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AGs Call For Cannabis Safe Harbor For Financial Institutions
A bipartisan group of Attorneys General from thirty-three states and five U.S. territories urged Congress to establish a safe harbor for financial institutions providing services to state-licensed cannabis businesses.
United States
21 May 2019
ABA Supports The SAFE Banking Act Of 2019
The American Bankers Association (the "ABA") expressed support for the Secure and Fair Enforcement Banking Act ("SAFE Banking Act") of 2019.
United States
3 May 2019
DOJ To Accept Cole Memorandum For Now
At a Senate Appropriations Committee hearing on the FY 2020 budget request for the DOJ, Attorney General William Barr described the current state of interaction between state and federal law with respect to marijuana.
United States
29 Apr 2019
Cadwalader Attorneys Consider Proposed Congressional Legislation On Cannabis Finance
The House Financial Services Committee voted to advance a revised version of the Secure and Fair Enforcement Banking Act of 2019 (the "SAFE Act").
United States
26 Apr 2019
Cannabis Finance - SAFE In The STATES And Maybe Beyond?
Will 2019 be the year that federal lawmakers block U.S. law enforcement and regulatory agencies from enforcing marijuana prohibitions in states where marijuana is legal
United States
25 Apr 2019
Lawmakers Reintroduce Companion STATES Act To Clarify Cannabis Treatment Under Federal Law
Late last week, a bipartisan team of lawmakers reintroduced the Strengthening the Tenth Amendment Through Entrusting States Act (the "STATES Act") in the Senate and House of Representatives.
United States
23 Apr 2019
Cadwalader Attorneys Discuss AML Developments Affecting Cannabis, Crypto And Broker-Dealers
On March 27, 2019, Cadwalader presented a webinar on recent anti-money laundering ("AML") developments affecting cannabis businesses, broker-dealers, blockchain transactions and draft legislation.
United States
16 Apr 2019
Cannabis Firm To Acquire Distributor In Large Public Company Acquisition
A Chicago-based cannabis-producing firm, Cresco Labs Inc., will acquire all of the issued and outstanding shares of Origin House ...
United States
16 Apr 2019
House Financial Services Committee Sends SAFE Banking Act To House For Vote
By a 45-15 vote, the House Financial Services Committee approved the Secure and Fair Enforcement Banking Act of 2019 (the "SAFE Banking Act").
United States
10 Apr 2019
House Financial Services Committee Considers Cannabis Exemption Under SAFE Banking Act
The House Financial Services Committee considered an amendment to the Secure and Fair Enforcement Banking Act of 2019 (the "SAFE Banking Act") ...
United States
9 Apr 2019
Cadwalader Unveils Cannabis Finance Topic Page (Video)
Cadwalader Cabinet launched the Cannabis Finance Topic Page to help financial institutions stay abreast of the rapidly evolving area of cannabis-related banking and investment.
United States
4 Apr 2019
House Financial Services Subcommittee Considers Banking Services For Cannabis Businesses
The House Financial Services Subcommittee on Consumer Protection and Financial Institutions (the "Committee") held a hearing on access to banking services for cannabis-related businesses.
United States
22 Feb 2019
How SUPPORT Will Affect Pharma Interactions With DEA
The opioid package President Donald Trump signed last week garnered much attention.
United States
1 Nov 2018
NASAA Warns Investors About Marijuana-Related Investment Risks
The North American Securities Administrators Association ("NASAA") warned investors of scams and risks concerning marijuana-related investments.
United States
19 Oct 2018
Pharmaceutical Company Charged With Misleading Investors
The SEC charged a pharmaceutical company and its former Chief Financial Officer with misleading investors and analysts in violation of antifraud and corporate disclosure provisions of the federal securities laws.
United States
4 Oct 2018
SEC Charges Cannabis Investment Fund And Founder With Securities Fraud
The SEC charged a cannabis investment fund and its founder with securities fraud for allegedly using misleading marketing materials and deceptive sales pitches to lure investors.
United States
10 Sep 2018
Global Pharmaceutical Company Settles FCPA Charges
A Paris-based pharmaceutical company ("Sanofi") agreed to pay more than $25 million to settle SEC claims that the company falsely recorded improper payments and lacked sufficient internal accounting controls to detect and prevent violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act ("FCPA").
United States
10 Sep 2018
U.S. Firms Continue To Face Liability For Terrorist Attacks Under The Antiterrorism Act
Last year, a group of U.S. military veterans and the relatives of troops killed in Iraq filed a lawsuit against several large international pharmaceuticals, accusing them of aiding and abetting terrorism by selling products to Iraq's Ministry of Health which were used to finance operations by the notorious Mahdi Army Group
United States
9 Sep 2018
Does A 2016 Law Strip DOJ And DEA Of Police Powers To Enforce Drug Laws?
Last week, President Trump declared the opioid crisis a public health emergency. The President's opioid Commission has now issued its final report with recommendations on how to combat the country's drug crisis.
United States
9 Nov 2017
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