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Development Of The Healthcare Sector In Saudi Arabia
The Saudi Council of Ministers has recently approved certain amendments to the Private Health Institutes Law (the Amendments).
Saudi Arabia
15 Jan 2019
Criminal Liability: Medical Malpractice
In a recent case the Dubai Public Prosecution (‘DPP') charged a medical practitioner with malpractice.
Saudi Arabia
21 Dec 2018
Saudi Arabia Update - November 2018
Welcome to our monthly update which provides a recap of recent legal developments, including finance and capital market developments ...
Saudi Arabia
30 Nov 2018
KSA Health Insurance: New Claims Process Becomes Effective In October 2018
The Council of Cooperative Health Insurance issued a circular on 22 July 2018 addressed to all health insurers, healthcare providers and TPAs that a new claims settlement process will come into effect in October 2018.
Saudi Arabia
14 Aug 2018
UAE Implements New Fast-Tracked Registration For Innovative And Orphan Drugs
Effective 22 January 2018, the Ministry of Health and Prevention in the United Arab Emirates (‘MOHAP') issued a Ministerial Resolution that provides for the fast-track registration of...
Saudi Arabia
25 Apr 2018
Licensing Requirements And Restrictions For Hospitals In The MENA Region: Challenges & Opportunities
Establishing a hospital in the MENA region or investing into an existing medical facility is of significant interest for investors globally.
Saudi Arabia
15 Jan 2018
Cosmetic Clinics Regulations Get A Nip And Tuck: Recent Updates To The Licensing Of Cosmetic Clinics In Jordon
In an era where picture-perfect images of flawless men and women flash before our eyes constantly, the pressure of maintaining a perfect appearance is mounting in our society.
Saudi Arabia
12 Jan 2018
A New Regulation On Licensing Home Healthcare Institutions
A relatively new regulation has been introduced in Jordan, which is the Regulation for Licensing Home Healthcare Institutions No. 84 of 2016 (the ‘Regulation').
Saudi Arabia
12 Jan 2018
Saudi Arabia Update – November And December 2017
In the wake of Saudi Arabia's headline-grabbing anti-corruption drive in November, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman instructed the Council of Economic and Development Affairs (the Council)...
Saudi Arabia
14 Dec 2017
The Treatment Of Patients At End Of Life Stage: A GCC Overview
The sensitive subject-matter of how to determine the best course of action with regard to the treatment, or other options, for a patient who is reaching the end of their life, who may be terminally ill...
12 Dec 2017
Joining Up The Dots… Saudi Healthcare Reform
Saudi Arabia's ambitious programme of social and economic renewal, Vision 2030 (announced in April 2016), has healthcare squarely in its sights.
Saudi Arabia
12 Dec 2017
Update – October 2017
Government to implement further anti-concealment (Tassatur) measures
Saudi Arabia
7 Nov 2017
The Fight Against Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals: Innovative Technologies To The Rescue?
For the pharmaceutical industry and for governmental regulators, counterfeit medications remain a top concern not only in the MENA region, but globally.
Saudi Arabia
21 Sep 2017
Public Healthcare In The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia: Plans For Private Sector Participation
Reform of how public healthcare and related services are delivered in the Kingdom is one of the Government's most important priorities.
Saudi Arabia
21 Jul 2017
Technical And Scientific Office And Its Relations With Marketing Employees In Saudi Arabia
It is known that SAGIA towards the end of 2016 and earlier on 2017 has started issuing trading license to a number of international pharmaceutical companies through a 100% structure or Joint Venture.
Saudi Arabia
13 Apr 2017
Saudi Arabia Update - November 2016
Despite the new system, the existing Nitaqat procedure for categorizing companies based on their size and the industry in which they operate, ranking them on a color-coded scale...
Saudi Arabia
1 Dec 2016
Healthcare In The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia — An Overview
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is widely recognised as having the largest and fastest growing population in the Gulf Cooperation Council (the "GCC"), with over half the population under 40.
Saudi Arabia
4 Oct 2016
Foreign Direct Investment In The Healthcare Sector In The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia
Other human healthcare services CPC 9319 except CPC 93191" and excluding of course the services listed under the Negative List.
Saudi Arabia
15 Apr 2016
An Overview Of Medical Malpractice In The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia
The number of complaints and claims against healthcare providers and physicians has resulted in an upward trend of medical malpractice litigation.
Saudi Arabia
16 Dec 2014
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