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The ABC's Of Employment: Sports Industry Misclassification Issues
In their article for the California Lawyers Association, San Diego attorneys Jason Fischbein and Adam Sloustcher outline how an employer classifies its workers has ...
United States
10 Oct 2019
San Diego Attorney Advises Sports Industry Employers On Conducting Workplace Investigations
By following these best practices, Adam says, employers can decrease the value of lawsuits or help prevent them altogether.
United States
2 May 2019
The Madness Of March In The Workplace
Here we are again, fast approaching the most sustained workday distraction of the year: March Madness.
United States
16 Apr 2019
Denver Attorney Says University Case Highlights Title IX Discrimination Claims
It goes without saying that federally funded educational institutions cannot discriminate on the basis of gender. Some federal courts believe Title IX is the proper statute...
United States
4 Oct 2018
What Every Employer Needs To Know About The Super Bowl - January 2018
In just a few days' time, the Philadelphia Eagles will be playing the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 52, and no doubt your employees are very much aware of the upcoming game.
United States
30 Jan 2018
From The Playing Field To The Courtroom: The State Of Current Legal Challenges Brought By Student-Athletes
As the U.S. Supreme Court stated in a 1984 decision involving the University of Oklahoma, there exists in this country a "revered tradition of amateurism in college sports."
United States
13 Jul 2017
Tackling OSHA Inspections: Lessons From Current And Former Northwest Football Coaches
In the article, "Tackling OSHA Inspections: Lessons from Current and Former Northwest Football Coaches," featured in Oregon Beer Growler magazine, Attorney Chris Morehead examines key strategies...
United States
21 Nov 2016
How Would Coach Nick Saban Handle An OSHA Inspection?
For those of us who are college football fans, it has been an amazing first few months of the season, with many high-profile matchups and thrilling endings.
United States
9 Nov 2016
Don't Believe Everything You Read: Labor Board Has Not Ruled College Athletes Are Employees (Yet)
ESPN recently reported that the NLRB had "ruled" that Northwestern University's football players were actually "employees"...
United States
19 Oct 2016
How Would Coach Nick Saban Handle An OSHA Inspection? Lessons For Employers From The Crimson Tide's Championship Football Coach
Labor Day weekend offered several high-profile games. Number-one ranked Alabama won one of those contests, with the Crimson Tide overwhelming Southern California by the score of 52-6.
United States
13 Sep 2016
Guest Voices: Maintaining Office Productivity And Staying Legal During March Madness
In the article, "Guest Voices: Maintaining Office Productivity and Staying Legal During March Madness," featured in the San Antonio Express-News, Partner Joseph Gagnon provides advice...
United States
8 Apr 2016
Prohibit Or Embrace It? Managing March Madness In The Workplace
March Madness is one of the most exciting sporting events of the year, and it is once again right around the corner.
United States
16 Mar 2016
Workplace Super Bowl Fever: What Employers Should Know
Orange and blue is everywhere, rallies are happening downtown, and Bronco Fever has ramped up as the city, and nation, get set for the Denver Broncos vs. the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50 on Sunday.
United States
9 Feb 2016
What Every Employer Needs To Know About The Super Bowl
The Denver Broncos will be playing the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50 on Sunday, February 7, 2016, and no doubt your employees are very much aware of the upcoming game.
United States
27 Jan 2016
Would OSHA "Punt" On Inspecting An NFL Team?
As an avid football fan and OSHA lawyer, and with football season just getting started, it also got me thinking about workplace safety issues occurring at professional football stadiums on Sunday afternoons.
United States
31 Dec 2015
Arkansas Football And Non-Competes?
Three years ago, we addressed the question of why college football programs do not use non-compete restrictions to prevent coaches from moving to direct rivals.
United States
10 Dec 2015
Deflategate Ruling Shouldn't Deflate Georgia Employers
A decision Thursday by a federal judge to overturn the NFL's four-game suspension imposed on New England Patriots' star quarterback Tom Brady provides valuable lessons for Georgia employers.
United States
11 Sep 2015
Don't Get Deflated: Four Things Employers Can Learn From The Tom Brady "Deflategate" Ruling
During the January 2015 AFC Championship game between the Indianapolis Colts and New England Patriots, the league became aware that the footballs used by the Patriots were under-inflated below league standards.
United States
10 Sep 2015
NLRB Sacks College Football Player Union Organizing Drive
Earlier today, the National Labor Relations Board unanimously decided that college football players at Northwestern University cannot comprise an appropriate bargaining unit.
United States
19 Aug 2015
No: Potential Risks Too Great For Collegiate Competitors: Front Burner
Various members of the University of Florida's College World Series pitching staff throw upward of 90 mph.
United States
11 Aug 2015
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