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Revitalisation Of Brownfield Sites In The Czech Republic – Simplifications Offered By The Amended Building Act
October 2018 – Revitalising brownfield sites in the Czech Republic has generally been viewed as a nightmare for investors, both private developers and state organisations, mainly due to the length...
Czech Republic
16 Oct 2018
Competition Authority Fines Firm For Restrictive Clauses In Lease Agreements
Restrictive clauses are common in commercial lease agreements. Such clauses can limit a landlord's ability to lease property to other tenants
Czech Republic
18 Jul 2018
Czech Republic Amends Its Building Act
The most significant benefit of the amendment is the introduction of the concept of joint proceedings.
Czech Republic
26 Apr 2018
Building Act Amendment Challenged In Front Of The Constitutional Court
On 1 January 2018, an amendment to the Building Act ("Amendment") will come into effect. The Amendment will introduce a number of conceptual changes adopted primarily ...
Czech Republic
5 Mar 2018
New Real Estate Provision From 1 January 2018: Pre-Emptive Right Regarding A Co-Owned Immovable Re-Established
Nearly three years ago, many a co-owner of a thing felt relieved when the statutory pre-emptive right of other co-owners to his/her co-owner's share was cancelled as of 1 January
Czech Republic
28 Feb 2018
Persistent Uncertainty Regarding The Amendment To The Czech Building Act
The proclaimed goal of the new legislation is to speed up the lengthy approval process hindering building projects. Nevertheless, some provisions of the amendment were challenged before the Constitutional Court.
Czech Republic
22 Feb 2018
Legal Update January 2018
Another part of Act No. 460/2016 Coll., which amends Act No. 89/2012 Coll., the Civil Code, and other related laws (the "amendment") entered into effect on 1 January 2018.
Czech Republic
6 Feb 2018
Doing Business In The Czech Republic 2018 - Lease Of Business Premises
The New Czech Civil Code regulates the lease of premises for business purposes, even in relation to lease agreements entered into prior to this date.
Czech Republic
6 Feb 2018
First Amendment To The New Civil Code
After two years of effect of the Civil Code, the first amendment thereto comes into existence. The amending Act no. 460/2016 Coll.
Czech Republic
5 Feb 2018
Amendment To The Building Act
An extensive amendment to the Building Act will come into effect on January 1, 2018.
Czech Republic
2 Feb 2018
The Most Important Changes In Czech Law For Entrepreneurs In 2018
From 2018, the statutory pre-emptive right of co-owners to immovable property will be valid once again.
Czech Republic
18 Jan 2018
Real Estate Transfer Tax To Be Paid By Transferees
According to the Czech government, which is the petitioner of the amendment to the RE Transfer Tax Act, the amendment seeks to reduce the administrative burden connected with collection of the RE Transfer Tax.
Czech Republic
28 Jul 2016
Excellent Prospects For Prague Real Estate In 2016
If the Senate of the Czech Republic approves the bill submitted by the country's Ministry of Finance, buyers will soon be paying the real estate purchase tax that was previously shouldered by sellers.
Czech Republic
21 Apr 2016
New EIA Legislation May Slow Down The Building-Permit Procedure
On 13 December 2011, the new European Directive No. 2011/92/EU on the assessment of the effects of certain public and projects on the environment (hereinafter as the "EIA Directive"), which codified the previous regulation, entered into force.
Czech Republic
3 Feb 2015
Real Estate Law After Re-Codification In 2014
The new Civil Code as part of the re-codification of Czech private law became effective as of 1 January 2014.
Czech Republic
28 Jan 2014
Reservation Fee As Contractual Penalty In Connection With Property Acquisition
The Supreme Court of the Czech Republic has expressed its opinion on the practice of real estate agents with respect to so-called reservation contracts.
Czech Republic
6 Oct 2013
Re-Codification And Entrepreneurship
Three new laws re-codifying Czech private law are set to change the country’s current legal order entirely.
Czech Republic
22 May 2013
The International Comparative Legal Guide To: Real Estate - Czech Republic
Please briefly describe the main laws that govern real estate in the Czech Republic.
Czech Republic
3 Apr 2013
Liability For Damage Caused By Construction
The construction of new buildings or the reconstruction of existing buildings, especially in dense urban areas, is almost always connected with the risk of causing damage to third parties. It is therefore important for the builder (contractor or property developer) as well as subjects exposed to potential damages (especially owners and users of adjoining buildings) to know the statutory conditions of liability for damages and related rights and obligations.
Czech Republic
3 Apr 2013
Amendment To The Building Code
During its upcoming session in September the Chamber of Deputies is scheduled to further discuss a bill of the substantially amended Building Code which should come into effect as of 1 January 2013.
Czech Republic
14 Nov 2012
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