on commercial real property lease payments (including base rent and additional ren
United States
19 Aug 2019
Florida Commercial Lease Sales Tax Rate Further Reduced (August 2019)
Note that the sales tax reduction does not affect the local discretionary sales surtax imposed by many Florida counties.
United States
13 Aug 2019
Jonathan Huels Reappointed To City Of Orlando Municipal Planning Board By Mayor Dyer
Orlando, FL – Lowndes is pleased to announce that attorney Jonathan Huels has been reappointed to the City of Orlando Municipal Planning Board (MPB) for another two year term by Mayor Buddy Dyer.
United States
25 Jul 2019
Is Outdated Insurance Terminology Putting You At Risk?
Many people are surprised to learn that the insurance language in their form lease needs to be checked and updated on a regular basis. Although this can sometimes be the bane of a leasing lawyer's existence
United States
25 Jul 2019
There Ain't No Such Thing As Free Rent
Commercial tenants sometimes bargain for "free rent" periods from landlords as part of the lease negotiation process, and both tenants and landlords may view free rent periods as a "concession"
United States
8 Jul 2019
Senior Housing And The LGBT Senior Community
The Real Deal reported a Thirty Million Dollar affordable housing project in Long Island aimed at the LGBT Senior community.
United States
27 Jun 2019
Two Legislative Changes To Pay Attention To
A new law signed by Governor DeSantis extends the documentary stamp tax exemption for the conveyance of homestead property between spouses.
United States
5 Jun 2019
Creative Senior Living
By Shawn Rader: In an article by Tim Mullaney in the Senior Housing News, he addresses the challenges faced by senio living providers in dealing with the next generation of senior living residents,
United States
27 May 2019
Real Estate Safe Harbor For 20% QBI Deduction
Section 199A introduced a new 20% deduction for qualified business income (previously discussed here). To qualify for the deduction, income must be from a trade or business.
United States
21 May 2019
Risky Business: Marijuana Dispensaries Present High Risk, High Reward For Landlords, Panelists Say
Landlords who rake in rents from medical marijuana dispensaries may put their commercial bank accounts and title insurance at risk, according to cannabis real estate experts
United States
8 May 2019
Senior Housing Trends
When searching for an assisted living facility for a loved one, the amenities most families look for are good food, friendly staff, and nice outdoor spaces.
United States
1 May 2019
Buying Property From A Seller Who Doesn't Own It Yet
The Central Florida real estate market is still relatively strong. As a result, some speculators have been placing single and multiple properties under contract for purchase,
United States
1 May 2019
Orange County Proposes School Impact Fee Increases – Public Comments On April 8th
Residential developers should take note of the potential increases in school impact fees for new developments in Orange County.
United States
15 Apr 2019
Self-Insurance Means No Insurance
It is merely a term used for the allocation of risk to the Tenant without requiring insurance.
United States
12 Mar 2019
Regulation Of Drones By Homeowners' Associations
The use of unmanned aircraft systems, typically called drones, is becoming increasingly common as technology has made them smaller and cheaper.
United States
7 Mar 2019
Developers, Get Your Permits Before July 2019 To Beat Impact Fee Increases In Osceola County
Osceola County is considering significant increases in park impact fees for residential development.
United States
5 Mar 2019
Protecting Yourself Against Lien Claims
If you are a commercial Landlord or property manager, hopefully you are taking advantage of a Florida statute that allows you to limit the Landlord's liability ...
United States
21 Feb 2019
IRS Announces New Real Estate Safe Harbor For 20% QBI Deduction
Section 199A introduced a new 20% deduction for qualified business income (previously discussed here).
United States
11 Feb 2019
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